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Today I found great joy in a very simple pleasure.

Picking first peaches of my tree.

Juicy, tasty delicious, simple pleasure, Joy.

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  1. They look so delicious!! Wauw!!! I went grocery shopping yesterday and now I realize why I was looking for peaches (there were none), it’s because I’ve seen them on your blog 😀
    I hope they taste very good but I’m sure they will. I’ll have to wait for the right season here to enjoy them too.


    1. The peaches are sublime. Sorry I feel I should say they are Yukky but I dont lie, so sorry. Juicy and flavoursome. It is kind of mean to be showing them off when so many of you are in depths of winter. Yet it will all work out as you will be having them and I will be wishing for them.

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      1. They look sublime and I’m glad they taste sublime too! Off course you can show them off, it makes me happy to see them. And I’m happy for you that they are so good. It’s nice to share the happiness!
        Every season is needed, after winter comes spring and then summer. It’s like life a little bit 😉

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    1. Wow to be able to travel but I know picking is hard work. I have picked cherries and blueberries to help friends out. How do you pick dates? Watermelons would be heavy and back breaking I would think. Such interesting experiences. Hard work but I imagine there was a lot of fun. I hope your home is near some parks and I am certain you have made it special for you.


      1. I’ve recently thought about getting a dehydrator (but don’t know where I’d store it in this tiny studio style apartment). Reason being that from time to time, my brother brings me masses of fruit/veg from his hobby farm and I never seem to be able to eat it all despite having a newish large fridge/freezer. Do you have a dehydrator or use you oven or something else?


      2. I have a dehydrator I have used it a fair bit, but I also have just used my oven on low and dried some fruit in the sun on my roof, iron, with tulle over it to stop the bugs getting in it and the birds stealing it. If I get it out I have to bring it in as the possums will eat it .lol Perhaps you could borrow one or hire one.


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