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Spring Garden week 1:

The weather is fluctuating as is normal here in the southern most council region of Australia. Huon Valley Tasmania, on the Island state of Australia, situated in the Roaring Forties. Tasmania’s location between the 40th and 50th southern parallels place it directly in the pathway of the “Roaring Forties”, which are strong westerly winds in the Southern Hemisphere.

It tends to be especially windy around the solstice, and equinoxes here in Tasmania. Which can be really hard on gardens. I had tied my broad beans the wind has been harsh, though it I am really delighted to see beans are forming.

Above, Rocket and coriander going to seed, broad beans knocked about by the wind show beans, looking towards the hen house, vegetable garden broad beans, garlic marigolds, peach tree and fig i(n barrel), with daffodils.

above: I love my red wattle flowering tree. The nettles will soon be flowering. Hellebore flower and the last of my snow drop. My bay tree is being attacked by something. It is on my to do list.

My hens are settling in really well. They come running to me I believe its more about the seeds I bring for them. They are running a bit amok, as the fencing in the chickens area is too low. I am working on that. The black bantam is still sleeping in the tree. I have no idea how she managed to hold on during the gale wind and storms we had the last few nights.

I love having them. The dynamics of the hen house are really fascinating to observe. I love listening to their chatter. I continue to get about six eggs a week currently. As the hens (which were an incredibly generous gift) are different ages, and very mixed breeding. So I feel that I have two hens laying and five who are maturing to be layers.

My seedlings are mostly doing well though I have had some failures. It may be I over watered them, or they grew to rapidly. I have time to resow the seeds, and get them underway.

I feel so thankful to have my hens, eggs, my potential veggies grown in my garden. There are wonderful blossoms forming on my peach and two plums (I have a couple more that are just budding up).

More rain and wind is forecast, the days are lengthing and temperatures increasing.

blessings to You, Tazzie

23 thoughts on “Spring Garden week 1:

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    1. Do you feel as I do in much to do and well then I step into the garden just for a minute to fiill the bird baths and water bowls for the critters and birds. Then I pull a few weeds, and hours have gone!! lol such a tragedy no house work done..

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      1. Locals layer dress always. If you are out in your car, you might have sloppy jo or a jumper, wet weather gear, case the wind picks up. For example I will begin a day where the night might have been 2dC over night and a fros, with a tshirs, long sleeve top and a wind cheater./ sloppy jo or jumper on top. As the sun comes up off comes the layers. it might only be 16dC but if the sun is out and now wind I can be in a T shirt and lovely and warm. It is quite interesting. Even in the middle of winter if the sun is out no cloud cover or wind and I am not in the shade. A T=shirt is all I need. but theh jumper hs to be very close. I do hope you are doing OK. I have not been reading other blogs as I have been struggling with reading just my brina going off with poor sleep but it is all improving. just a little blip you are in my thoughts Tazzie

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      2. Thank you. We are doing well, and the garden has given up its goods. The wildfires are far enough away that we are safe in our homes. It has been a good summer, overall, except for the wildfires and pandemic. I realize that as our fire season ends, yours begins. Crossing fingers that it will go better for you this summer.

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  1. Hey Tazzie it’s looking good considering the weather fronts you are experiencing – does Tasmania have many wild life problems that could bother the chickens both in and out of the coop?

    I am just thinking back to my knowledge on Australian natives – l think there is still a small population of the Devils? How about Brush Tails and maybe Bandy’s l think they would be the only three that might find chicken a treat and if not that, then probably the eggs?

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    1. Hi Rory, how lovely you respond, I am struggling to read and compile things at present. Just a blip for a bit, sleep issues.. improving now. In regard to the chickens, yes quolls will take chickens, devils do not usually kill, they are more a scavamger. Feral cats can be an issue, as can local ones allowed to roam..(my pet hate) yet I adore cats. Possums will eat dead animals but not generally kill them. dogs, will attack them at night if they can get to them we have had issues with sheep being attacked by some dogs llast spring summer. Its more that people do not keep their dogs in or tied up. They just let them roam at night. My coop is about 3foot of the ground, and no access but to jump up to get in. No rramp. Then the hens have a home made latder sort of perch insiThe main issue in the day time are raptors. I have wedge tails, sea eagles, hawkes, and falcons. I have seen the wedge tail looking at my little dog and only flew off when I came out from the trees. TThank YOu so much My Big dog Busby is perhaps the biggest to the chooks. He loved my last flock over time to death. Always my fault… SO I am working really hard with him this time. So far so good. He is not allowed out without me, and if the hens have escaped their huge run He is not allowed out except on lead, or if he is right beside me. So far he is being so good. I dont let him be tempted though so he returns to the deck. small steps. I do hope you are OK and dealing with lockdown / I sort of imagine you may have found it not a huge differnce to your nomral life. Similar to me when we were in lock down here. blessings Roty

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      1. Well l moved house Tazzie and now have a much smaller garden and decided to not continue with the season and start afresh next year 🙂


      2. Suze and l broke up we are still friends and still a couple of sorts, just living under two rooves. Then about a week or two after we started living in different places, Suze was diagnosed with throat cancer and started her chemo about 2 weeks ago.

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      3. what a lot to be going through for you both Rpry and now fighting cancer knowing a similae treatment road different cancer with my partner you are both very much in my thoughts

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