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I completed a marathon!

It is so dry here we have had so little rain since December and I have basically given up tending my veggie area. My water tanks are getting very low, I am totally reliant on water tanks for all my house/garden/veggie garden, and all creatures that live permanently and visit my little acre. There is rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow, sadly the forecast has gone from all day rain to localised showers. One of the things to consider if you are considering life in a rural Tasmania. I am not connected nor does any town water pipes go past my home and land. For this I am very happy. The cost even if you are not attached to the councils water supply is high just for having the ‘potential to access town water and for I imagine cost in relation to maintenance for that ‘potential’ access.

Apart from this the days have been stunning. Temperatures 25dC/77dF, during the day with cool nights clear skies part of the reason I love Autumn in my valley.
My beautiful valley is home to Forestry, something I am not against in general, I live in a timber home, my furniture is wooden, and my partner was a wood turner. I also burn wood for winter warmth. 100% renewable resource. One of the issues we have is burning off, which is happening right now.

Strangely since many of the areas are as here dry so dry. I am thankful that this years burns so far have not been so huge that the smoke is tarnishing and changing the colour of the sky, or filling my home with smoke. Since our bush fires back in 2019 I and many others get a bit ‘triggered’ with it.
I am not going to get into the for and against the industry nor the burning off process. I am just very happy that the smoke is not hanging about nor was there so much burning off in the last couple of days where I would be forced to remain in doors on such stunning days as in past yea

Something you need to be aware of is this happens all over Tasmania. It will impact you if you live near to forestry land. Or as in my case quite a distance away. Something to consider if you are thinking of moving to our beautiful state. (so many people are it amazes me).

I love driving on Forestry roads here very little traffic, and I have only ever found the truckers working for Forestry have been respectful and I just pull over as far as I can when logging trucks are coming behind me, there bye enabling them to continue on their work journey and not stuck behind me traveling slowly looking at all about me. The above photos were taken several years ago.

Back in January I booked and paid for a workshop in making a Turkish light shade. April seemed so far away and basically I forgot about it. In the meantime a lot had been happening not the least my withdrawal off my medication Desvenalfaxine. (all good there now). I received a reminder email of the course a week before hand which was great. I did not think about it too much even the day before I was not overthinking it. I got up the morning off ensuring my dogs had their exercise and it was a lovely cool morning which would be cooler up in the higher land at Ferntree which is the last community before you drive up to Kunyani, (Mt Wellington).

I was so delighted that this workshop was not in Hobart or Kingston where parking is often a bit of an issue. I left my dogs in the car and hobbled on my crutches (small tear to my meniscus recovery going really well). Entered the building and was awed by all the beautiful handmade lights on display along with other items. I sat down and in front of me was a great set up with a lovely selection of mosaic tiles and beads. Each place had a small tray to attempt to contain the mosaics as you went along. A double sided pattern selection if you were not prepared with your own, and glue. I had no idea what I was going to do, that took a lot of time for me about 15 mins. I was happy to be a table with two others who were on their own and not really chatty, concentrating as we began.

After a while the woman next to me began to chat, and whilst I was not really desiring of being in a conversation it became apparent to me that perhaps she needed to share, recently single mother of two who was adjusting to leaving a ‘very unpleasant’ her words, relationship.
I am not sure why but so often this sort of situation happens to me, and now living through my own serious, the death of my partner and adapting to life alone, then a couple of years later my breakdown. I will always try to sit with the person, and if they wish let them share as they desire. I know from my own experience that;
1) I may be the only person in a long time who talks with them,
2) This person may be so down deeply depressed and reaching out, just for something, having been in that situation myself, one person unknowingly can make a huge difference to someone else’s life.
3) loneliness is much more prevalent than most would be aware of.
4) Just having someone listen to you and hear you is so important.
5) listening to someone else does not mean you have to be friends or keep a connection.

As the time 2.5hours was going by I was growing happier with what I was doing. Especially once I stopped my mind from overthinking everything and accepting what ever I made would look wonderful and it would be something I had created.

The photos above are of my work in progress and where I ended up by the end of the 2.5 hours. I had not totally finished the first process of application to the whole of the bowel of the shade. I was able to take enough tiles and beads home plus the rest of the supplies required to complete my project.

I have found over the last few years whilst on my medication that completing anything has been a major issue. I have a few projects that have been put up or damaged as I have not completed them. Similar if I purchase any equipment or gardening tools that require to be assembled at home, it is not likely to happen; nope not true It wont happen. Big sigh there.

The requirements to complete the shade for me involved two more days allowing for drying times post application of each level of work. I am so proud of completing my shade and putting my lamp together. I am so happy each time I look at it, I see a completed marathon! To attend the workshop, to finish it in very timely period was in my spirit the same feeling someone else would have completing their first marathon. This is what it is like for me to live with my mental illness. Along with the time it takes me to adjust after spending so much time in a new environment, with complete strangers and doing something new. I am competent my mask of ‘Normality’ is a very learned and accomplished skill I have. The recovery from using my mask of normality can take several days. Even when spending time with people I know I usually will remain at home. These days with my knowledge for me this is totally normal and part of who I am. That most people will not even be aware that I am wearing a mask. More of that in another post.

I am so thankful for now having be able to do this. I am sharing the lovely business who brings their workshop from the mainland to Tasmania, I am not receiving any payment or discount for sharing their details. I do so because it was a really enjoyable workshop very professionally done so everyone including the kids attending were able to take home an almost finished product. ( due to drying times you can not finish on that day). they also sell mail kits so you can make some of the items they offer at home. I felt so safe and comfortable no pressure and no expectations except those I may or may not put on myself.

blessings to You. Tazzie

6 thoughts on “I completed a marathon!

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  1. Hey Tazzie, I’m impressed, your project came up very well indeed. I find that if I can focus on something I enjoy doing it gets to the completion point. And then each time I look at it then a ‘well done’ smile can be had. Great job 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ta Mark. Having completed this and been so thrilled and yes that well done smile was present. Such a great feeling not felt for eons. That finished I began a jumper for myself…and this is my next project to finish.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yehaa! Flying on all cylinders dear lady, I think I’d get tangled. But just be you my friend, a greater love you cannot find…and a great jumper too 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

        Liked by 1 person

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