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Here I am:…

Heck here it is July, I feel as if I have been on a different planet over the last few months. Its is all good just nary a post.
Winter here in glorious Southern Tasmania the wood fire is going, and snow is on the distant mountains, as I sit writing listening to my two dogs are chomping on bones. We have all been on a short walk. The frost is still present and the sun has not reached my place as yet.

However today is going to be glorious and whilst I wait for the sun to come over the trees(how I wished I lived on top of the hill and not down near the river lol, though in summer I am happy in this position). I aim to get back into the garden, to clear an area of my ‘veggie growing area’. I also aim to dig at least one hole a day for about 10 days for the new fruit plants I have purchased that will be coming soon as bare rooted stock.

My mental health on the whole is good, I have no regrets about coming off my medication (with support) for me it was such a wonderful thing to get me through the really bad period, as I had and continue to have support from my psychologist. I knew it was time. I have not had an ADHD assessment done, yet in my heart I believe it is a fact, and wow if I had known years ago what a difference it would have made in lots of ways. Now this knowledge lets me relax about so many things that often would cause me anxiety and distress.

I took a break of several hours and worked outside in the garden. Winter gardening is all about the weeds and planning. Preparing and dreaming. I am just pottering attending to so many things slowly that have been neglected or forgotten in the last few years. Self care was my highest priority as I adjusted to life with a mental illness, asking for help (hard to do for me) and utilising the help both medication and professional. I feel right now as if I know what I need. I am working towards this and as I do I am content, even with any discontent.

Today lovely sunny one down here in the Huon still and just one of those great winter days. I decided to begin on an area of neglect in between the chicken run and my veggie garden. I had attempted to before I became ill create a pathway for the chooks out to the paddock, so they could not be tempted into the veggie garden. Well that all fell by the wayside and what I was left with is blue steel fencing embedded into the soil (that had made itself over the last 5 years and impaled by the most horrendous grass ever. (I call it onion grass because it bulbs and spreads and its a nightmare).

In the final photo you can get an idea of how deeply buried the fencing wire mesh was. Still more to do. I sort of got sidetracked when I popped into the veggie area and decided to weed a bed. I did come back and pick up all the onion grass and all bulbits I could (little buggers always miss one or many!) Used the top of the old dog house to through all these horrible pulled and cut out grass bulbs, which means no touching the dirt. Tool of choice was a serrated edge steak knife!

The garden bed I was distracted by. A lovely weed filled bed with grass growing around it and weeds. is the one on the left of first photo, completed clearing around the edges and inside. Winter is proving to be the time the weeds are sprouting here at my place.
I may not have dug a hole and prepared for a new or older plant to go in today, I did weed a bed, always choices when you have a garden and always manyana.

I am now looking forward to tomorrow, as the weather is again meant to be lovely as today. I have my eager helpers the dog/s and chickens and I hope to do more of the buried treasure recovery.

blessings to You, Tassie.

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  1. It is always lovely in a garden, summer or winter. And like you we had weeds everywhere so I eventually raised the garden beds and covered everything in a mulch then newspaper or similar covering which also stopped evaporation up here in N.S.W.. That way I only ever needed to poke a hole in the spot that I was growing something in as it was needed. But most importantly it is good for the soul to see lots of veggies and fruit and truly taste something beautiful. Not like those supermarket, tasteless, oxygenated, ‘things’ that they sell as garden produce. I hope you enjoy the sun when it arrives dear lady πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

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    1. The sun has been such a blessing and we have more forecast. I do hope you have not been over wet I see flooding is forecast again.
      I had put down cardboard in most of my veggie garden and then added woodchips over 8 inches thick ontop, this means most of the weeds are on the suface. Apart from the horrible dreaded onion weed. lol I hope your garden is flourishing

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      1. Ah, alas that was many years ago. I currently live three stories up with a balcony that freezes during the winter and is an oven in summer. I have just a few plants inside, fertilized with love instead 🀣 And yes, Sydney and lower down is being flooded again at the moment for the third time in six months. For a country that is ever in drought I thing we may be getting our catch up quota πŸ˜‚ But, good luck with yours kind lady, I hope your onion weed loses interest and goes on a permanent holiday πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

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      2. Lovely weather here at present, could do with rain,,,ooops not someone in NSW wants to hear. Feel for all those who are going through floods again(mind you I do have to wonder at allowing homes to be built in flood zones (getting off my soapbox). Most will have no insurance as one business owner explained on something I was listening too. As too the onion weed with the chooks working one side and me the other side of the urpright fence there is a chance. The same can not be said for the fencing wire that was left laying on the ground for several years. πŸ™‚

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      3. It will get there dear lady, a little work here and there until all you can see is a lovely garden, flowers blooming and hopefully full of nice, fresh veggies. And I hope you do get some rain to assist it all πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

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      4. The lovely thing with how I am these days is any thing is a huge improvement on what my place has been compared to the last several. Thank you and rain forecast here this weekend. I noticed the ants are building their levees. So hard for those impacted by the floods and constant rain.

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      5. It finally got us…143mm in 2 days, but I can swim 🀣 I’ll send you just a couple mm’s to get your garden healthy. Have fun with the grounding that gardening is Tazzie, it may weary the bones but you’ll sleep like a trooper πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

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    1. I had a period where I was dealing with coming to understand hows and whys of why I have been so stuck. There has been huge shift in my head. My person who I am is my truth more and more. I am more in charge and my innerchild is able to chill. Not sure if that makes any sense. Thank You .

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