So fortunate

The wet weather has gone for the time being. This morning after a very stormy wet night it was lovely to wake up to blue sky even if it is still somewhat winy.

When I went out this morning I discovered how lucky I had been!

A large branch had fallen off one of my eucalyptus trees in my driveway. during the storm. It missed my car. How wonderful was that! Interestingly I had been parking my car about where the branch landed over the previous few days.

I had things in the boot so I parked closer to my house when I returned home yesterday. I am very thankful my car is OK.

A pruning saw and 15 minutes of sawing had the branch removed. Just one of the things you have to be able to attend to. I may now think about a chain saw..just in case.

The wind continues today and I watch the big trees bending in the winds, My plans to work in the garden on the fence for the chickens were not followed up.

The gals are all settling in well. Only two I believe are laying at this point in time. One egg is tiny and the hen lays one every three days at present. The other hen or two give me an egg every day/36 hours or so. The other girls will start laying in the next month or two.

I am surprised that one hen continues to sleep in her tree over night (gale winds last night). I did try putting her in the hen house one night; she is very much her own hen! Choosing the tree. Happy hens and happy me with lovely fresh eggs.

six lovely hens settled safe and dry out of the wind.
if you look closely you will see a chicken shape shadow : my crazy hen who sleeps in the trees even in gale wind and heavy rain.

The days are lengthing as the ‘Georgian calendar welcomes Spring. Here in Australia Spring begins September 1st. It is quite interesting though as it does not really represent the beginning of the blossoms flowering beginning. My garden here in Tasmania has had daffodils, jonquils, flowering for over a month now. I imagine further north they have been blooming for longer.

The end of a beautiful sunny day even with the wind.
I am so fortunate and thankful for all I have.

Blessings to you, Tazzie


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  1. Good to hear you and your car are safe. The winds were certainly wild on Thursday evening in Melbourne and its suburbs and the storm damage enormous.

    I lost the power for an hour and it was almost pitch black indoors and outdoors with the street lights off too. Luckily, I bought a tiny camping lantern about 3 years ago as I was fed up with the power outages in my apartment builidng (now resolved). I read a book by its light until the power came back on. Other suburbs weren’t so lucky and it might take days for it to be restored so the TV news said.

    The sunshine yesterday (and today) is gorgeous and perhaps bodes well for you to get outdoors in the garden.

    How exciting to have fresh eggs. Hope your gals will be comfortable in their home and productive far into the future.

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    1. So glad you only had a black out and no further damage Vicki. That you had alternate power source for your light. I too have one. We tend to get black outs often here. Apparently the next area up from me had one for several hours. It is too wild and windy for me to be outside today and yesterday. We went for our walk and it was awful so inside wishing. hoping the ground is not drying out too much as it is so hard to put posts in if its dry.

      The eggs the girls are laying are so good. they get grain and have plenty of grass and greens bugs shell grit to chow down on.
      They are very content when I close the hen house up well the six that sleep inside are. The hen who sleeps in a tree, I am amazed each morning when I go out to release the others for their day that she is still here and has not been blown to the Antarctic.

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