Sometimes the Day turns out not like you thought.

Even when I know I am slowly improving in my life with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder the recognition that working on my mental health/illness will see me being hitting the pause button for a period. I use the word pause not stop as I have to keep processing and working at why I have reached this moment in my life.

I shared recently about finding why it seems so impossible for me to get the inside of my home (I have been a hoarder and work on this desire regularly). My home inside is probably as you might imagine perhaps better or worse.

This particular pause has flawed me as I have been doing so well in moving forward. Part of this has been in keeping a routine which for me has really been important. So when my routine slips almost imperceptibly it seems to me it should be an alarm to me. However when I dissociate and seem to give up it happens almost on autopilot. I woke up to this fact today. Eating processed food over my home made, exercise poor, showering good, earthing myself by being in the garden hands in soil.

The positive of where I am in my mental illness now is that I am able to recognise/have insight to something in my wellness that is impacting me. This is wonderful in so many ways, even though it is very difficult to admit that I have been triggered once again into a repetitive response.

This morning I was very focused on taking my dogs for a walk. When we ventured out it was so foggy and two large truck had driven up our road. I was tempted to not go. Instead I waited for the trucks to come back down and off we went as it turned out not very far. A chap in his ute came bye and asked if I had seen two dogs. His beagle and her sister a cockerspaniel had been on their walk this morning and as their Dad was getting them inside a wallaby went bye and off the dogs went after it.

I could see the distress and worry in the owners eyes. I knew from my own experience of our previous dog Toby going missing for over 24 hours how horrible it is. We were also touched by the number of people who came to look for him. Our boy had been on a long lead which always had been tied to something (he was a 9month old) so he was safe outside whilst my husband was working outside. One day he did not tie him to something and Toby went off. He was found down by the river entangled in wood. We were lucky but it was the worst 24 hours of both our lives in a very long time. I know how the owner of these two missing girls are feeling. I believe in paying it on. I would also help even if I had not had this experience.

We walked along the river, and through an area filled with trees mud and gorse where the two dogs had been seen heading chasing the wallaby. We went to jettys, up and down roads in the car. As other neighbours did similarly along with distressed owners. Dogs tend not to follow roads it seems.

I drove with my dogs, and we called in to as many places to let the neighbours all know about the missing pair. I did this to alert farmers or those with livestock etc these two were unlikely to be hurting animals.

We have had sheep killed and maimed by dogs in this area, so many farmers have said they will shoot any dogs on their land. Notifying people is the best option. The dogs are in bush across from my place, and we heard them barking but always moving further away from the road. My dogs and I walked up the ridge line looking and calling the girls. All we could hear was barking occasionally sadly moving away.

We walked back to the car and moved further around the coast line, calling into neighbours I could to let them know of the missing dogs. I could hear them barking again closer and came across their owners who were beside themselves. Very hard on them.

It began to grow dark and my two dogs were hungry and tired from our traversing the bush land meeting many neighbours and their dogs along the way. Seeing so many new homes being built and walking in areas close to home I have never been before. I am thinking about these dogs as I write but they are possibly having a fun time. Their owners however not so my heart aches for them.

My dogs are exhausted. I will sleep well tonight and hope the missing dogs Amy and Meggs are alright. They are very very loved and I know two hearts are breaking for their missing girls.

Our walk may not have gone the way I expected. Sadly for the missing dogs, for me and my dogs the walking was challenging and good for me. The meeting of people and sharing a story that was not mine was also good for me in a strange way. My mood of this morning is different now. It was good to not think and just do. Just go and help look. It was also good for me as I pushed myself walking places I would never have gone on my own before.

My spirit is sad, yet hopeful, dogs are amazingly resourceful and hardy creatures even those whom are loved and enjoy all the home comforts. Hope is always in my heart and mind for so many things that are out of my control. I can not carry the weight of these wee creatures to my own rest. Or my mind will not settle.

Tomorrow is a new day, blessings to you all. Tazzie

Not the worlds best gardener No2:

Such a good day here in the Huon Valley weather wise today, after all the rain we had sunshine and clear skies. Time spent in the garden was just what I needed. So good even if the temperature was only 12dC/53.6dF as long as their was no breeze and I could be in the sun it was beautiful.

I am hopeful that it will be the same or similar tomorrow the weather forecast is hopeful you can not always be too sure how it will unfold.

Gardens are always a work in progress as each season comes and goes, there is always something to do. I have been laying cardboard down to kill grass and some other weeds that spread into my veggie beds. I am then laying tree wastes that the local electrical company prune to help minimise the risk to the power lines. We have gale force winds here and it is not unknown for black outs to happen. Due to trees falling or branches taking the lines down. I was so fortunate to get it for free. I am happy with how it is working and looking. I will have to wait for spring to see how the cardboard blocking the light and the tree waste chips that I have layered on top 10cm deep will work.

I planted one of the three fruit trees I purchased recently. I have a plum that I purchased several years ago that has never really taken off. It was several grafts of different varieties on the same tree. This was a plum and last season there was one part of the tree which did well and produced plums. The rest well did not. I chatted with a fruit tree grower/grafter person about this and she suggested I plant another plum tree and plant it close to it. The idea being that the second tree will help with the unevenness of the first tree and they will kind of support each other. Worst case scenario is I loose the first tree.

I also planted a few other smaller plants I had picked up in the local hardware nursery area where the sad unloved, usually just a bit neglected go. I planted a lovely salvia Hotlips. It is so hard to know sometimes where is best to plant things in my garden. As my large trees and my neighbours all seem to have put on a big growth spurt and it can change how the sun hits my garden.

I have made mistakes often with putting plants in places that. well, are not really the best for them or for other plants or areas of the garden. I am not the worlds best gardener. Some do surprisingly and others do not. Yet I know that all gardeners make mistakes. All gardeners have plants die, get eaten, disappear. It is rare to see on TV. So it is great that there are people out there who are willing to share their own failures and successes.

It has taken me a long time to just be and enjoy my garden all aspects. When I grow the world smallest pumpkin, and when everyone else is growing wonderful tomatoes, and well I am not. Or I get zero zucchinis yet everyone else is giving them away. I have learnt not to be disheartened.

Nasturtiums and Marigolds grow like weeds people say. I have had my first success with both and yes once established they are wonderful and self seed.

As sunlight begin to get longer, it can be really easy down here to begin to think about what you will sow late in winter and spring.

It is good that rain is forecast again soon to stop my desire to buy more seeds, and plants.
Instead I will do the work on preparation and planting the trees I need to and re-potting others in preparation for their spring growth later on.

I have to laugh at myself, I realise I may have been hoarding plants to go in to the garden.

I am thankful for the beautiful day today and being able to get my hands into the soil and earth myself. Feel the moisture, the smell of damp soil and timber. See the earth worms, the roly polys. The little birds chirping at me as if to say hurry up we want to eat!

blessings to You all Tazzie

More than I thought beside the river

Sometimes you just have to take a chance on the weather in Tasmania in the Winter time. The Bureau of Meteorology had forecast a period of a few hours of sunshine today so I loaded up the dogs to go and grab us all some exercise in the sunshine where they could be off lead, and happily sniff and maybe meet some other dogs. To Franklin we were headed. It was blue sky when I left home, but as I drove around the river it became foggy . I pulled the car over to take a few shots at one of my favourite locations. Hoping the sun might break through and give me some good shots. The woman walking her dog was difficult to see except for her hat and the dog being white.

Many eucalyptus trees have stunning new bark underneath them and as winds help to remove the old bark this new bark is exposed and when you can catch it in its new state it can be quite lovely.

In the last photograph the crow was looking down at me. I had parked a short distance from a wallaby that had been hit by a car and was dead. It was lying in the middle of the road.

As I was shooting my camera several vehicles pulled around the dead animal.
I knew that it is not uncommon for eagles and other birds/animals to be killed eating road kill. I made sure it was safe and moved the wallaby off the road.
I was getting back into the car and looked up to see these two eyes looking down at me. I kind of got the idea that the crow was wanting me to hurry up so it and I am sure more could now come and eat breakfast in safety.

Remarkably the fog was really centralised. Even in Huonville it is usually foggy way after everywhere else along the river has cleared but it was clear today. So was Franklin.

Franklin in a small town where the Huon Highway taking you to the furthermost south you can drive too in Tasmania where there are some renowned walks. Many folk will pass through this beautiful interesting town with a look at the river and hills as they drive at 50km/31m speed limit. With not really a thought to stop, and that is to their detriment.

As Franklin has a very interesting history. It has great eating places a lovely picnic are by the river. Two pubs, some lovely different shops. The Palais Theatre. A very old community hall that has lovingly been restored. There is the lovely walk along the river side where humans and dogs (off lead if under control and sociable with humans and dogs)can enjoy the beauty. It is a very interesting history and you can see some really big buildings from her hey days.

Being on the river it is not surprising that boats are a big interest in Franklin. Franklin has a wonderful rowing club and facilities (photo new modern building) the river is fantastic for rowing and this was demonstrated when the Australian Olympic team heading for the London Olympics prepared here.
The Living Boat Trust is located in Franklin

From the Living Boat Trust website The Living Boat Trust (LBT) is an incorporated, membership based, non-profit association located in Franklin on the banks of the Huon River in southern Tasmania. It was founded in 1998.  It is dedicated to keeping Tasmania’s marine heritage alive. It aims to maintain traditional boat building, repairing, rowing and sailing skills, and to be a vital part of its community. It celebrates the history and beauty of this area and strive for a sustainable way of life for all concerned.
The LBT maintains a small fleet of ‘Grebe’ dinghies, a replica whaleboat, an historic motor launch (‘Nancy’) and a variety of other small wooden craft. For those who want to know all those tricky wooden boat words (‘thwarts’, ‘stringers’, ‘scarf’)you can go to LBT Website and find out their meaning.
all the above information is directly off the the LBT Website.

This photo of St Alyes Skiffs being rowed is at Cygnet Photographer not known.

The Living Boat Trust has 3 of the more traditional style of row boats St Ayles skiffs four rowers and a cox, timber built and very popular. Several of my friends row in ladies groups in Franklin and Cygnet has 2 St Ayles skiffs.
Miss Treacle just took herself into the Living Boat Trust to say hello, and was welcomed as most sailors and boating people do not seem to mind dogs. Miss Treacle of course is more that a dog in her own mind!

If this is not enough boats talk there is also The Wooden Boat Centrehttp: // is the only wooden boat building school in operation in Australia! The use of the unique timber only found in Tasmania the HUON PINE is used in many commissioned boats by the builders. Along with celery pine. is teaching anyone who has an interest or passion in hand building wooden boats. They offer many short courses and not just about wooden boat building. The centre offers tours of their facilities to share their passion for the time old and artisan skills involved in wooden boat building. The Centre has been building beautiful and varied timber boats for over a quarter of a century. They also offer one year courses, for level 1 Shipwright and many more amazing courses even lead lighting. Check out their website great photos and information.

You can book a cruise on the Yukon the tall masted boat in third photo below and enjoy a gentle trip down the river. You may be able to book other trips in boats such as the Nancy a wooden boat built in Tasmania in 1917.
Or just walk about the Wooden Boat Centre on the rather quirky wooden jettys. Enjoying all the different boats moored and the lovely timber boats entrusted to the Living Boat Trust.

So much to see and this is just by the riverside. You do not need a dog to enjoy this lovely location. If you are coming to Tasmania this historic and amazing town ship is worth stopping for several hours have lunch book a B n B there are so many. However be prepared for the weather it can change very fast here in the south of Tasmania.

As you can see by the photos below;

we were walking back towards the car and it began to rain, as I took the photos on the wharf and the storm there was something incredible about watching the clouds. That is until the hail began not large but like grains of rice hitting your body. I feel I have had a skin de abrasion for free! Lucky me. Two wet dogs and a wet soggy human in the car and watched for a while. Then headed for home, stopping in Huonville to fill up with petrol

Home lit the fire fed us all and a very enjoyable day out. I am thankful to keep learning more about my local area and find things I have missed before even after all the years I have lived here. I am so much braver now than I was and I am thankful for that.

blessings to You all. Tazzie

Winter Solstice Southern Hemisphere

Hobart is the Southern most Capital City in Australia latitude is 42.8821° S, 147.3272° E. Huon Valley the Southern Most Council Region. With only 9:00:51hours June 21st was Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, here in the Southern Hemisphere. It can be quite strange living in Australia or anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere in regard to many celebrations that are held in the Northern Hemisphere and do not always translate exactly. For example Christmas is part of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and many Christians are unaware that many of the Christmas celebrations yet the Celts and Romans are in fact responsible for many of them. Is it confusing for me to be mentioning Christmas in June? I am sure it is chuckle.

The dogs must have their walk even if the day is the shortest daylight day of the year, it is only 10dC/50dF. Raining to hail and windy to gales. In a brief windless period they got their run. I have to be hones, I drove my car and they had a ball sniffing and running. Wet muddy dogs cleaned off and warm fire settled bliss.

The two photographs above were taken nine days apart and give you an indication of how much rain we have had in the last three days. The dam is filling up rapidly, Right photograph. This was taken on the Winter Solstice.

Celts began celebrating once the winter solstice arrived and rejoiced that the days were slowly getting longer, which meant that spring and the harvest was around the corner. This was most pronounced in their holiday of Yule. Early Christians, who, at that time, were seen by many as being members of an urban cult, worked hard to try to convert and ban old Pagan customs. But the rural pagan inhabitants of those lands were not convinced. Eventually the church realized they needed to co-opt some of these traditions.

In Druidic traditions, the Winter Solstice is thought of as a time of death and rebirth when Nature’s powers and our own souls are renewed. … The birth of the New Sun is thought to revive the Earth’s aura in mystical ways, giving a new lease on life to spirits and souls of the dead.

How does this translate for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere? Well it does not really. Celebration of Yule should be occurring between the 20-23 June.

Yule is a midwinter festival celebrated by Germanic people, a celebration to the Norse God, Odin and a Pagan holiday called Modraniht. It revolves around thanking the Gods and Goddesses for what you have as well as celebrating nature and its changes.

When you look at this reason for celebration and what it is about I am celebrating Yule I am. Being thankful to the Goddess for all that I have. I celebrate nature and love watching and being in nature as she changes.

It has been a very different Winter Solstice here in the Huon Valley this year. Especially in my community which usually holds a lantern parade and community get together with food music dancing and socialising as a way to celebrate the shortest day, and the returning longer days light. The small community of Tasmania as for many communities around the world has seen many of the community celebrations cancelled due to COVID-19. Our community festival usually begins with schools and community making their own lanterns. We used to use candles which can be difficult in some weather conditions. Organisers are really happy that battery and solar solar lights now. Sadly non of this happened this year.

The Huon Valley is a renowned apple growing area (along with cherries and peaches nectarines and grapes). Orchards and vineyards are found throughout.

Huon Valley Mid Winter Festival created and run by Willie Smith an apple cider maker who has now a museum of apple growing, restaurant and tourist stop just outside of Huonville The Festival for 2020 sadly has had to be cancelled, usually held around the 11th July. The information below is from 2019

Tassie’s picturesque Huon Valley for three days of roaring bonfires, fresh local produce, paganism and cracking live music. Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival kicks off with an Indigenous welcoming ceremony to collectively let go of negative energy. It culminates in the burning of a two-storey effigy dubbed “Big Willie”.

What is a Wassail? Drawing on pagan traditions from the cider producing regions of south-west England, the wassail ceremony includes scaring away evil spirits by banging pots and pans and awakening the apple trees with the Wassail song, before blessing them with cider from the previous year’s harvest.

Be sure to grab your pots to make a racket and help scare away the evil spirits to bring on a bumper crop! 

All photos taken below by Natalie Mendham1/18Photography: No sharing or unauthorised usage without acknowledging the photographer.

$84.81, and single-day passes start from $16.83. 2019 prices, That I believe is for entry and some entertainment only food, drink is extra. I have never been as I find big crowds and lots of loud noise too much to cope with.

Also usually during winter there is :- Dark Mofo is a captivating midwinter festival unlike any other. Skewing strange and awry, visitors will find off beat theatre productions alongside retrospectives of classic films, light shows and late openings of the lauded local museum, Mona,(Muesum of Old and Modern Art) that the festival runs in conjunction with. If you’re planning on attending the next festival, here’s a taste of what you’ll be in for. (The Museum of Old and Modern Art in Hobart also has many specifically tied in exhibits and festivals for Solstice and Winter. Dark Mofo has some displays and shows that are free you can usually walk around areas of Hobart and see wonderful light displays.

My celebration of Winter Solstice was low key, it was wild weather, windy, heavy rain and very cold. It is always such a delightful feeling knowing that slowly the days will increase for the next six months, until the Summer Solstice.

Which ever hemisphere you live in may blessings to You at this special time of year.

blessings to you all, Tazzie

More freedom and so thankful for it.

There was a joyful feeling in my belly this morning as I loaded up my dogs in their harnesses and into the car. It was foggy and chilly as we headed off. Two bewildered dogs no walk what is going on?

As we drove up the hill the fog lifted to blue sky with light cloud and as we drove down the other side a light fog was still hanging in the Cygnet valley. We rounded Rooster corner where fools who do not know you do not need a rooster to have eggs, or otherwise do not want the roosters their hens hatch dump them. Rather than do the responsible thing of rehome them or kill them. So instead all over the valley there are areas where roosters are dumped. Then well meaning people feed them and the cycle goes on. Sigh.

Then we head into a quiet Cygnet and then head out of town to Randalls Bay. (Randalls Bay and nearbye Mickeys beach are both off lead dog beaches with the usual need that your dog is under your control and be responsive) The dogs begin to get excited when I pull over to get a photograph looking down over Randalls Bay. We head down the winding and narrow road, sealed but no lines. Farmland mostly sheep here but hilly and scattered with some old homesteads and trees.

My guys are growing more excited as they realise it is the Huon Valley Dog Walking group getting together for the first time since lock down has been lifted. New dogs to meet and greet were Georgie, both exchanged greetings very friendly and intent. Tara the brindle and Zarie the black rescued grey hounds. Cooper and his newish sister Shelby who is four and loves other dogs but very nervous of humans two gorgeous beagles. Scarlet and Willow Willow is a very nervous six month old collie and Scarlet collie is bomb proof and a ball of fun.

Oh I almost forgot wee Millie a very small white and brown shitsu x something on lead. (second photo below) She is a rescue dog and very nervous at her first big outing. She loves humans but so many raucous and friendly dogs overwhelmed her. She was with us for a while and she did really well. On lead and being carried in mums arms Understandably it got too much for her as all the other dogs wanted to say hi and play. So her wise mum took her home.

As you can see by the photos the dogs had so much fun. The only issue was when the two quietest dogs Zarie and my Miss Treacle decided to go off on their own up near the road. The third last photo above is them returning.

Even the dogs felt free!

The following photos are all taken on the way home. About 28kms to my home. Here in Tasmania many people own shacks. Holiday houses that they take holidays at. Many are by the ocean or the great lakes for trout fishing. The houses are a combination of holiday shacks and homes that are now permanently lived in. Shacks are usually locked up and you will be able to see some really old shacks that have been painted, some not some renovated and the more up market new shacks and homes. They tend to be on tiny blocks in more built up areas. Not my own cup of tea but very very popular and many handed down through the family.

The scenery like nearly everywhere in Tasmania is beautiful and never far from water. More and more land is being sold for sub divison and being built on. You can understand why I guess.

One very tired Busby. A fun day. Miss Treacle is also asleep and Not available for a photo.

I too have had a lovely day and it was really great to catch up with the group and the dogs.
I love going but I really love coming home. Rain forecast for tomorrow Sunday. I feel an early night for us all.

It really lifts my mood even if I do come back exhausted it can be just a bit too much for me. I need to tell my self that I have to interact as it is so beneficial in so many ways including the exercise and socialising. When you have CPTSD or PTSD, and or Depression as hard as it can be to do. I know that this is all part and parcel of why I am improving and moving forward. I am learning I have to pace myself and be selective of which things I enjoy more and connect more with.

blessings to You all on this night before the Winter Solstice here in Southern Hemisphere yeah the days are going to be getting longer. For those of you in the North your Summer Solistice. Tazzie

Not quite sure but here goes.

I was nominated by Rhapsody Boheme for the Awesome Blogger Award, and I am sincerely awed by her incredible kindness. I am not a writer. I just put my life and situations that impact me in positive and negative ways in my dealing with my life with CPTSD here and hope that it is interesting to anyone else out there. I do not actually understand how these Blogger Awards work so please excuse my ignorance. I keep meaning to undertake some research however time has got away from me. I have taken far too long to respond my apologies dear friend Rhapsody.

“This is an award for the Absolutely Wonderful Writers all across the blogging world.  They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers.  That is what truly defines an awesome blogger.”

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Tag the post with #awesomebloggeraward.
3. Answer the questions you were asked.
4. Nominate at least 5 bloggers and inform them of their nomination.
5. Give them 10 new questions to answer.


  1. How would you describe yourself and why?
    I describe myself as and adult but not grown up. Mature but not old.

    I love Mother Earth and giving back to her ensuring I try to step lightly on the land I am fortunate to live on.

    I live a fairly simple life and do not want for anything. I am too empathetic, and sensitive. I need to take time out often for myself.

    I am content in my house, garden, being with my dogs.

    I have a raucous humour that can get me into trouble and am pretty good at retorts.
    I swear in general life, and make few apologies about it.

    I do not make friends easily but if you are a friend, I will be there for You as best I can when every or how ever you may need.

    I do not lie.
    I have strong beliefs and opinions
    I Hate it when someone parks in disable parking, I will go to you and be nice and say are you aware you are in a disabled spot? If you do not move I will I will take a photo of you in your vehicle the number plate and you moving about and send it to the police who will fine you. I will yell loudly at you and not give a fuck who is about.
  2. What are you attracted to the most with the opposite sex?
    Humour and honesty, respect, equality and compassion.
  3. What’s your guilty pleasure?
    Getting naked in sunshine..
  4. Are you ruled by the heart or your mind, and why?
    I am ruled by heart but my mind is learning to ensure that my heart is not the only ruling entity. My heart would like to do so much more for all the horrors that are going on and when my heart is allowed to runaway it impacts my mental health. Or my heart attempts to bankrupt me financially, and emotionally.
  5. What’s your best feature? My Dogs…they feature everywhere I am. 😇
  6. Do you dream in color or black and white? My dreams are tooo bizaare to recall though some are definitely shades of grey!
  7. What song would you dedicate to the one you love? In this life Bette Midler.
  8. What makes your world go round? My steering wheel.
  9. What does the perfect day look like for you?
    As a hoarder in recovery my home is in a very slow process of change, it is slow and frustraating. My perfect day right now would be to wake up and just get up and be able to get it done. At least my living space and kitchen.
  10. What’s your comfort food and why? Sponge cake with passionfruit icing and fresh cream in the middle. Because it is YUMMY!
  11. What is better? To be jealous or laid back and why? laid back though not too laid back, jealousy is insidious, it grows and eats you. To laid back can seem you do not care.
  12. What does freedom mean to you? Being debt free and owning my house outrights.
  13. Peace and harmony above a little fight here and there? Love, or make up sex?
    A little fight here and there, I can not comprehend how anyone living and loving someone else can live in peace and harmony all the time. Love.
  14. What would you change about yourself if you could?
    My fine hair

Rhapsody ummm that is 14 Questions it says 10 😅

I nominate:-


  1. What makes you You?
  2. What music makes you dance?
  3. What would you say to your 12 year old self?
  4. How would life be different if you were not blogging?
  5. If you could be an animal what would you be and why?
  6. Do you snore?
  7. What are you most proud of?
  8. What made you laugh out loud last?
  9. Describe your favourite piece of clothing and why it is?
  10. Do you have a favourite quote and if so what is it?

    Have a bit of fun and don’t get too caught up in the answers. Mind you it has taken me 21 days to answer my questions but Hey I have CPTSD.

Note from the Author
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I have never in conversation with someone I do not know said I am Omnivore! (may trigger)

The thing about eating is really important to us all isn’t it. This post is in response to things that have happened to me in the course of a few years along with some articles I was reading today. I am not a vegetarian so there fore I am not a vegan.

I may anger some people who read this and it is not my intention to upset anyone. I probably will and if I do that would be more your issue than my post.
I would like people such as a person who abused me for eating butter or milk oh sorry the ‘excrement of mucous, meant for a baby cow’ (a calf). to explain why what I am eating is your concern or give you the right to judge me? I have never abused anyone who eats meat. I have never abused a vegetarian or vegan over their choice of what they eat.

I have on the other hand asked questions of those who have harassed me, or had called me to task about eating meat.

I also have to be honest and say I have challenged an animal refuge owner I volunteered at a few years ago, who is vegan yet feeds the rescued dogs and cats tinned pet food and dry kibble, and sugar filled highly processed pastries, leftovers baked goods (donated kindly I know and therefore cheap food) to feed pigs. The pet food known to have animal by products in it. (most likely the very small male chicks the owner is mortified at being killed). The owner also has school groups visit and the owner talks about veganism and the horrors of meat farming to the kids. I have issues with the hypocrisy.

I understand the feeding of so many rescue animals would be incredibly expensive on vegan dog/cat food. Yet to then talk to kids about veganism and to be protesting about cruelty and how baby male chicks and calves are made into pet meat, Just does not sit well for me.

By all means if you are not pushing and protesting for veganism and animal cruelty feed your rescue animals anything you like. However do not get angry when you are questioned about it? I was even threatened with legal action. I said bring it on!

I was reading about an Australian activist Dr Lisa Searle(GP) in the following article
She travels the world doing humanitarian and environmental work and environmental activism. Working with Médecins Sans Frontières also known as ‘Doctors Without Borders.

The article includes several photographs of her protesting against forestry in Tasmania. One a photograph of her climbing a tree with what looks like iron chains hanging off her body, is she unaware that iron production has a huge impact on the environment. I also would hope her climbing ropes are environmentally friendly. What about her shoes, how do they recycle? Her clothes are they all cotton? Are they all grown organically? Does the manufacture and chemicals used in processing materials create more issues for the environment? How much land it being used to grow bamboo and how much water is used what if any chemicals are used? The questions just swirl in my brain.

She is currently in two weeks isolation (at time of article) after travelling from Hobart to the city of Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; before she commences her work with Médecins Sans Frontières also known as ‘Doctors Without Borders’.

Her journey spanned 3 days, 4 continents, 4 flights and a train trip; earlier this month Searle left Hobart en route to Melbourne, Doha, Paris, Lyon, Athens, and then the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Now please would someone please explain to me HOW THIS or any trip flying from Australia to anywhere is environmentally positive. This is her 6th trip to the Africa and 4th to the Congo. Did she go in a yacht like Greta Thunberg?

She finds that being a practising vegan is often difficult to maintain when traveling and when working in resource-limited settings. “There are very few countries in the world where veganism is understood and accepted and where finding vegan food is easy,” Searle says. “It can be very difficult to explain veganism to people who have never heard of this as a concept, although generally speaking people are very accommodating and do make an effort.” For me I especially find this particular paragraph challenging I do find it strange to be a visitor in another country perhaps in an area such as the Congo that has high poverty not just being grateful for any food that you are offered. For me that is part of being humanitarian. Accepting if you do not want to eat what you are being offered in a poor country perhaps do not expect the people to provide something else. Yet interestingly most countries do grow vegetables so I am not exactly clear what other vegan food she may be expecting? Congo’s farmland is the source of a wide variety of crops. These include maize, rice, cassava (manioc), sweet potatoes, yam, taro, plantain, tomatoes, pumpkin and varieties of peas and nuts. These foods are eaten throughout the country, but there are also regional dishes. This is from Wikipedia. I would like to have a clearer knowledge of where she was that vegetables, or grains were not available.

I asked the vegan who was harassing me online did he/she think about the macro ecosystem being destroyed for increased coconut palm plantations? Do you care for the worms, ants, all the bugs in the soil and plants? For the frogs, bees, moths, butterflies, bugs that clean up.
Did she/he realise that the growing of single crops of soy bean usually require huge amounts of toxic chemicals. Like many single crops destroy

Additionally, cotton production uses 2,700 litres of water for one shirt. To put that into perspective, that’s enough water for you to drink for two years.

WWF talks about huge impacts of the increasing growth of soya beans.
The above chart shows the Leading soybean producing countries worldwide from 2012/13 to 2019/20 (in million metric tons). The planting of soya beans for both human and livestock have increased massively. When you add to it that they grow it as a single crop, and uses a lot of chemicals.

Vegans and vegan environmentalists will tell you that it takes far less water, less land, and less green house gases to produce a vegan pattie compared to a beef pattie. The article below is very interesting to look at the claims from both groups but also brings up similar issues pertinent soy beans. Is the location suitable for growing these crops? Meat or soy beans. I do not know and different articles depending on who is providing them have different statistics, also different methodology even measuring rates. All which can skew or make it harder to compare each against the other.

One of my friends I noted was wearing leather shoes. She is a vegan and as she is a good friend I questioned her about it. She explained that she had bought them from an op shop. I asked how this went with her vegan life? What do you mean? she asked me. Well from my perspective as not being a vegan, to see a vegan wearing leather shoes, wool jumpers, is tantamount to not being a vegan. She seemed to have felt that because the shoes were second hand, it sort of removed her from the reason the animal hide had been used. Similarly it seems to be OK if you owned the leather, wool, silk, before becoming vegan you can purportedly be OK if you continue to wear it? Same principal for OP shops. You have removed yourself from the supply chain for a non vegan product?

The interesting thing with the vegans I have been harassed by seem to have the same language, they appear to be only concerned for ‘sentient’ animals. ‘ What is animal sentience? Sentient animals are aware of their feelings and emotions’
I am a sentient animal yet many vegans have little concern for me, nor the farmers who are changing their ways of farming, or those that have always grown animals for meat and wool sustainably and responsibly.

The other interesting scientific research is the production of sustainable protein. Interestingly the farming of insects may be the best most affordable and accessible protein source for the world in years to come. I guess this will not bother vegans as insects are not sentient.

Please note I am not saying that in the scheme of the world the people mentioned in my post are not contributing amazing things to the world, to the communities. I am not saying they are bad people. Even those who harassed me or took me to task. I care for not just sentient animals, I care for all creatures involved in keeping Mother Earth alive. In keeping Mother Earth healthy, and maintaining my footprint on her surface as least impactful as I can.

blessings to you all, Tazzie

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A Day Out: Appointment at Animal Hospital/ Vets and Social Distancing

Today we ventured further afield than we have in the last few months with Lock down and restrictions in place. It was time to visit the Vets. My dogs needed their vaccinations done. Plus their annual physical. I was a tad worried about a wheeze I had heard in Miss Treacles chest.
(all Photographs are taken by me, and can not be copied without consent).

It was my first experience of visiting a vets in a while and post lock down. The social distancing in place seemed to make the whole process a lot more streamlined.

You book an appointment, you get to the vets and phone them to let them know you are there. The receptionist comes out and checks you in advising you that the vet will come out soon. She also advised that only the animals can come inside.

It was quite busy with pets with people and people whose pets were being seen waiting in cars. Others had arrived on foot and were waiting outside. OK if not raining or bitterly cold. Lucky for them at that time it was mild and not raining yet. The were more dogs waiting with their owners in cars, and some cats too. I did see cat carriers go in and out.

The vet came out and explained that she would take Miss Treacle in first. She asked me what my concerns were if I had any. We discussed the vaccinations and she advised that she would give the nasal spray for kennel cough. There is a possibility I will have to put my guys in a boarding place so it is necessary.
She carried Miss Treacle in. Busby began crying and was not happy that she had gone, even though I was in the car. Even when I let him out for a sniff he was miserable.

About 10-15 minutes later, the vet and Miss Treacle came bouncing happily out. (first glance of the photo below the cement circle around the seat post looked like a halo over her head).
The vet said her lungs, throat, heart and teeth were all fantastic for a 12 year old. She also said her weight 9Kgs/19.18LBS was heavy but she was in great shape, her ribs and spine could be felt.

Busby went next. He went off happily, and was also gone the same sort of time. Miss Treacle seemed to be in need of a cuddle after her visit so of course I cuddled her while we waited for Busby.

He was gone about the same time frame as Miss Treacle. He was not so sure about coming out with the vet it appears .

He too got a great bill of health for heart, lungs, throat and teeth. Though the vet says he is 4-5kgs over weight. Gee I had slipped up there, she said she could feel his spine but his ribs were a bit too covered and he weighed 41KGs. I usually like him to be 38Kgs so yes he was too heavy. (I check his weight at Animal Tucker box a local animal pet shop which has free scales.
So he will be on no more finishing Miss Treacles meals or eating as much rice or oats in his meals. Meal sizes will be strictly so much meat, raw veggies, and a small volume of oats or rice.

We finished up with a visit for me to a nursery I wanted an apricot tree and a morello cherry.

A little look at the view over Kingston which is a town ship with a population 10,409 (2016 census) I am sure it is higher since then as many new homes and new sub divisions, have been built and created the blocks selling rapidly.

Kingston is about 35 minutes from my place. We do have Vets in Huonville I have used them both and prefer for cost and care Chris Lees practice. Hobart is about 10 -15mins to the town centre from Kingston. Depending on traffic and if its peak time or not.

The photograph below is the hill that I drive over on the highway back to the Huon Valley. Kingston is in the Kingbourough Council district. There is talk of amalgamating many of the councils. I for one feel it is a good idea we have too many councils for population. Councils are local Government but answer to State Government, State Government and Federal Government. Way to many fingers in public money pies.

The next two photographs are of Kunyani (Mount Wellington) kunanyi (pronounced koo-narn-yee) means ‘mountain’ in palawa kani, the beautifully revived language of Tasmanian Aborigines My hope is that Mount Wellington will be dropped I love Kunyani. It is the Mountain that Hobart (State Capital) lies in front of .

close up and distance view of Kunyani She is shrouded in cloud today I am unable to distinctly see the towers on her.

The last two photographs show Cathedral Rock In the distance and a close up. It was drizzling and smokey. As you can see it is very hilly rugged and deep narrow valleys in Southern Tasmania. There is no true plateau South of Hobart. Which is why most townships are on the coast line. As when the white settlers moved out from Hobart they needed access to Hobart and towns as there were no roads. Sea, and rivers were the mode of transport until roads came in.

Thankful for healthy dogs. For being so fortunate to live here with such rugged beauty so close to Hobart and other townships.

blessings to You, Tazzie

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Whose that walking down our road?

We woke up a bit late this morning it was grey and dull. I chose to stay in bed for a while reading. Until the dogs and I needed to go to the loo. After eating brunch and filling up the birdbath, catching up on some emails the dogs both began to pester me for a walk. I was not eager, but decided that was not good for me or them.

What a lovely mid morning it had become, mild temperature wise after the really cold days earlier this week. As we headed off up the hill we came across some new animals walking down the road. I was a bit concerned as Busby had never been close to horses before. He barked but these horses Zach the bay and Sweetie the grey were so awesome.

They were not put off bye Busby’s barking. They let him sniff their hooves, and come up under their tails. He was so incredibly curious. Sweetie raised her hoof just a bit as if moving her weight, but also as a very gentle sign that she had enough of Busby. he went away barked more. Then returned to sniff Zach who allowed him to come under his tail as you can see in the photos. He too began to be weary of standing still and the sniffing dog. A little lift of his hoof and Busby was up on the grass.
Pauline lives down the road, and I was thrilled she trusted me and my dogs with her horses. especially as my guys were off lead.
She, another woman and I chatted and observed all the interactions. I got to pat the horses and be nuzzled..Oh I love horses so much.

Miss Treacle was used to horses my closest neighbour used to have her horse and shetland pony in our paddock at times, and my dog Toby and Miss Treacle got to be on good terms with them. So she just stood by me. She was rewarded with cuddles up the hill from her favourite man. She had not seen him for so long.
Busby got to play with Toby and I chatted with Toby’s parents. I had been chatting to the lady for a while and her husband came up sharing that Busby had come inside their house and had found the cats, and was almost heading up the stairs when He got him out side. Oh Dear. no cats dogs or horses were injured hurt or angry in any of these interactions.

I did send a message afterwards to say I hope all the pussy cats were OK. Only to discover a bit later that the message they actually received was I hope all the lousy cats were OK! OH NOO. Thank goodness they thought it was hilarious when I apologised

So returning home with the sky blue light cloud and warmth I decided to put some more cardboard down in the veggie area to begin to kill the grass in this area. and to make more room for beds. Miss Treacle and Busby provided their support by being right near me.

The sun began to go behind clouds and the wind picked up, the temperature began to drop. So I decided to check on the deck plants and was amazed to see a cornflower, I have a couple of snow peas fruiting, and flowers for more. I had a tiny cauliflower that had been nibbled at the stork appear, but I removed it. Some of my daffodil or jonquils look to be about to flower.

Some of the seedlings are doing incredibly whilst others not so. Gardening is really interesting things planted at the same time, same soil but slightly different locations, and different containers seem to impact growth.

My aubergine is trying to flower?? My sage is surviving in its tree protector. Flowers are still growing and I hear bees when the sun is out. It is raining again as I type and I am glad as I did not water tonight and one or two of the pots were a little dry.

A little vitamin D, a lovely walk and chats, working in my garden, connecting with Mother Earth. Are all so important for me in living with CPTSD. Eating some of my sprouting broccoli fresh of the plant, so sweet. Some rocket, miners lettuce and chickweed. yum.

Thankful for the sunshine, meeting the horses and Busby being so good. Thankful for my veggie garden and plants that are growing.
I am thankful that in 7 days the Winter Solstice will be upon us and the shortest day will pass. I will celebrate the suns slowly staying here in the Southern Hemisphere for longer every day. Mind you there is still a lot of cold weather to go through.

blessings to you all. Tazzie

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