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Lil Bo Weep another who fought to keep her spark alive!

Another young Australian life whose spark has now been extinguished died on the 5th March this year Winona Brooks better known as YouTube Rapper star Lil Bo Weep died at only 22 her last video on tiktok, shows a very sad Mamma. Who almost on the anniversary of her babies death lost her own battle “This weekend we lost the fight for my daughter’s life against depression, trauma, PTSD, and drug addiction that we have been fighting since we got her back from America through emergency repatriation DFAT but broken.
Announcing the news on his Facebook account, her father Matthew Schofield said: ’02/01/2000 to 05/03/2022.

You can look for the video yourself. For me as a blogger about my own journey with mental illness CPTSD, the loss of such a beautiful creative woman who was clearly loved by her family, who did all they could to care love and support her is a horrendous tragedy!

The damage that is being done to those with mental health issues who live in remote rural areas of Australia, and I can only talk in regard to my own personal experience I was on unemployment benfits which were back then a year ago, was just $500 a fortnight since covid it has gone up. I now am on Nationally disability services receiving roughly $900. I want to have an assessment by a psychiatrist for ADHD.

Single, no children$629.50
Single, with a dependent child or children$676.80
Single, 60 or older, after 9 continuous months on payment$676.80
Single principal carer granted an exemption from mutual obligation requirements for any of the following: foster caring non-parent relative caring under a court order home schooling distance education large family.$862.10

The cost used to be by the only available telehealth service that provide psychiatric and psychology in my area as there is a sever shortage of both in Tasmania and probably Australia wide. Psych 2 U bulked billed those of us on Health Care Cards. Students, Unemployment, Disability , pension and not sure if Vetrans are included. My Gp made a referral for the organisation originally I was advised by Psych 2 U that I would have to pay on invoice $200, today 15/03/2022 I was contacted by Pscyh2 U to be informed that because of the sort of appointment I was seeking I would have to pay $600 up front. Fortuantely my appointment (which the GP referral went in back in February 11th approx. ) will be in mid May 2022! Better than I anticipated. I at least can save for it hopefully. Having just used all my savings for new brakes, and four new tyres, I will be watching every cent. I have rates, house insurance coming along too. I can afford it I am thankful and lucky. How many others could find that sort of money up front. Sure a rebate is there I think I would get back a bit over $140 not sure. I may not be well enough to follow up on the rebate. that is part of my illness. Dealing with paperwork/bureaucracy.
HOW IS ANYONE on it supposed to be able to pay upfront for this service be it for themselves or a child?
This is NOT the only issue at present with mental health as of 3 days ago!
Critical support for an increasing number of Australians with mental health conditions like anxiety and depression has stalled, as the states and federal government argue about the details of a multi-billion-dollar funding plan promised more than a year ago. 

The five-year national agreement was meant to be finalised last November but discussions have hit a roadblock, with some states accusing the Commonwealth of shirking its responsibilities by failing to properly fund the deal. 

The spat means hundreds of millions of dollars in funding is not flowing, with federal officials revealing in parliament last year $770 million had been tied up in protracted negotiations between governments.

not sure what is happening with this.

Additional $20 million for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Research

The Australian Government is providing more than $20 million additional funding for research to improve mental health care and reduce suicide rates in Australia.

Portrait of Greg Hunt

The Hon Greg Hunt MP
Minister for Health and Aged Care

Date published: 

25 May 2020
Nor what happened with this money!

and now this

So there is help as there should be for those people impacted by the massive floods. Many of who are rural communities, and some remote rural.

Health Minister Greg Hunt says the focus of support will be for children through the national youth mental health foundation Headspace.
this no longer is relevant but remains on this rural health site.

But there will also be support for adults via the primary health network in each area. DOES THIS FOOL NOT realise that many of those primary health networks have been impacted and potentially have no equipment, no offices suitable, no computers, phones… for only giving money for one youth organisation well that may not reach all communities!

This government has given so much money to Beyond Blue and Lifeline which when I have been suicidal in the wee small hours a long while ago now I was put on hold for too long. I ended up laughing about it. As It could have been enough to make a successful suicide. When I have held and spoken to someone, responses as my anxiety depressed loaded voice speaking ninety to the dozen not listened to by the ‘supposedly trained counsellor’ told to take a breath, slow down, breathe How would that work for YOU when you were in crisis guys?
Another one had no idea what living in a remote rural area was like. My car was stuffed and I was in a bad place… the response of this ‘counsellor ‘ who I had attempted to explain was get a taxi, or a bus!! Oh how I laughed.
When I attempted to get the $1000 interest free loan for low income earners ..I could not use it to purchase a car! When I spoke to the highest person I could in regard to this ridiculous situation I asked why. His response well we do not want you driving bombs. My response to him. Have you ever lived anywhere you did not have access to public transport ANY AT ALL! his comment what about taxis or uber?? I attempted to describe it would cost me $90 one way to get into my grocery shop. I was on at that time $250 a week! How does your organisation expect rural and remote rural people to get around if not for a bomb? My latest vehicle $1000 had it over two years going strong. Older model but brilliant! IDIOTS
Now back to impact on more young people with the inability to access any psychiatrists face to face now not even via do you think they are going to be coping MR HUNT? Having to have several hundred dollars to pay to see a psychiatrist or psychologist and then do all that is required afterwards when you might be severely depressed to get your rebate well that is unlikely to happen!
Most people with depression sever enough or being unwell enough to be seeing a psychiatrist are going to be generally not great at paperwork. No matter what is involved. NO IDEA THESE PEOPLE!

Now money being spent on our youth? fair enough but it almost seems to the detriment of the older population NOT FAIR EQUITABLE almost discrimination on age MR HUNT!

There will be people who will die or self harm in rural and remote rural areas because of this change to costs for health care card holders!
These deaths should be accountable to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF AUSTRALIA!

I feel for those who are not so fortunate as I am, so much. Knowing where I have been and only for the benefit of the continuous care of the same Psychologist over several years due to what she did for me and now being on disability support pension, I am able to continue seeing her as part of my plan. It is the only thing I need as I could not afford to pay her fees every three weeks. My thankfulness for this ongoing support has been a huge part of my moving through and learning strategies and management along with learning my triggers, and my somatic responses. I am thankful to now know I have this support regularly and do not have to fear it being discontinued unexpectedly. Continuation of care with specialist in mental health is in my mind when the person with the illness connects with the professional and vice versa. Something that is not generally acknowledged those of us on low incomes are forced so often to stop suddenly with no real reason seeing one professional and have to begin again with a new face. Very destructive particularly in the time when the person begins to move forward..

I am stopping here and voice my thoughts with all those who may be in despair please if you read this, you are worthy, you are not alone, you are important and you deserve to be heard and supported. I am happy to be living today. I am privileged to be able to share my personal story of my mental illness and how I live with its warts and all. There is hope.
blessings to You, Tazzie

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  1. They, the politicians, have absolutely no idea because all of their counselors are on hand in their work place AND they get it for free because it is a part of their workplace. And the sad part is they could afford it easily on their money. But those in rural areas haven’t got a hope because they are the exact opposite of the above, In fact what they should have is the ability to send someone out to those rural places so that it doesn’t impact further an already stressed situation, help them in the most comfortable of places, in their homes, and instead of increasing the problem help to heal by the intention of healing the person and not just a number in a postcode…which a lot become simply because the workload on many counselors is atrocious, making it difficult to create that intention. Those professions need a huge escalation in University or Tafe numbers, pay rates to keep them there and the tax breaks to allow them to cover those areas. I pray that someone is listening, after the floods up and down the east coast just now, there are going to be quite a few more requiring that help ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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