Haiku, unrhymed poetic form consisting of 17 syllables arranged in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. The haiku first emerged in Japanese literature during the 17th century, as a terse reaction to elaborate poetic traditions, though it did not become known by the name haiku until the 19th century. Britanica https://www.britannica.com/art/haiku

Bringing Haiku to the people. What an interesting idea. Community members of my local village Cygnet, Huon Valley Tasmania got together and learnt about Haiku. They were then able to try their hand at writing their own. If the individual would like it to be included in a display on windows of businesses in Cygnet. Done in chalk paint, the majority of Cygnets businesses are involved. You can take a walk along the main street of Cygnet and read each of them.

What a great creative experience bringing our community together, and bringing others to town to visit and read the Haiku browse our wonderful shops, have something to eat/drink in one of the many cafes. Visit galleries and local artisans.

We may be an island in isolation, but we can travel and support our communities.

I am thankful for this freedom to move around my island state home. I am thankful for the creative people about me. I am thankful for such a great community. Thankful for those who participated and the businesses who are sharing the Haiku on their windows.

blessings to You, Tazzie

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    1. Hi Cactus thanks for your very ind words. I can not imagine being in lock down for the second time. For me the lockdown here in Tasmania on my little acre was OK I do not have any idea how people in Melbourne and in units with no out door area would be managing. I feel many people will feel a wee bit the same.

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  1. Spring is here and that is making a big difference.

    Reading your posts it sounds like you’ve had you fair share of troubles, although you photos make life in your corner of Tassie look completely idyllic. Keep up the good work.

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