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Week 2 Ends Withdrawal Off Pristiq Desvenalfaxine. P6

Warning please seek medical support prior to going off any mental health medication. Withdrawal from medication/s is a very individual experience and my experience is mine alone. I do not encourage anyone from stopping any mental health medication without support of your GP, Psychiatrist and Psychologist. I worked as a mental health qualified Registered Nurse RPN and RN I did not mean to do my cessation like this this it was very much situational.
After a wonderful sleep (having not slept for over 40 hours) I slept deeply and long. I woke feeling much better today in having slept. Though it is now almost midnight and here I sit not feeling tired.

I visited a neighbour (our dogs are the best mates they have a bromance). Miss Treacle is enamoured with my friends husband, and he is besotted with her. It is a true love. My friend says she wishes he would look into her eyes as often as he does Miss Treacles. (she is joking).

Other than that it was a quiet day just tending the chooks, attempting to work out how many of my current chicks; 8 in total might be roosters. Wondering where the eggs my three other girls are laying. Is the missing black hen hatching out more chicks. Or has she fallen to an eagle. Sigh.

We have had no rain here since in months. So I watered the tomatoes, which are finally beginning to ripen, and some plants in the veggie garden. I did not put much in the veggie area this Spring/Summer.
I picked my first zucchini of a deck pot. I am feeding the wild life. Ensuring they and all the insects birds and reptiles have water they can reach.

I am quite fixated on my creative planning. Eager for the things I have ordered to arrive.
I played with my dogs this afternoon, they had been tired after their run and play this morning, but both enjoyed the playtime with Mama.
My body thermostat is still out of whack. It is frustrating and I hope it will improve in the next week. Similar the sleep issue.
I am not really eating more snacking and not massive amounts. In fact I did not actually eat anything until after 3pm today I was just not hungry. I cooked up some meat that would have begun to turn if I hadn’t. I am also slow cooking a stew which I will package up to freeze, as I have the other meat which is chicken so great cold.

Not a lot to say tonight.

May your weekend be safe, and blessings to You. Tazzie.

6 thoughts on “Week 2 Ends Withdrawal Off Pristiq Desvenalfaxine. P6

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    1. we have had a fine drizzle overnight so that is a positive for us. I have been watching videos and news of the situaton up north. I have friends who have lived in Lismore region for ever (third generation) they are totally cut off and fortunately have room up higher for their cattle (feeding them at present) Their home and infrastructure is all OK but the road along their lands boundary/ they own land on both sides on river side has huge volume of water over it more than the 70s big flood. May you keep safe and those you love and know too.

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      1. Thank you Tazzie, I’m thankfully on the mid north coast below Port Macquarie and we’ve only had a few inches rather than the 1 metre plus that Lismore and Brisbane area has received. Its crazy stuff, it is the third time they have been flooded out in 3 years…and they were each only supposed to be a 1 in a 100 year flood. My heart does go out to them ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

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      2. I feel for all those impacted and some of these folk have been impacted by fires too. The volume of rain and those land slips very scary and tragic. I can imagine how scary it is. Though my family have been through floods, and helping with my grandparents post floods in Forbes. those are not generally scary floods, you tend to have many days notice they are coming so can prepare, and again they are generally slow moving

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