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Change is coming!

I feel so tied to the earth. I feel so different these days as a female to how I did just 10 years ago. For me living in a little remote rural area on a smallish (by Australian standards)island,the Australian Island state of Tasmania.

Like many around the world I sit and listen to news, see the pictures from Ukraine and hear the people who remain to fight of who can not leave. I hear those who have made it to safer countries. I listened to the interview from the Finish President share his great concerns. Thousands of Russian people have left via the Finish border and the concern for his country and people.
I have watched for several years before this war a couple of Russian You tubers, Just the same as me wanting to live their lives, a roof over their head, enough to eat and to live in peace enjoy their dog and family. These people will experience huge issues as sanctions impact. Yet I know that for so many Russians they will definitely suffer but they are resourceful and strong. I was in Russia back in 1998 when the Ruble crashed and banks closed overnight access to money gone. Yet the Russian people were generous to me a traveler. I also visited Kyiv and some rural villages. Here too when poverty was high and fear was ripe; things were changing so rapidly the people I met were friendly and kind, they shared stories and laughter with me. They would be me if the situation was reversed. (hard to imagine in my part of the world).

We know this is a crisis our world has not seen, as never before has Switzerland or Monaco agreed to sanctions against any other country.

In my own country, floods that are the highest recorded in 150 are occurring, NSW/QLDs tens of thousands have lost everything, and a large proportion of those have no where to sleep. More rain and storms for the areas impacted are forecast. Some of these areas were devastated by the bush fires last summer.

Bush fires have raged across the world in the last few summers. Floods typhoons, hurricanes all bigger more lives lost. Mother earth is showing her force. We are insignificant.

Women are becoming stronger and disclosing the sexual abuse and rape that they have experienced by politicians, the rich, the power brokers and being heard and believed! Women all ages are saying enough patriarchy and domination by the rich and powerful. Women are using their voices and we will no longer be kept quiet. Domestic violence and domestic murders continue in my country to be too high in numbers and women are making the Government change laws that have pandered to the patriarchy.

The concept of what is sexuality, and what defines gender, and marriage equality show the change across the world and many Christian religions are accepting, in my country the acceptance of all regardless of any gender stereotype.

Our wonderful DS Cafe in Huonville incredible support to all in the community.

I live my life very much in nature. My resident snakes are welcome to be here as I may pay rates for the land and ‘own my little acre’ It is not mine it is ours for all the animals birds and insects. (even the invasive introduced rabbits come here and feed). This land is not mine, I am merely a guardian. My intent wherever I live to ensure that all that live there are provided for.

The world is almost holding its breath, watching and so many are showing great love and passion for their fellow humans in a very public war, whilst maybe being unaware of the other wars/conflicts impacting killing maiming and taking all from so many other humans around the world. These places mean little to the average westerner.

I am awed watching the huge public response towards the people of Ukraine getting supplies in and helping the refugees. Closer to home without fanfare or publicity again the Sikh community arrived in the worst flood impacted areas to feed and offer a place of comfort. Other organisations are struggling within the communities they were there for as goods have been destroyed, and supermarkets loosing all stock. A very hard beginning to our winter season for so many. Schools have been inundated. People from all over are traveling to help with clean up but where do they stay? (ground to wet to camp on, there has been little fresh water and fresh food, or food for those impacted. A huge quandary.

Who can forget about the last few years with COVID The ongoing cost and lives lost,the concern over the long term health damage, and the new strains appearing too often. The impact of this financially around the world is also yet to be really felt. Along with this war which will impact us all around the war in a financial way.

What does it mean..a devote Christian I know believes it is the last book of the Christian Bible Revelations the signs of the end of the Earth. To this person it meant the Antichrist would rise. If that is of interest you can search for information yourself. I do not believe this in any way.

I as a believer in Gaia, nature, and all that is from that. It has taken me most of my life to know this is right for me. I searched many years of my life, via Christian religions. I never felt right there. I am far more comfortable in being in nature, the seasons as they change, the wind, and walking barefoot on the earth. My joy and feeling of connection when sitting out in the night watching the sky, and feeling the energy as I shoot Aurora Australis when the Lady of the night sky visits. My preference is not to be in group. To be in a place on my own with my dogs and camera. By the water is for me hard to explain.

I love experiencing the changing seasons (here in Tasmania we have distinct seasons), the deciduous trees as they begin to change colours (we only have a few native deciduous trees in Tasmania) to watch the non native trees who have fruited and provided me with fruit berries and nuts the leaves are colouring to the autumn colours.

I am looking forward to the Autumn Equinox. Which here in Southern Tasmania (in the Roaring Forties) usually sees gale force winds and storms. (I have noted around the Equinoxes and Solistices winds are a large part of the changes of the season heres).

Change is coming, I live in hope always. It is easy to write when I am safe from all I have written about here. I will continue to be sharing my personal life. That being living with CPTSD no longer on medication. Sharing how I live and grow fruit and vegetables. (not in a glamourised of everything done instantly and perfectly). My garden is very haphazard and to many messy and disorganised. It does not provide me with all the vegetables, fruit and nuts I eat. I want to be clear on that.
I am now so content with my choice of life. Since I was a teenager this is how I wanted to live. When I look back to where I have been most content in my life it has always been in an area of nature, with no obvious close neighbours but Not isolated. I have thrown of all the shackles that conforming to ‘what is consider normal life’ has helped me so much. It meant having none of my birth family in my life I have chosen not to have them in contact with me. A true blessing to have let go.

Change is coming, Mother earth is letting us know, the people of the world are no longer accepting things as they have always been accepted since patriarchy became ‘rulers over everyone’ and major very wealthy religious Christian organisations often under auspice of Royaltiy have forced and take so much from so many The rise of people following my personal belief is a sign that a change is coming. Disatisfaction with so much of who and how the lives of others are ordered and political disatisfaction in my country is also growing. It is an election year.

Change is coming it may be very very negative and hard for more than are suffering now. It may be a new order. It is an unknown. We are all blind as to what will change. All I can hope for is to have no fear, to stand by and support as I can those I believe in , and care and protect my patch of earth so it is a safe place for not just native animals but all life. That is provides for me as it can with my help and for the life and encourage the soil to be full of life, provide habitat, and water. Freedom of movement and peace. I am not successful at this but I get up and change what I did or improve on it. My heart and spirit know that the majority of people no matter where we live, desire to have a roof warmth and feel safe over our head, work that pays us enough to live on and save, to have a community that is supportive and respectful most of all kind. Clean air and water. Enough food to eat.

As change happens for me fear is the worst feeling I could have. (Don’t imagine I do not feel fear even now), For me if I begin to feel fearful regardless of the cause being right here in my community or near my home or over seas it breeds rapidly in me. I can become engrossed and then my fear increases. I fixate. I feel hopeless and helpless. Non of which is correct. I hold onto that and thus am not fearful.

I see ignorance of world situations not good for me either. I am not one to just live on my acre and not be part of the greater world. I do what and as I am able. I am no longer filled with angst when I can not donate be it time money or goods. I do what I can, and when I can.

Be kind, be respectful regardless if you agree with the other person. One day you may need help from that very person. Be thankful for all you have but never believe you can not loose all your material possessions in a very short time. Perhaps my views were formed early in life when my parents and my siblings lived in a flat above out business. We were away when both along with two of our neighbouring businesses and friends homes were burned to the ground. All we had was what we had taken with us for a weekend. I personally am so thankful to have experienced this as a just turned five year old I can smell it still when I smell wet wood, wet burnt anything, smoke acrid full of so many potential issues. Beloved toys, (my teddy bear was with me phew). So when I see the families fleeing Ukraine, or anywhere holding their perhaps one toy they could take. I feel the pain, when I see the families with their pets, I imagine all the ones left. The people too who are left behind both fighting and not able to leave. Farm animals and wildlife. Trees and beloved gardens all being impacted. So much to consider and I have to stop, or I will become fixated. (part of my CPtSD)

Be thankful for all you have.

blessings to You Tazzie

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  1. Love and light to you dear lady, hold your heart in your piece of paradise and let it shine forth to whoever you meet, care for or just interact in nature. Your journey is where you stand and if you give to it at least there is some hope in the world. And as more do this then the balance will go this way ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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