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When Bills Collide

I receive my benefit payment once a fortnight, so I budget quite fastidiously. It does not take much to create a bit of a bottleneck of who is getting paid first and who can I possibly leave for a fortnight. I am not saying I will not pay bills when due. However it is pretty usual to receive a reminder if you do not pay the bill before the due date. If that happens I usually will ring the company and explain honestly the situation and that I will pay the full amount in however many days.

I have found it to be so beneficial firstly to pay bills generally by the due date. If for some reason I can not pay the full amount I pay a proportion, and contact them to say the rest will be in the next fortnight. I have never incurred late fees or charges as it happens very rarely. I believe to that most companies will understand and see intent to pay.

I used to get very upset and anxious. I would fixate and then I would not be able to phone the company. It could have become a horrible situation. As I do not own a credit card.

I seem to have somehow created this potential situation this fortnight. My internet payment which is done as a direct debit for some reason did not go out on its due date. Of course the money was used as I assumed it had been paid. (Yes I know assume only makes an ass out of u and me) 🤪.

I have been attempting to pay this, again since I do not have a credit card and the call centres can not provide a bank account number or a BSB so I can transfer the money. I have grown frustrated angry and over the situation. My account is due again this week, and I just hope they will take two payments! I have been emailing the company attempting to explain that I have CPTSD and dealing with the call centres every second day for basically 3 weeks has caused huge issues for me, as they can not resolve the issue, even when I provide the reference number. I also can not seem to lodge a complaint or access them through a thing they call toolbox. Go Figure. So whinge over. I owe them $140 at the end of this week.

I have ordered my dogs meat (they eat raw diet) I get 14kgs /30.6lbs which lasts us about 21 days. The meat costs $6perKg/2.2lbs $84 in total plus some lambs frys 2.50each I got 2 so $5 and a bag of dog bones probably $5 So $94 all up.
I also ran out of my LPG (gas/propane) and had to order 2 full bottles 45gk/99lbs I think I pay about $120 a bottle delivered and installed. So $240 due this fortnight.

In total bills for this fortnight will be $474.00 leaving me $104 for the entire fortnight. Not as bad as I had thought. I will have the money to pay everyone fully and still have money for essentials.

In the past I would have made myself very unwell and my anxiety would have run away with me. What I was able to do, and I know I am so very very lucky that I do not have to pay rent or fares, etc. I had been putting some money aside and had a couple of hundred dollars, this was towards costs that I work out for 12 months all my known bills and on last years I usually add an extra 10% to budget for this years. This meant I did have some extra money because off course this fortnight I also needed to buy some pantry staples that had run out.

I was out today and did a rather large pantry shop. I am also fairly certain my next quarterly payment for Rates is due at the end of this month. It will not be as high as normal as I paid extra on it last quarter. This is another thing I will often do with bills such as electricity, and this year with Rates (as it is the first year I was not able to save for the full Rate payment amount and pay only it).

For me a really positve change in the last few months is not getting so distressed when I feel overwhelmed by how many bills I have and costs. To talk to the companies before it becomes a bigger issue. To also when I do have extra money to pay a little more off a regular bill so if I am short the company can see I endevour to pay their bills.

I am thankful that I live in a country that supports people who are unemployed with a monetary payment (as small as it is and as hard for so many to live on).

I am thankful to now be able to manage when speaking to companies generally in a more relaxed and conscience manner. It is something I still struggle with especially with my internet provider call centres. I am still very much a work in progress in regard to my CPTSD.
I am thankful to have found other people who have CPTSD and who share their own experiences through blogging. It really does help to hear and see you are not alone or that unusual.
I am so incredibly thankful for having found a psychologist who has really been able to work with me and I with her, (not always an easy thing to find) who I have had consistently for several years now. Which also makes it a heck of a lot better. My GP who is great and supportive, who says it like it is.
I am also thankful for all the lovely folk I am meeting through this blog. For their stories and comments here and support. What a blessing.

Blessings to you all.


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  1. I can appreciate what you are going through and only lucky enough to get through similar situations by using my credit card. (But ONLY to a degree that I know I can pay off on the credit card DUE DATE) or, beg for financial help from my brother(s).

    You should be able to get a small advance from Centrelink. I’ve never done it, but I know it’s possible on my Centrelink Disability Pension. Trouble is that you’ve eventually got to catch up with ‘ingoings’ and ‘outgoings’ somewhere along the line by receiving a reduced Centrelink payment later.

    I wonder if you can get an advance amount and pay if off over 3-4 Centrelink fortnightly payments?

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    1. I have heard of the advances but as you say Vicki they still have to be paid. The other issue is I am banned from going into Centrelink offices. So it would all have to be done with my one person and I would possibly have to do it all via mail, or go to Hobart, which is not something I am wanting to do or really capable of doing at this point in time without potentially loosing it. I feel it will all be OK as I will only need milk and eggs for the next fortnight. I will make bread, and I have plenty of things in my pantry and some things in my garden developing.

      I actually picked my only zucchini today, and it is not a big one. You have to laugh. My tomatoes continue to ripen. slowly but.. Most importantly the dogs have plenty of their food. I could not believe it when I went to both woolworths (which I rarely go to) it was crazy. Toilet paper gone filled up gone, no flour and lots of other weird things like bottled water? low. Hand sanitiser too. I wash my hands I dont kiss people or usually hug or shake hands. I feel that is the positive for having CPTSD lol. It really is a world going beserk. I said to someone, do you think about the fact that every day more people in Australia will be killed in car accidents than the flu at this point in time. They looked at me blankly
      I really am so confused since when did you get explosive diarrhea with flu? Sarcasm there.
      I can understand for someone in your situation Vicki, it would be very disconscerning.

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      1. They said supplies would probably be lowered due to the bushfires, but are you really suggesting the Coronavirus is the cause of these low supplies?

        Hope you make it through til more funds arrive. At least you have the garden.

        Do you have rocket, sorrel, parsley and mint. That usually makes a salad for me, although now the weather has turned much cooler, hot food is probably on the menue.

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      2. Here in Tassie our supplies of loo paper, hand sanitiser and flour are basically gone. I was seeing people with 12packs of loo paper but 6 packets of 12 rolls in their trolleys. The lady filling the shelf of loo paper kept saying to people not to panic buy there was plenty of toilet paper for the community. Even today in my little village a friend and I watched as people walked by us having been to the IGA and carring numerous packets of 12 roll packs. It was quite humourous. Yet very few seemed to be actually thinking if you are going to be stuck in a quarantine situation, (which at the present time is not high risk for us but of course things can change rapidly) would you not also be buying extra food. Perhaps everyone has well stocked pantries. So since we have not been impacted by low supplies due to fires there has been no run on loo paper until this week. Ah well there may well be some really good specials in a short while on toilet paper. As so many people will have no need to buy if for a quite a while.

        My rocket self seeded is just coming up. I have been picking a couple of leaved a day, I do have sorrel, parsley and mint. Sounds lovely. So I will give it a try. Do you use any dressing on it?

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      3. My Mother used to say she could do without many things but not soft toilet paper and tea. She grew up in the Depression and on the farm in Yolla, they used newspaper for toilet paper.

        Yes, I use salad dressing. French oil dressing. I make the old recipe from my 1980 something vegetarian recipe book. 4 Tablespoons of a good olive oil, 1 Tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and 1 Tablespoon of White Wine Vinegar. All in a jar and shake. That should be enough for 2 salads. You can add garlic, finely chopped parsley, 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard, but I prefer it plain. I use Apple Cider Vinegar instead of White Wine Vinegar as it’s akalysing. (White Wine Vinegar is acid). I have to watch my acid/akaline balance as I have a chronic inflammatory condition of Fibromyalgia.

        I sometimes just cut a garlic clove in half and leave it in the salad dressing to infuse the flavour as I don’t like raw garlic any more.

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      4. Oh yum dressing sounds great. Oh I have a friend with Firomyalgia, horrid thing. I grew up we used newspaper I think when we visited my Nana and Aye Aye, and definitely when we stayed at a beach house that had the dunny men come toilet system it was newspaper. Gosh I sound so old. lol I do feel like I recall Newspaper pieces hanging in the toilet of our place before it was burnt down.

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