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I have very low expectations:

So electric blanket on and for once I am in bed really early. Its 9dC/48.2dF, it only got to 12dC/ 53.6 dF now this is late January in the Southern Hemisphere. It is not right and not the first time that this has happened this month! Then two days later we had temperatures of 36dC/96.8, last week we had similar but by 10 am the day after the cold day it was 35dC/95dF at 10am we ended up at 38dC/100.4dF mid afternoon.

Is it any wonder my vegetable garden is not doing well. I know I am not alone, even my wonderful neighbours stunning vegetable garden is struggling. We have also had unseasonal rain and heavy wind gale force on several days.

The vegetable garden is so behind this year, My hope is that it will be better in February. My neighbour up the road has put in a huge green house but it is so hot that the tomatoes are cooking inside it almost.

Ahh the joy of gardening 41dsouth.

My first picking from the veggie garden this morning, the tomatoes are not really ripe, and they are tiny. Compared to the small hens egg. The zucchini/courgette is great. Already 100% improvement on my crop last year.

I am thankful for my eggs, for my hens, and rooster. I am thankful that my tanks are pretty full mid summertime very unusual.

Blessings to You. Tazzie

9 thoughts on “I have very low expectations:

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    1. The veggie garden is providing some things for me along with the chooks, fruit trees and bushes. February is usually the hotetst month here so I have hope for more vegetables to harvest in Autumn/fall

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  1. Hey Tazzie, very nature of a changing world climate – here in Kent we are experiencing for the second winter horrendous rainfall, l feel that we will see this each year return heavier than the previous year, the world’s a changing – great pictures though πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh I do hope there is no flooding about You Rory. We are having a lot of rain apparently this weekend 26-28dC and rain it will be so humid I will feel like I am back in Sydney. Ah well compared to so many I have it easy and so rich. How are you going? UK is doing it really tough. My thought with you

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