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Change is coming!

I feel so tied to the earth. I feel so different these days as a female to how I did just 10 years ago. For me living in a little remote rural area on a smallish (by Australian standards)island,the Australian Island state of Tasmania.

Like many around the world I sit and listen to news, see the pictures from Ukraine and hear the people who remain to fight of who can not leave. I hear those who have made it to safer countries. I listened to the interview from the Finish President share his great concerns. Thousands of Russian people have left via the Finish border and the concern for his country and people.
I have watched for several years before this war a couple of Russian You tubers, Just the same as me wanting to live their lives, a roof over their head, enough to eat and to live in peace enjoy their dog and family. These people will experience huge issues as sanctions impact. Yet I know that for so many Russians they will definitely suffer but they are resourceful and strong. I was in Russia back in 1998 when the Ruble crashed and banks closed overnight access to money gone. Yet the Russian people were generous to me a traveler. I also visited Kyiv and some rural villages. Here too when poverty was high and fear was ripe; things were changing so rapidly the people I met were friendly and kind, they shared stories and laughter with me. They would be me if the situation was reversed. (hard to imagine in my part of the world).

We know this is a crisis our world has not seen, as never before has Switzerland or Monaco agreed to sanctions against any other country.

In my own country, floods that are the highest recorded in 150 are occurring, NSW/QLDs tens of thousands have lost everything, and a large proportion of those have no where to sleep. More rain and storms for the areas impacted are forecast. Some of these areas were devastated by the bush fires last summer.

Bush fires have raged across the world in the last few summers. Floods typhoons, hurricanes all bigger more lives lost. Mother earth is showing her force. We are insignificant.

Women are becoming stronger and disclosing the sexual abuse and rape that they have experienced by politicians, the rich, the power brokers and being heard and believed! Women all ages are saying enough patriarchy and domination by the rich and powerful. Women are using their voices and we will no longer be kept quiet. Domestic violence and domestic murders continue in my country to be too high in numbers and women are making the Government change laws that have pandered to the patriarchy.

The concept of what is sexuality, and what defines gender, and marriage equality show the change across the world and many Christian religions are accepting, in my country the acceptance of all regardless of any gender stereotype.

Our wonderful DS Cafe in Huonville incredible support to all in the community.

I live my life very much in nature. My resident snakes are welcome to be here as I may pay rates for the land and ‘own my little acre’ It is not mine it is ours for all the animals birds and insects. (even the invasive introduced rabbits come here and feed). This land is not mine, I am merely a guardian. My intent wherever I live to ensure that all that live there are provided for.

The world is almost holding its breath, watching and so many are showing great love and passion for their fellow humans in a very public war, whilst maybe being unaware of the other wars/conflicts impacting killing maiming and taking all from so many other humans around the world. These places mean little to the average westerner.

I am awed watching the huge public response towards the people of Ukraine getting supplies in and helping the refugees. Closer to home without fanfare or publicity again the Sikh community arrived in the worst flood impacted areas to feed and offer a place of comfort. Other organisations are struggling within the communities they were there for as goods have been destroyed, and supermarkets loosing all stock. A very hard beginning to our winter season for so many. Schools have been inundated. People from all over are traveling to help with clean up but where do they stay? (ground to wet to camp on, there has been little fresh water and fresh food, or food for those impacted. A huge quandary.

Who can forget about the last few years with COVID The ongoing cost and lives lost,the concern over the long term health damage, and the new strains appearing too often. The impact of this financially around the world is also yet to be really felt. Along with this war which will impact us all around the war in a financial way.

What does it mean..a devote Christian I know believes it is the last book of the Christian Bible Revelations the signs of the end of the Earth. To this person it meant the Antichrist would rise. If that is of interest you can search for information yourself. I do not believe this in any way.

I as a believer in Gaia, nature, and all that is from that. It has taken me most of my life to know this is right for me. I searched many years of my life, via Christian religions. I never felt right there. I am far more comfortable in being in nature, the seasons as they change, the wind, and walking barefoot on the earth. My joy and feeling of connection when sitting out in the night watching the sky, and feeling the energy as I shoot Aurora Australis when the Lady of the night sky visits. My preference is not to be in group. To be in a place on my own with my dogs and camera. By the water is for me hard to explain.

I love experiencing the changing seasons (here in Tasmania we have distinct seasons), the deciduous trees as they begin to change colours (we only have a few native deciduous trees in Tasmania) to watch the non native trees who have fruited and provided me with fruit berries and nuts the leaves are colouring to the autumn colours.

I am looking forward to the Autumn Equinox. Which here in Southern Tasmania (in the Roaring Forties) usually sees gale force winds and storms. (I have noted around the Equinoxes and Solistices winds are a large part of the changes of the season heres).

Change is coming, I live in hope always. It is easy to write when I am safe from all I have written about here. I will continue to be sharing my personal life. That being living with CPTSD no longer on medication. Sharing how I live and grow fruit and vegetables. (not in a glamourised of everything done instantly and perfectly). My garden is very haphazard and to many messy and disorganised. It does not provide me with all the vegetables, fruit and nuts I eat. I want to be clear on that.
I am now so content with my choice of life. Since I was a teenager this is how I wanted to live. When I look back to where I have been most content in my life it has always been in an area of nature, with no obvious close neighbours but Not isolated. I have thrown of all the shackles that conforming to ‘what is consider normal life’ has helped me so much. It meant having none of my birth family in my life I have chosen not to have them in contact with me. A true blessing to have let go.

Change is coming, Mother earth is letting us know, the people of the world are no longer accepting things as they have always been accepted since patriarchy became ‘rulers over everyone’ and major very wealthy religious Christian organisations often under auspice of Royaltiy have forced and take so much from so many The rise of people following my personal belief is a sign that a change is coming. Disatisfaction with so much of who and how the lives of others are ordered and political disatisfaction in my country is also growing. It is an election year.

Change is coming it may be very very negative and hard for more than are suffering now. It may be a new order. It is an unknown. We are all blind as to what will change. All I can hope for is to have no fear, to stand by and support as I can those I believe in , and care and protect my patch of earth so it is a safe place for not just native animals but all life. That is provides for me as it can with my help and for the life and encourage the soil to be full of life, provide habitat, and water. Freedom of movement and peace. I am not successful at this but I get up and change what I did or improve on it. My heart and spirit know that the majority of people no matter where we live, desire to have a roof warmth and feel safe over our head, work that pays us enough to live on and save, to have a community that is supportive and respectful most of all kind. Clean air and water. Enough food to eat.

As change happens for me fear is the worst feeling I could have. (Don’t imagine I do not feel fear even now), For me if I begin to feel fearful regardless of the cause being right here in my community or near my home or over seas it breeds rapidly in me. I can become engrossed and then my fear increases. I fixate. I feel hopeless and helpless. Non of which is correct. I hold onto that and thus am not fearful.

I see ignorance of world situations not good for me either. I am not one to just live on my acre and not be part of the greater world. I do what and as I am able. I am no longer filled with angst when I can not donate be it time money or goods. I do what I can, and when I can.

Be kind, be respectful regardless if you agree with the other person. One day you may need help from that very person. Be thankful for all you have but never believe you can not loose all your material possessions in a very short time. Perhaps my views were formed early in life when my parents and my siblings lived in a flat above out business. We were away when both along with two of our neighbouring businesses and friends homes were burned to the ground. All we had was what we had taken with us for a weekend. I personally am so thankful to have experienced this as a just turned five year old I can smell it still when I smell wet wood, wet burnt anything, smoke acrid full of so many potential issues. Beloved toys, (my teddy bear was with me phew). So when I see the families fleeing Ukraine, or anywhere holding their perhaps one toy they could take. I feel the pain, when I see the families with their pets, I imagine all the ones left. The people too who are left behind both fighting and not able to leave. Farm animals and wildlife. Trees and beloved gardens all being impacted. So much to consider and I have to stop, or I will become fixated. (part of my CPtSD)

Be thankful for all you have.

blessings to You Tazzie

Pt 6 Withdrawal experience with a look at my garden and what is happening.

Warning please seek medical support prior to going off any mental health medication. Withdrawal from medication/s is a very individual experience and my experience is mine alone. I do not encourage anyone from stopping any mental health medication without support of your GP, Psychiatrist and Psychologist. I worked as a mental health qualified Registered Nurse RPN and RN I did not mean to do my cessation like this this it was very much situational.

Day 15. I know some of my readers have been missing my ‘normal posts’. I have been thinking about this a lot; I woke up this morning I decided to share my garden as it is right now. Heading towards the end of summer here where I live in the Tasmania’s Southern most Council in Australia.
I can not explain how different I am to how I was just three weeks ago. I am one very lucky woman, I as any of you have been reading my withdrawal posts know am doing cold turkey of the medication. Not deliberately but through situational a comedy of errors so to speak. You can read about that here

My vegetable garden is a sad representation of its normal self. A combination of how I was feeling on my medication, Busby my larger dog having a Cruciate Ligament operation, and no rain since December/very early January has impacted a lot.
My deck garden has been cared for and I am learning so much what I can grow on it and the possibilities for next spring and summer. I am planning and have planted seeds with the aim to have beets, carrots, brassicas and a few other bits and pieces from my deck.

My front entrance garden is basically just dirt. I have watered and fed it, the fact that my garden is one of the very few now in my area that is accessible and provides the native and non natives food and greens along with seeds and my veggie waste sees the front of my home at times a bit like Dr Doolittle’s or at least how I imagine it.

What I am finding as such a positive change is that I am just doing it. I am just getting into clearing mess and dirt including much to my mortification mice droppings and the odd dead one. So far no more nests. Today I began in the kitchen. The floor was/is revolting. I am so please that I have removed so much dirt and mice mess. I went into one of my storage cupboards where I have tinned items. Discovering that mice love labels, I am thankful that they have left parts of at least one, and I know that I stored them in like with like. I will have a few exciting unknown tins. Most of these are beans or tomatoes. I have not done any preserving/bottling of any sort this year. Knowing I had quite a lot of tinned items I had purchased over the last few years on top of the things I had made last year and the year/s before. I am old enough to not care about dates on tinned or jar purchased items. Similar with dried beans. I was taught by my Gran what to look for in bad or suspect tins.

I am set for Autumn and Winter lovelies. I actually feel I could live on my pantry stores for the whole of winter and only have to purchase flour, fresh veggies I might need, meat and dog food. So incredible to have this. I feel so wealthy. I also have plenty of fresh herbs, spices, and if I can ever discover where my hens are laying their eggs, I imagine as last year the dogs and I had enough eggs for our own needs over winter.

It is so hard to attempt to explain to others, that I am beginning to feel like the memories I recall off before my breakdown and how I felt. I need to reassure you that I had ups and downs back then as any normal person. I also experienced bouts of depression over the years with the extremes that implies.

What I am incredibly aware of is the possibility is ever present that once off my medication and completed the withdrawal process, there is always a chance I will need to go on medication.

The difference for me now to previous is I have changed my thinking process. I have worked through and continue to work through the feelings and life issues that created what I have lived with for way too many years. No contact with those who abused and neglected me throughout my life was the biggest intentional change along with telling them they were not welcome in my home ever again.
I am also privileged and am very very aware of how fortunate I have been to be seeing at now cost to me ever the same psychologist for several years perhaps four. Someone I respect greatly because as anyone who has mental health illness is aware so often, especially when you are on low income or as I was and remain on Government support. Your psychologist/counsellor/psychiatrist seems to change regularly. Which for me in the past has been detrimental and to have to begin again sees me avoid the whole process. It was also the problem of not connecting with quite a few of the psychologists over the years. I am not one for lectures and homework, goal setting or those positive/mindful platitudes that so many folk have seemed to feel helpful for my mental illness and getting well. If they work for you great. Treatment for mental health illnesses are as varied as the individuals experience of the illness.
Under the Disabilty pension I am on now I have access to the National Disablity Insurance Scheme gives me a certain amount of financial access to support and service to enable me to live my life. I am able to continue to see my psychologist. I pay nothing for this and I am able to see her every 3 weeks. We have been Zooming since COVID. I am appreciative as I do not have to do a return trip to Hobart every 3 weeks a round trip of almost 200kms. We are also currently paying over $1.85AUD/1.34 USD/ 1GBP/1.19euro per liter/0.26th gallon(1 gallon is equal to 3.74 litres, so one gallon of petrol cheapes andlowest rated in Australia cost $6.92AUD/$5.00USD) so for the cheapest petrol pump your own. The petrol station in Cygnet(closest village to me) has a full service petrol station. I am not aware of the price there but is several cents a litre more expensive. Oops of on a tangent. I will have a face to face appointment in a few months probably.

For me I am delighted with how I am feeling, and doing things, even with the negative withdrawal symptoms of coming suddenly off Desvenalfaxine/Pristiq. There are some that continue such as joint and muscle pain, and short shape pains like a needle prick regularly. I am still a little dizzy at times and or light headed. I am no longer nauseous. I still feel cold often and no my iron levels and all other vitamin levels that impact your body feeling cold nor am I menopausal. We are having warm humid weather summertime here!. I put it down to withdrawing. I continue to not be hungry and eating simple but pretty healthily. I cooked a whole chicken and generally eating a chicken wrap with salad. Nuts and some apples from last year. (new seasons coming Yipee). Or as tonight I made a beef laska from my left over roast.
I have to really work at myself to get to bed at good time for me. Lights out no later than 10:30pm. Preferably earlier.

As the withdrawal symptoms play around with me, I know that considering I stopped cold turkey I have been very fortunate with how little they have really impacted me. For this I am so appreciative. I know that I am one of the lucky ones so far with my experience of sudden withdrawal.

blessings to You, Tazzie

Week 2 Ends Withdrawal Off Pristiq Desvenalfaxine. P6

Warning please seek medical support prior to going off any mental health medication. Withdrawal from medication/s is a very individual experience and my experience is mine alone. I do not encourage anyone from stopping any mental health medication without support of your GP, Psychiatrist and Psychologist. I worked as a mental health qualified Registered Nurse RPN and RN I did not mean to do my cessation like this this it was very much situational.
After a wonderful sleep (having not slept for over 40 hours) I slept deeply and long. I woke feeling much better today in having slept. Though it is now almost midnight and here I sit not feeling tired.

I visited a neighbour (our dogs are the best mates they have a bromance). Miss Treacle is enamoured with my friends husband, and he is besotted with her. It is a true love. My friend says she wishes he would look into her eyes as often as he does Miss Treacles. (she is joking).

Other than that it was a quiet day just tending the chooks, attempting to work out how many of my current chicks; 8 in total might be roosters. Wondering where the eggs my three other girls are laying. Is the missing black hen hatching out more chicks. Or has she fallen to an eagle. Sigh.

We have had no rain here since in months. So I watered the tomatoes, which are finally beginning to ripen, and some plants in the veggie garden. I did not put much in the veggie area this Spring/Summer.
I picked my first zucchini of a deck pot. I am feeding the wild life. Ensuring they and all the insects birds and reptiles have water they can reach.

I am quite fixated on my creative planning. Eager for the things I have ordered to arrive.
I played with my dogs this afternoon, they had been tired after their run and play this morning, but both enjoyed the playtime with Mama.
My body thermostat is still out of whack. It is frustrating and I hope it will improve in the next week. Similar the sleep issue.
I am not really eating more snacking and not massive amounts. In fact I did not actually eat anything until after 3pm today I was just not hungry. I cooked up some meat that would have begun to turn if I hadn’t. I am also slow cooking a stew which I will package up to freeze, as I have the other meat which is chicken so great cold.

Not a lot to say tonight.

May your weekend be safe, and blessings to You. Tazzie.

Pristiq (Desvenalfaxin) Withdrawal P5

Warning please seek medical support prior to going off any mental health medication. Withdrawal from medication/s is a very individual experience and my experience is mine alone. I do not encourage anyone from stopping any mental health medication without support of your GP, Psychiatrist and Psychologist. I worked as a mental health qualified Registered Nurse RPN and RN I did not mean to do my cessation like this this it was very much situational.

Day 13
I have not slept now for over 40 hours. I have had a lovely day today. I met up with a friend and had a coffee. Took the dogs for a walk down near Port Huon and had lunch at bakery in Geeveston I went shopping at the Tip Shop looking for items I can begin to paint and mosaic.
It is not good. I have been on a bit of a spending spree. No regrets, and I did pay for 5 new tyres outright. I have had to force myself to get stop watching the news from so many countries in regard to that war. Have I eaten well today ahhh not really. Fruit vegies, eggs and a lot of icecream and sugar.

I was triggered and reacted. Driving through Huonville (the largest town in my area) I slowed down to let traffic get out of a really horrible intersection onto the highway. The older guy probably my age, but I’M not old; came right up behind me, even though he had been several car lengths behind me, and HOOOONKED his worked well he should be very proud.
I had let the two cars onto the highway, and began to drive off in the southward direction I was heading in. The owner of the horn, tail gated me. Well not liking his bullying tactics, his impatience and his just arrogance, I slow down to 40km /25milesP/H approx. It was a 50km/31MPH speed limit and he honked me again. As I was approaching the 80km/50mph speed sign I just enjoyed my leisurely travel at 58km/36MPH speed. Enjoying the scenery of the river, and thinking about how much I will miss seeing this view as a new housing development.suburb is being built and will most likely block the view. I continued driving relaxed and singing along to one of my faviourite artists. Sitting on the 60km/37MPH speed. A lovely drive able to observe all the homes, and how many blackberries were on the bushes, if there were any wild apple trees loaded with ripening fruit tempting me to stop at on the way home.

So relaxed. I did look in the rear view mirror surprised to see my old proud Horn man still behind me. Nah I knew he was still there. I kept on driving looking at the scenery and enjoying a leisurely outing with my dogs. It is a very pretty drive along the Huon River. Quite a winding road. I sang along to my artist on the CD(yep Im old). I was very chillaxed.
I noticed the tip shop/tip on the way and decided to stop in on the way home. On we drove. My man with the Horn behind me, a little too close I felt but then he was wanting to go around me I am certain.
Oh dear other vehicles coming towards us on the broken white line (where he could over take me).
I have to be honest I did have a lovely chuckle at this.
Onwards I drive, thinking about just what a lovely morning I am having really enjoying my day so far.
The dogs were chilled. A mindful drive, relaxed and observing. Perfect.

Another opportunity for my horny friend to be able to get around me coming up. I could see he was getting his speed up and I am not a nice woman…I chuckled more vehicles coming towards us where he could have gone around me easily.

A while later my mate had pulled of the road. Perhaps frustrated enough to call the police. I do know he took a photo of my cars rear end with rego plate. It would not give any idea of the speed, and my car needs a wash, she is not looking her best.

I just kept driving at the speed I had been, sure there had been a bit of a line up behind me, and several cars over the course of the next several opportunities to overtake did so safely and responsibly. All the while I had not increase my speed. As I say I was really enjoying the leisurely pace. I was not doing it out of annoyance at Mr Proud Horn. I was enjoying my drive. After 23kms/14miles. I turned off the highway into the Geeveston shopping precinct. Popped in to a new aquaintance I had met at Christmas times bakery, that had been opened only two weeks. A huge slice of quiche, and an apple turn over in my bag and back into the car. Thinking where next. Return home but first I would pull in at Port Huon park and go down near the sailing club. Let the dogs out for a wee and sniff as I ate the tasty delicious, Huge piece of quiche just looking up the river, at the gray clouds and mist where Huonville was hiding under. Satiated back into the car next stop the tip shop. (locals take their rubbish if they do not have pick up) and items they do not want to anymore and the tip shop sells them.

After doing my quibbling over price, and delighted with it, paid my bill and homeward bound. Me singing along to my CD and Miss Treacle perhaps trying to stop me from singing with her paw. Home fed the chooks and the dogs.
I began to do some painting which I was enjoying. I was trying to just let go and not be tight in my body as I painted. I Like what I did and am excited to feel like and acting on being creative.
Tomorrow I am feeling that I will do some work on sorting out and getting rid off stuff, along with cleaning. Just a small area I have in my mind. Achievable.

Symptom wise, so anger (was I angry at the guy for honking) Personally i feel more that it was to do with his impatience. I did not scream or yell at him or any situation or creatures at all today.
Is that an improvement? I want to think it is.
Light headedness, but that is probably more about not sleeping for 24 hours at that point.
I have an inablity to switch off the computer and go to bed.

I have no stabbing zappy feelings in my hands, feet, legs, arms anymore. My joints have been quite sore as to my muscles. I am still experiencing personal thermostat challenges.

My mind is slowing tonight. I guess exhaustion will assist with that. Have I said no burping or nausea at all. Even feeling as I do, I am much happier with how I feel and not sure how to word this but how I AM doing things. Happy to do a small area of my kitchen tomorrow , if more happens wonderful. My goals are not high in this process. Takes off the need to alphabetise, put all my clothes in colour co-ordinated runs.

I am so so happy I have insight into what this is apart from withdrawal (sudden) off Desvenalfaxine.

I also feel as if my lability is not as prominent. I have not cried more than once today. I am not so happy about the volume of food I consumed today or more so its less than healthy way of eating.

I have had trouble with finding words I am looking for, and my feet are freezing right now, so painful that my broken toe is throbbing. Reminder it is Summer here in Tasmania (well all of Australia).

One thing I have found really strange is the volume of water I am drinking. I have recently had fasting and the other blood test to check for all diabetes and was great for both. My blood pressure was wonderful for me.

I am thankful that I did not get angry when triggered. I was mischievous but so relaxed.

blessings to You, Tazzie.

Pristiqu withdrawal P4

Warning please seek medical support prior to going off any mental health medication. Withdrawal from medication/s is a very individual experience and my experience is mine alone. I do not encourage anyone from stopping any mental health medication without support of your GP, Psychiatrist and Psychologist. I worked as a mental health qualified Registered Nurse RPN and RN I did not mean to do my cessation like this this it was very much situational.

Day 12 withdrawal from Desvenalfaxine).
I slept very well last night, no pain relief for my broken toe, feelings of overwhelming sadness and frustration that I actually hit my boy Busby. He is such a gentle loving soul and he has always always chased chickens and wallabies and I have followed all guidance on how to manage. He is a Staffy/Boxer/ Ridgeback cross it is in his genes. I know this and yet I punished him way over the top and it was my own fault. Talk about tears of guilt as I write this. Yes the labile withdrawal symptoms continue. As do the fluctuation in body thermostat. (past menopause so definitely not that)lol

A little bit of background in regard to me and what medications including ‘natural/herbal ones I take.
I have only ever smoked grass in my life and that was not until I was 30. (probably a very positive thing now with the mental health issues I have had all my life but never had diagnosed or been on medication until now in my more mature (age not attitude). I have alcoholism on both sides of my family as in both maternal grand parents were alcholics and my maternal grandmother addicted to BEX powders (which were coloured hot pink so alluring for little ones, and yes I certainly wanted to taste this gorgeous stuff!.. VILE VILE, Will Robinson (excuse my Lost in Space reference). It turns out that this humble little powder advertised as follows ‘Headache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Lumbago…Influenza and Cold in early stages’. and a saying in Australia perhaps from the advertising was ‘a cup of tea a Bex and a good lay down’ aimed at women mostly in OZ, this over the counter powder which came in boxes from memory bright deeper yellow and navy blue was actually the RED Bull of its day. The recommended daily dose of caffeine is 250mg per day and yet Bex packaging advised taking at least two powders, containing 320mg of caffeine. Government Health Departments and nurtritional guidelines recommended daily amount of caffeine is 250mg (per day). One Bex powder had 320gms and the dosage on the pack for treatment was 2. In my Grandmother’s case she would have perhaps 20 a day. Not an uncommon situation for women in that time. When you consider that the suggested drink to have with it was tea and average cup of tea (many variants of how much in a cup of tea) is approx 43gms My Grandmother would also wash this vile tasting powder down with alcohol. Soft drink (my Grandfather was working at a local soft drink making company at the time) and on the very odd occasion water.
They had been on the market since 1920s and were taken of in 1977. Also contained a substance called phenacetin Phenacetin is an odorless fine white crystalline solid with a lightly bitter taste. Used as an analgesic medicine. So found the bitter taste. It is derived from opium. This chemical’s role, as a non-narcotic analgesic establishing it is the main ingredient for pain relief in BEX. There were many adverse side effects with the product addiction NO 1, risk of major kidney disease when over used. (My Grandmother died of kidney issues and cancer. (She was also a a very heavy smoker.
Woah went down that rabbit burrow deeply.
My father is an alcoholic but he would deny it. (he and his current wife drink 1-2 bottles of wine most nights and he will generally have several scotches a night). Since my early twenties was very aware of how much he drank.
(so yep addiction rampant) I guess being addicted to sugar is a bit less risk taking.

The above is a symptom of what is going on in the withdrawal stakes at present. Overly thinking, and not able to stay focused. Very easily distracted and where interest is aroused will just follow that and forget the actual issue or what I was really meant to be doing.
Lost my appointment card for GPs appointment today, normally would get reminder text but have not charged my phone and it is out of credit plus struggling to locate the phone. (not necessarily a symptom of withdrawal the not charging or mislaying it).
My anxiety is increasing as I now am distressed that this new GP seemed to assume I was suicidal/self harm risk last week no matter how much I reassured her. Fear if I can not get the time of appointment the police will be called to do a welfare check. (do not get me wrong I believe that this is a very important community job the police do undertake. (though if we had enough specialised mental health qualified nurses and community teams working 24/7 it would be not the polices job but the community nurses to do welfare checks on mental health clients. Calling for police support if felt/deemed necessary there I go again..seems like today is off on adventures not planed day.

Withdrawal symptoms I have been more aching in my joints. (something I rarely deal with so fortunate)
Oh and medications I am on . The only scripted medication I have been on is my Desvenalaxine. I have got medication that requires a script for nausea as I have had issues with severe vertigo and labyrynthitis. I take paracetamol and ibuprofen mainly for pain, yet for me two of each gets me to sleep when I struggle to turn of the thoughts, and ruminations in my head some nights.
I take 5000u of vitamind D meant to be every day. I succeed most days. Even on this does my test returned last week I was on the very lowest level of vitamin D in my body and I had been walking and sitting in sunshine. (Australians due to the great success of melanoma warnings and advertising to slip slop slap where a hat and tshirt , no hat no play in schools has seen most of us low in vitamin d) my level is absurd and no one can explain it.
I will also take a multi vitamin tablet when I am not eating well. I also at times have to have iron boosts. (even though I do eat meat,liver, green leafy and other iron rich products along with nuts.

So off to look for the card for my appointment and hopefully find my phone too. Not even 9am .

I did find my phone, and found the time of my GP appointment. 11:15 so plenty of time. I decided as it was to be another hot day, the dogs and I would go into Cygnet and have a walk, I would have some brunch go to the GP and then get a few things I needed.

The dogs and I enjoyed our walk, I find that gentle exercise and getting out doors is beneficial for me during withdrawal. Thankful the lightheadedness is no where near as often or bad. Nausea is also lessening a lot which is great. What is not so good is the increase in triggers. My responses are out there. I can not seem to stop as explained yesterday.

I am so relieved that today I have not been triggered at all. I have not been angry, or short fused so thankful. I do not like who I am when this happens.

My visit with my GP was excellent today. She was great and had obviously read my notes. I have been anxious that she is not permanent. When you have a mental illness as anyone knows who has one, every time you have to go through your story, it brings up its own issues. For me today I just talked, and shared, for ages. My appointment went for almost an hour. (where do you get that kind of care)? I am so thankful for this and her generosity. I hope who ever was waiting understood. It is often the way in smaller towns the GPs work.
I was very teary and actually needed to stop the appointment as I was overwhelmed. I had to leave. Yet all in all I felt a real connection with her(otherwise I would not have shared so much).

After the GPs, I had to go to the Hardware shop, our privately owned independent (IGA) supermarket. It was so hot the dogs were panting. I had intended to take them for a swim, life took a different direction. One of my neighbours messaged to say that they had two stray dogs in their paddock. (they are not dog people), It was hot and dry , I walked with my painful toe through a paddock with liver and kangaroo tails, watching the dogs, and looking out for snakes, thumping down my feet as hard as I could. Poor dogs were so hot and tired one was coming towards me the wind changed and the smell of the liver had begun to reach them. However the owner turned up down a few paddocks a way, and the dogs took off away. I got to meet the owner, and we walked and called for them up the hill. (Yes my broken toe is throbbing).
I went off to let neighbours around the area they were that dogs were around and were lost but friendly.
I got home about 6pm to find the dogs had returned home 40 mins ago. Must take phone with me next
So thankful they are safe and home.
My withdrawal of Desvenalfaxine seems so far so different to many others. The negative withdrawal side effects are outweighed by the positives return of what I recall feelign before my breakdown and going on this medication (which I am so thankful to have found worked for me).

It is still apparently still early in the withdrawal process.
The fact I have not tapered of and went cold turkey (again due to unforeseen circumstances), seems according to all the information I have been reading I should be having far greater symptoms. As I said it is early days.

so thankful for having a great day, for connecting to my new GP and discovering that she is permanent. YEAH.
Happy to answer any questions you might want to ask.

blessings to You, Tazzie

Pristiq (Desvenalfaxine) withdrawal P3

Warning please seek medical support prior to going off any mental health medication. Withdrawal from medication/s is a very individual experience and my experience is mine alone. I do not encourage anyone from stopping any mental health medication without support of your GP, Psychiatrist and Psychologist. I worked as a mental health qualified Registered Nurse RPN and RN I did not mean to do my cessation like this this it was very much situational.

Day 11. I had to go out into the real world today and tend to some important things I had been putting off. My car was booked in to have all new tyres, balance and alignment. for 11:15 Along with this I was hopeful that in the larger town near me Huonville where the tyres were being done that the Animal Tuckerbox one of the animal feed and animal supplies (not really farm but small holdings and pets suppliers) would have frozen dog meat and the RAW roll of dog prepared meat frozen as well. My dogs love it and I have it in my freezer along with the other frozen raw meats for them. The price of this RAW diet (mixed with vegies fruit and other items no grains but I add some oats or wheat to it). The 2kg roll provides 3 meals for my dogs which gives me great value AUS $12.99, USA $ 9.38 Euro 8.29 and British pound 6.90 so makes it very good quality food that I do not have to prepare. That I know my dogs love and they are so great on it.
I had slept really well on the pain medication for my toe I broke yesterday, and woke up in good spirits knowing I had planed the time I was to be away from home and get several things done.
Busby and I went outside to feed the chooks, and fill all the water containers for chooks birds wallabies echidna, and all the lizards and my local snake (if required ) along with ensuring bees and wasps also had access to water.

Busby had been with me, I moved to a different location out of sight of him, and he came across one of the hens…bugger! He would not come he would not stop chasing her, she was under the house he was under the house. I was doing all I could to not get angry. I knew time was rapidly passing and I would have to leave soon, and bloody Busby ignored me. Eventually he took off up the road! Noooo I got in the car and made him get home and I am not proud of this but I hit him with a stick three time on his rump. I did not even regret it or feel upset at the time for resorting to hitting him. (he has been hit twice in his almost 6years of life sharing this so you understand I do not hit my dogs when they are naughty. I looked at the time and had to leave. I took Treacle with me leaving Busby at home (inside with cool water and comfy bed a fan going so he was fine). Treacle and I left she was so distressed at my anger. She had been shaking. I patted her and told her she was not in trouble she was a good girl. So it was to be Miss Treacle and I two gals out on the town in HUonville.
First stop Animal Tucker Box:
I put my mask on (here in Tasmania we are required to wear a mask if indoors in shops only can have it off if eating drinking.
Walked into the shop and they had 6 rolls in the freezer not having had any for almost two months. I was down to the last two in the freezer. (The shortages are down to staffing levels due to Covid contacts, issues pertaining to hunting licenses for wild hunters, and problems with diesel for trucks and transportation supply issues. I was paying for the rolls and going to pick them up after my tyres were done. Well this went well and I was feeling very happy. I was paying for my items and a couple came into the store, neither wearing masks. I just mentioned to them that they were meant to be wearing masks inside the store. He made some smart ass comment, and I well all I can say is I could have been described a Karen. Yep triggered.. why why why! I knew with my withdrawal happening there was so much unknown on this outing. I just could not stop but he could not either. I apologised to the staff. I left but even then found there car and oh I really wanted to scratch it or cut their tyre. WHERE the FUCK is that shit coming from? Seriously Tazzie I did end up writing in the dust on their rear wiindow back to front(cause I can write that way so clever) I am a huge dick! so when He looked in the mirror to reverse he would see it. I guess I sort of vandalised his car. butt… arrrrgh…

So I have been in Huonville for all of 10minutes and that happened. My poor Miss Treacle who is sort of my good conscious was trembling. She would have heard my loud angry voice in the shop. I may quite rightly be on a Karen video. I can laugh about it now. I tried to shut up in the store and breathe but nope.

Calmed myself and my gorgeous dog down and we headed to the tyre shop. Parked the car went into see them and well I had given them the wrong tyre information. oh heck. Here I was calm and no trigger. I was highly anxious for screwing up their orders. I imagined we would have to reschedule. thankfully the owner had 3 tyres to fit, and my spare was great. I just have to call in next week when the 4th tyre will be there. all Great.

Left the car for the required hour and half as needed a alignment and balance and they were as usual so busy. Went to a great local cafe DS and one of my friends was there with her gorgeous rescue greyhound and two other human friends. I ordered lunch and milkshake realised I had not had any food this morning not even a few nuts which is a normal first thing. This would not have helped the previous situation hangry is a very real thing for me. I was able to sit and eat with these lovely interesting women. Angels were making sure I was OK. It helped so much food and frienship.

They left and I read the local paper, sitting in the shade on a glorious summer day. Blue sky and hot. My vehicle was ready at 12.30 so Miss Treacle and I went and picked it up. I thought I had transferred enough money over to my cash account so I could pay for the work. Alas an alack insufficient fund. (bugger). fortunately my bank is just across the road so I was able to sort that out very quickly. No issues apart from embarrassment at how dipsy I must seem to the owner of the place. I lost track of the number of apologies.
Interestingly as hot a day as it was I was quite cold when sitting eating my hot meal. So my body thermostat is still all over the place.
I have not had much in the way of dizzyness/vertigo. But I have not walked far. As it is too painful on my broken toe. I have had vaugeness and blankness certainly is present at times.
I was very happy to achieve the rest of my day with no more triggers. I am deeply concerned that this will be an ongoing issue. I did go on Facebook yesterday and posted a thankyou to the water cartage companies who have been working overtime providing water to those on tanks who have run out. Seems my post and mentioning the folk complaining about the chlorine in the water the cartage companies are deliverying(it is town water so both chlorine and fluoride present. Someone even complained about dust getting into their drinking water from the dirt road they live. (we have had no rain or insignificant rain since December. Not sure what people expect. Even got told off for whinging…I was thanking hard working people who had been out delivering water to folk in need after midnight.. my response to that person was show a lot more about you than me. SO no more FACEBOOK…lol
Blogging about my experience helps. Other symptoms I am having is not being super hungry. (heat could also be part of that) though my home is cool. Feeling very tired (trigger situations always feel that way post), also very hot, also in pain, pain relief may make me tired.
LAst night I was cold even with a down doona on and it was not a cold night.

My thoughts are racing and all over the place and I seem to want to shop a lot. (I normally hate shopping). I also need to replace my rear brakes, and so now am looking at how to videos not sure if I am delusional in feeling I could do it and save a lot of money. I do see my new GP for the second time tomorrow, so I am being supported in my withdrawal in a manner. I am pondering if I should just stay at home to avoid triggers, and then realise that Busby and the chooks have been a BIG trigger the last two days OMG, I know it will get better I know these are symptoms of withdrawal. Not knowing where the finite experience of withdrawal is. Reading a lot of personal experiences but so unique to each person, and whether sudden stop like me or tapered off, what other issues/mental health illnesses/ previous drug/alcohol use withdrawal, all seem to impact coming off Pristiq Desvenalfaxine.

I did clear out my boot of my car today so that is a big plus, though every thing is now sitting on a chair I am throwing away as no one wants it outside in the drive. I will deal with that tomorrow.
I am so exhausted and disappointed that I was triggered and it went so badly.

I am very much on the positives side of coming off this medication for me. It was brilliant and I am so thankful I was put on it as it got me through and I am still alive and extremely happy to wake up each morning. Thankful to be aware of what is/has triggered me and even when it is negative I have insight and understanding along with tools to manage and move through and hopefuly minimise my responses to being triggered. I know anxiety was huge and when all my plans went belly up, because of Busbys antics. I know I am much more susceptible to being triggered when I am overwhelmed and frought. As I was this morning before leaving home.
As bad as the morning went. The positives weigh out the negatives. I did not just flee home, and hide ashamed and mortified. I continued on with what I planned and the day grew into a pleasant one. I read a beautiful post by a lovely lady Rhapsody Boheme I connected very much too. I am hopeful that it is huge changes for me and new directions.

I am thankful to both my dogs, to my chooks even if they are hiding all their eggs. I am thankful to others whose writings and personal blogs encourage, help and support in so many ways. I am thankful I am doing well on withdrawing from the medication cold turkey.

blessing to You, Tazzie.

Withdrawal from Desvenalfaxine continues. P2

Warning please seek medical support prior to going off any mental health medication. Withdrawal from medication/s is a very individual experience and my experience is mine alone. I do not encourage anyone from stopping any mental health medication without support of your GP, Psychiatrist and Psychologist. I worked as a mental health qualified Registered Nurse RPN and RN I did not mean to do my cessation like this this it was very much situational.

Day 10: Wow am I all over the place today.
I broke my toe about 9am yes definitely broken, its taped to my other toe and hurts like hell and if i move it wrongly I feel ill. Did not cry when I did it yelled and screamed for bit.
for any new readers I have CPTSD and am a hoarder. I am hoping to be able to say recovering hoarder as I have spent several hours today cleaning and throwing things out. I have wooden floor visable for the first time in a few years in my living space. I also found two places where mice were making nests. Foiled them nests gone. I am proud of myself as it was done with no effort, no planning. I just wanted to do it. I have been wanting to begin for months and had been saying so to my psychologist and my previous GP (the one who was 140km round trip away who told me I lacked motivation). I tried to explain to her I did not lack motivation. I was not able to do this!
As I do this I am struggling still to get rid of items. Yet I am proud of myself that I have thrown away quite a few items that I have held on too or that were damaged. I am noting I am getting better at the concept if its been on the floor and I have been walking on it or stacked stored in a pile of stuff for several years and I have not used it. Why keep it.
I have been spending money on things I have wanted to do creative activities with. I have wanted to get these things for so long and well yesterday I just did it. I felt joy.
I am eating fairly healthy.
I went out last night for a wine evening and lovely dinner. It was brilliant and I enjoyed being with my friend and being with 30 others but was very happy to return home after 2 1.2 hours a great meal and wonderful wine (tasted 14different wines from sparkling whites roses to reds. Ended with a small tequilla. (i love tequllia). I am not a big wine drinker or actually alcohol drinker at all and this is a monthly evening I have been a member of for several years. (my one real social event ).

I washed a load of clothes hung them out in the beautiful sunshine and bought them in.

I left my two dogs outside for a bit too long unsupervised thinking the chooks would have gone to bed. Sadly I heard chickens screeching, and as fast as I could hobble I went outside realising what was on. In the past I got so angry at Busby. I was annoyed, because he would not stop chasing this one hen. (he gets fixated and it is impossible almost to break his fixation) once I knew the hen was safe got him to hear me and go inside. I was not anywhere near as angry as I have been in the past at him. It was my fault I left him outside too long. My error.

I am teary, right now. Have just questioned the meaning of friendship to those who are my friends on facebook, since not one person I have as a friend and I only have people I really know and have known for several years as friends. As I had not been on Facebook for 10 weeks. So questioning the whole friend thing. Not really sure what I am expecting. Not sure why I wrote on Facebook bizzare.

I have no real idea how much longer withdrawal is going to take perhaps several weeks more. I have to see my new GP on Thursday. She seemed to have the idea I may have been wanting to self -harm. I kept saying this is the furthest away from my situation. I am so glad to wake up everyday, I am content in my discontent. I have asked my psychologist who was sending information to the new GP to please somehow ensure she is aware that I am not in anyway considering self harm or suicide.

I guess I am on a weird roller coaster of unkowns right now. Withdrawal off this medication symptoms are all over the place. I remain light headed and dizzy at times; even lying down go figure. I have nauseous feelings less but still there as is the body temperature fluctuations. Sleep once I get to sleep is heavy and the last two nights nightmare free. The anger I was experiencing earlier is not so pronounced. Though it would not surprise me if it flared out in a trigger situation.
I am very aware that I seem to be a bit all over the place in my writing tonight and my mind is certainly running fast. Is it a withdrawal symptom to feel almost a bit manic? My mind is racing and my thoughts are a bit all over. I feel like I want to just keep getting on with de-hoarding, so full of energy inside. Yet at the same time a sense of weariness. I am now beginning to worry that all of a sudden I will stop sorting my house… that thought distresses me. My toe is beginning to throb, so pain relief tablet due and bed I feel.

I am so thankful to be getting my house a bit better. I am thankful my chook is physically unharmed.
blessing to You, Tazzie

My Lived experience of sudden withdrawal of Desvenalfaxine. (Pristiq)

Warning please seek medical support prior to going off any mental health medication. Withdrawal from medication/s is a very individual experience and my experience is mine alone. I do not encourage anyone from stopping any mental health medication without support of your GP, Psychiatrist and Psychologist. I worked as a mental health qualifed Registered NurseRPN and RN I did not mean to do my cessation like this this it was very much situational.

I have been on my current antidepressant for four plus years. I am so incredibly happy to be on them even with the weeks it took for them to ‘stabilise’ in my body. The lethargy overwhelming inability to function or think. Often during this period which seemed at times to be a living hell, my whole desire was to stop taking the medication. In those moments my supportive GP and wonderful Psychologist would encourage me and remind me how bad and unwell I have been, seriously unwell.
Eventually after about a month I began to feel a big improvement in my mood, and attitude mental well being. It kept improving and I was so happy to be feeling and thinking and being far more active and functional than I had in quite a few years. I always would say I would be OK if I had to stay on them for the rest of my life as the difference they had made (along with ongoing work with my psychologist let me add who I continued and continue to see the same one for years now).

For the last four months, maybe a bit longer I have been questioning myself as to if my medication was now becoming a problem, I was not able to complete anything, I was not wanting to be in my garden(one of my pleasures) and quite a few other things that are really hard to put into words.

I was finding it harder and harder to begin let alone finish things. It was not as a GP I have now stopped seeing said I was lacking motivation. How can I be lacking motivation when I can make an appointment drive a 140km round trip to her office, to discuss my concerns with her. I requested a referral to the psychiatrists and she was not supportive of this. I wanted to scream at her. Instead I left her office and never returned. I found that a GP practice in the town near me was taking new patients so relieved I joined this practice.
It is bloody hard to begin again and to have to attempt to explain everything in a 15-20minute phone appointment. (it was frustrating as the new GP was still practicing in Queesland winding up as the family were moving here permanently). Sadly I had four to five phone meetings and had not actually physically met this GP until two weeks ago. It is really hard when you just do not feel a connection to the person. Last week I went in to my second face to face appointment and some blood tests were to be done, and a psychiatrist referral.
I was perplexed when I noticed that all my notes were just on small pieces of paper, rather than a folder or on the computer. (this is all the phone appointments). I made an appointment to have my blood test done in four days. When I went in (one test was a fasting blood so no food until it was taken), there was No pathology form. Fortunately the practice has a pathology RN, and she kindly took the bloods and I was happy to sign the form and have the GP fill it in. I was also happy to return if this was not OK and do the bloods again.

That same day about five days ago I had to pick up my next months script of my antidepressant. This done I continued on to have food take my dogs for a walk and catch up with some friends and then do my grocery shop.

On arrival at home I could not find the tablets, I turned my handbag inside out, it was too late to phone any of the places I had been to see if they were there. I thought I could take the one smaller dose tablet the next morning(I had one tablet left of that half dose). OF course this was happening on a weekend. My thoughts as I panicked and looked everywhere in the house I had been. I went through my bag the whole car. No package of tablets! I contacted a few places open that Saturday morning to see if they had found them. No sorry. Sigh oh well I will miss one full day and only have a half dose in my system, that will be OK.
I would ring the Chemist on Monday and see if they would give me the script again. I discover it is a long weekend public holiday Monday! Chemist not open. Doctors not open arrrgh..

Tuesday morning I phone the Chemist but they will NOT give me the script again. they can not apparently I had feared this as previously I had attempted to get my script filled one day earlier than it was due, and they would not let me get the script filled. I called the doctors practice my GP is not in until Thursday, and I have an appointment to see her then. I got off the phone and was flummoxed. I kind feel I was already having withdrawal symptoms it was now three full days without any of my antidepressant.

What to do. I had slept really badly the night before, I was feeling horrendously nauseous, and burping. Light headed and achy. I was labile and very easy to snap. It was very frightening. I laid in bed and cried.

Wednesday another really bad night i am not sure if I slept much or if I was having erratic dreams, I tossed and turned. The dizzyness when I got up from bed to go to the bathroom was so bad I almost fell. My nausea was so bad I really thought I was going to be sick. I ached so much and my head hurt. It was so so hard. I was now running on very few hours sleep.

Feelings and anger of the past were in the forefront of my thinking. My dreams/nightmares were are so real and bizzare. I have these sharp nerve stabs feelings in my arm and legs, just one here and there strong enough they wake me up.

I have never withdrawn from anything in my life before. I was talking with my neighbour this morning after he asked me if I was OK as I looked bad. He said sounds pretty part of the process of withdrawal. Of course of course I am withdrawing from my antidepressant. My decision was taken out of my control.

I had a call from my GPs practice. My face to face appointment was going to be a phone call. I had enough I am surprised how gentle and pleasant apologetic I was to the lovely women on the other end of the phone when I went on to explain how I was not very happy with this GP. That I felt I was not connecting with her. I went on to explain why. I was so shocked when the woman on the phone said that I could have an appointment tomorrow face to face with another GP who was interested in Mental Health and only been at the practice a couple of months. I said oh yes please and thankyou . I kept apologising and I was reassured that she understood how important it is for anyone to feel connected to their GP especially when dealing with mental health. I think I cried.

So it is almost a week since I had a half dose of my antidepressant. I guess the decision to go off them has occurred. Kismet is at work, I have an appointment with my psychologist tomorrow and a new GP..again. I am grateful for that. I hope my nausea and light headedness stops soon. Interestingly enough my head feels clearer, which is bizarre as lack of sleep usually makes me feel as if my head is full of marshmallows. I feel a bit as if my mind is on a fast speed, but not in a rumination sort of way. It is really difficult to explain. For me it is a bit like the nerves of a final examination situation where you have to write an essay in response to a question. My head is full of things but I am struggling to decipher what it means and where it fits in the exam question and my answer to this. The sort of rough draft that you scribble rapidly and then edit and re-edit to reach the final answer in essay form to the question. Only I am not really able to get to the final answer. Each new re-edit brings in new ideas which take me down tangents and into different ways to respond to the original question.
This is very tiring not at all overwhelming strangely. I become exhausted and have to work at stopping the search for what ever answer I think there is to be discovered. Yet once rested whether I actually nap or just switch off and lay down, my mind is quite and I feel OK recharged almost be it with a short battery life.
The jabs in my body like very sharp needles pricks deep down in the areas of my legs and arms, no head zaps for me. Are infrequent but a daily occurrence.

I have now cold turkey been off my medication 100mg dose for 8 days. I am sleeping heavily once asleep but waking after only 6 hours or so. Interesting I am feeling awake and not dopey as I have been in recent months whilst on my medication. On the medication my sleep eventually was regular and generally 8-10 hours depending on factors. I would have periods (usually weirdly around the full moon) where I would stay up late and then sleep for ages. I was finding in the months before ceasing abruptly my medication I was very erratic in my sleep late nights /early mornings and waking feeling blah, actually most mornings I woke feeling very heavy. I was not depressed I was just not able to function as I wanted to do want I wanted and at times needed to do.
I was watching a lot of TV and playing games online. Yes addiction of games was becoming part of the problem even when I knew what was happening it was all I seemed to be capable and interested in. I discussed with my psychologist how I really was wanting to change some things and I would try, start and just not be able to get far. I really had enough of this situation and feeling like this sloth. ( I do love sloths mind you). So the beginning down the rabbit hole at least as a rural (remote rural) Australian to a psychiatrist began. I was fortunate to have access to Psych 2 U which is a private company that sees rural folk and rural regional folk via zoom and health care card holders are able to see the person for free. My experience with this organisation has not well been favourable in the majority of it. You have no choice which psychiatrist sees you and when like my first one totally had his own agenda of research and insinuated I was lying about wanting to take the ADHD medication he had given me as I could not get it filled in my council area at any of the chemists! He ended our appointments implying to my GP I had..that is a whole other ball game. I have discussed in the past here.

How is my withdrawal going on day 8? This morning I woke up after a great night sleep more like my ‘pre breakdown ‘ sleep. I sat out on my deck enjoying the bird song having a coffee. I fed my chooks, (eight chicks at present two roosters and five hens) one hen is missing I see her spasmodically; so she is about. I fear I will have more chicks suddenly appear. Fed them and returned to my deck and a second coffee reading a book I had been wanting too. I have not read a book in several months.

I took my dogs for a walk, picked some blackberries chatted with my neighbour and his daughter. Then came back to my deck and had my breakfast/brunch. Came inside as the biting flies and March flies(horse flies sort of beasts) were out and loving me!. I was reading my book and my dogs took off and barked in the paddock, my other neighbours were outside. So we chatted for quite a while in the sunshine. On coming back inside, I put on my roast I was having later, with enough veggies for salad and omelette or soup later in the week or even just in a toastie.
It was after 2pm before I opened my computer and I have no interest in the games I normally would have opened up. Instead I am here writing. (which is interesting as I find writing here is helpful for me, I share as if anyone gets anything that may help he or she know they are not alone, and that living with CPTSD PTSD any mental health illness is shit at times and others out there get it. You are not alone and people care. Is why I enjoy writing my true honest life and not some fantasy.

Today day 8 my head is clearer, I am a bit manic and have spent a little money (get behind me Amazon/Wish/Auction places.) I notice when I am talking to friends neighbours people who know me not just anyone right now I am sharing that I am withdrawing off my medication, that I am speaking fast and struggling to find right words at times, or finish what I was actually saying.. yep manic is apt descriptive. I let them know please say bye if you want as this is withdrawal symptom. I am totally aware of this particular issue, and how it impacts others so am very direct, so they have can go. LOL.

I continue to be light headed at the weirdest times (not when bending down or going from a sitting to standing position) I can be walking the dogs and just have to sit down. I am not walking much or any distance at present. I am not hungry but am enjoying cooking and when I smell the food cooking enjoy it. I am wanting to eat better and am making delicious meals for myself. Healthy(ish) only eating for many would be a small amount. I may pick at food over the day rather than eat a big meal, and when I do eat a meal, it is not alot.

I am incredibly teary at times (Labile) for no apparent reason. I am less angry now, but in saying that I am so angry at my abusers and those who neglected me in my childhood, I have never been previously able to say this before. I grew up with it being seen as a very negative emotion and you should never feel angry towards anyone. But hell I feel so angry. It is for me a positive emotion and now I am expressing it what a feeling a very good feeling. Anger is an emotion and just important as love, sadness happiness. Being older now and seeing where and by whom I was told about anger being a bad thing, the very people who were hurting me, abusing me, neglecting me are those who did not want me to be angry. Well people I am fucking angry at your betrayal, your abuse neglect and never will it be held within my spirit to make me unwell again! There is a strength in anger. Time to stop saying we do not have a right to feel anger. Be angry, what I need to do is not take my anger out on anyone or any thing else. I found myself angry at procedure of my internet provider, I was getting furious with my dog licking, anger directed inappropriately. Now I am not angry at them today, as I have been in the last week and often over the years. I am appropriately angry and aim it towards those who made me into something/someone I was never meant to be. Now at a mature age, I am letting the anger out and becoming who I am with no feelings hidden or labelled good or bad.

The nausea is improving, I do get it very occasionally now and generally it is a lot of burps with it. I can concentrate for longer periods but get tired very. (I am weary now ) I am attempting to finish this to post it today. I come over at times as if I am going to just now and I was sitting down and now the nausea is present. I just want to close my eyes and rest. To be continued…

blessings to You, Tazzie

I never want to pretend!

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. CPTSD I am attempting to post as I know it helps me when I am struggling. I had a major trigger event since my last post, for me my general reaction is to withdraw, and isolate. Which is what I have done. I cancelled an appointment with my Psychologist a few weeks ago, and the one this week I did not want to do. I did push myself and made the meeting via internet. It was during this that I shared the afore mentioned fact to her and she stated that she knew this and it concerned her. We went on talking and I found myself having somatic reactions and I had to end the meeting. I had to flee.

This has not happened for such a long time a very long time, and now she has sent messages to see how I am. I am not able to read them at least today. Even writing that here I feel nauseous, my mouth is dry.
I am even struggling to keep an appointment with my new GP for blood work. I have made another to have the bloods taken for tomorrow. Perhaps by writing that here it will help me and I plan to have breakfast out so that I am in town early enough and no excuse to miss it. I have spoken to my new GP on the phone only and have an appointment with her early December which is this week arrgh! Well actually mine is next week. It is so darn hard to go through everything again, and to hopefully connect with the new GP. This is all the reality of anxiety of CPTSD.

I have not been able to stop eating highly processed food sweet mostly but just outlandish amounts. Also seems to be a pretty typical for me when triggered.

As bad as I feel and am going life is not horrendous, the reason is I have insight. I am very aware of what is happening, and can accept them not as I have written before not beat myself up about them. I tried doing a pilates class but that to went by the wayside. It is really not about not being motivated when you have CPTSD it is at least for me not punishing myself when I am experiencing a serious trigger reaction, not letting myself keep on consoling myself with the foods as a self comfort tool, knowing to stop it. Accept that it has happened and work on getting back to my healthier eating. My list that makes me live and cope better has/had gone completely out of the window. It is not too late to remind myself of how much better everything is when I follow my list.

I feel so safe and secure in my home and on my little acre. The sun has been out and the beautiful late Spring days have been dry. I have managed to plant some seedlings my tomatoes have finally gone in as have some others.
I will go to bed before 9:30 and read for a while, I will shower every second day. This is not my fall list but for now it is achievable and what I have begun to understand for my own mental and physical well being is to do what I know I can achieve.

There is hope for everyone of us who have CPTSD, PTSD who have depression and anxiety, we can support and just know we are never alone there are other people who really do know what it is like. Finding those people who support and understand is great help. For me sharing my own life as it really is, disjointed with beauty and days out along with the parts that are not so pretty or lovely is the reality of my life.

Blessings to You. Tazzie

Simple things

One of the ways I can tell when I may not be doing as well as I have been in regard to my mental illness CPTSD is how I become more sensitive and fixated on one particular aspect in a day. Usually to do with an issue I am struggling with or of that wonderful and terrible thing called Facebook. The beauty of where I am today is that I can pick up the signs pretty early on that this is happening. I will then be able to redirect my focus firstly by acknowledging what is happening, then finding something I enjoy. So as this was happening recently and strangely I had been doing a lot of positive things for my mental health it still creeps up on me.

The weather in Spring in Tasmania can be challenging. We have had the wettest Spring for 50 years. Last week we had a couple of days of 23dC(73df) then the temperature dropped to 7dc(44.6dF) wet and windy. I was warm at home with my wood fire going. A lovely cosy day. I spent to much time on the computer though. So when I woke up the next morning I decided to head into Cygnet for brunch. My battery of the car was flat, (somehow my internal light was left on) I have a charger, and started it up. The dogs and I went in spent time with friends ate, and then I went for a drive to recharge my battery fully.

It was a lovely afternoon.

You could be mistaken for believing that the photo below is from the Swiss Alps; it is Hartz Mountains in Southern Tasmania taken on the 30/10/21 Springtime. Yes I did feel an urge to sing The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music.

A drive through Pelverata is quite beautiful

Battery fully charged, having had a couple of walks with the dogs through the bush. We were all content and I was certainly in a much better place. I may find being with people draining at times, it had been delightful to spend time in the morning with friends. Then to switch off my brains fixation status, and recharge by being out in the world of nature. Smelling the forest and fresh air, hearing the water in the full rivers and even the wee waterfalls at the side of the road created by the heavy and consitent rain we continue to have. I am so blessed by Godess to live where I do. To be able to get in my car and see such beauty.

Life in Tasmania can be challenging for those who first move her. No season is totally what it should be. You carry in your car layers just in case. As the population changes and house prices go though the roof where I live I do fear for so much of our areas as people subdivide land and farmland for the ever growing numbers of people who desire all that I am privileged to have. Yet at the same time excluding our younger generations who are struggling to even afford the rents if they can actually find a rental.

Oops I am off on a tangent Again I am thankful that I am so fortunate and I am especially fortunate to know it, and to feel I am rich beyond belief. (not in a monetary sense.

my hope is You will be content in your lives and if you are struggling reach out. It can be hard, but learning to manage our illnesses emotions reactions is freeing and empowering.

blessings to You, Tazzie.

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