Carrots a success story

Why are carrots so hard for me to grow? This is my most successful crop so far.
Any help appreciated . They are tasty, and enough for a meal for me. Or a good supply for lilliputians.

Seriously these were just seeds I had spread about in a few pots on my deck. I am assuming that they needed to stay in for a bit longer.

I wanted to revive the pots and sow some more seeds in them. I have been tidying the deck today. My lettuces are doing OK, one variety has gone to seed. But some others are just developing and the cos is growing, I actually ate some of the leaves of one of them recently with my wee tomatoes. Oh were they so tasty. Just incredible.

Above are some beans I threw in my half wine barrels, along with kale cornflowers and weeds. The iris (brown leaves) have been broken up for composting around them. I ate some of the bigger beans as a snack today. Lovely. I am enjoying my surprise barrels. I sit at my table on my deck when I sow seeds, and often for no real reason I just toss some seeds into the barrels. I am very delighted with what is growing at present.
I have kale, silverbeet and a calendula. These are the three pots in the most shaded part of my front west facing garden. Running along the front of the deck.

My idea of keeping the hens and Roopert in their run is failing. Sigh. It has rained and there is green grass shooting. Unheard of in February. Normally our hottest month. More rain forecast this weekend and heavy. Fuller rain tanks nothing will be the joy of this if it eventuates.

My Deck garden is containers. I am amazed at what I can grow in pots. The benefit is wallabies and possums do not get at them. The chooks can not get at them, or dig under them. Even the starlings and black birds do not tend to get into them like the veggie garden beds. I can cover them easily to prevent cabbage moth damag.

Flowers are becoming a part of my deck garden this year and perhaps more so. In with vegetables they make me smile and happy to see.

Below are my firs attempts at making apricot and peach fruit leathers. There is nothing wrong with the one in the tray it is how apricots dry when no sulpher is used. My peaches were to moist and I should have read up more on what to do but I know next time. (they dripped through) I am not happy with these trays which have not been used a lot. They are cracking. To replace them is not cheap. My dream is to save for a metal set up ie very expensive Excalibur Dehydrator which is also a square one, which is easier to put the puree on and the fruit. The temperature is more evenly spread. The difference in colour of my apricot leather the heat/air in the round ones is not dispersed so well. Lovely with some desiccated coconut. I did add a little sugar but not a lot.

The peach ones are at the front and due to their being so moist they dried very differently. I am trying to dry some hard enough no dry enough that I can then powder the peach. I can then add the powder to tea, and yohgurt. Cream ice cream even my weet-bix. It was simpler than doing a syrup or jam, and I am not a big jam eater. I am enjoying the leathers, and will be buying some seconds strawberries to make strawberry leather too.
I will freeze the plums I think.

The blackberries are ripening and so delicious. I am freezing these for muffins and yoghurt, and winter porridge.

I am thankful for the rain , as I have enough water for my gardens, I am thankful for all the beautiful things in my garden. I am thankful to Mother Earth for her wonders and how a tiny seed can grow and give us food. I am thankful to my hens for the eggs they provide for me and my dogs. I am thankful for my health and the improving of my mental health as I get back to my routine.

Wow I love this new way to germinate seeds

I shared on the previous post here a new way to sow seeds
For me a person living on my own I have not had fantastic seed germination success.
I began on the 27/07/2020 with this new proceess. I place a piece of paper towel down, on this I put a few seeds, my aim is to have ongoing plantings, and to share with others. I forgot in the first group to use cardboard as a support, when you fold the paper towel over and place the cardboard behind the paper towel. I add a small volume of water, enough to make the paper towel wet but not dripping. I then put the seed set up into a labeled plastic bag. (I will be reusing the bags)
When writing on the bag use a permanent pen as the moisture may cause a non permanent pen to vanish.

I have struggled with carrots germinating. I just have not managed it seems to keep the seed moist thus no carrots. Using this process as a trial. On the 27/07/2020 (Australia’s dates read day/month/year) I placed seeds on to the paper towel, moistened and this was one where I forgot the cardboard. The carrots were checked twice and on the 08/08/2020 I had what appears to be 100% germination. Wow!

I have placed the tiny seedlings into the toilet rolls filled with soil. photos below.

By placing the seeds apart I can cut between the seed and root areas of each seedling and than not disturb the root. Then place this very young seedling into a soil filled toilet roll cardboard centre. When the seedling begins to really grow big enough, my hope is that the carrot part /root will be developing down the roll.

It was quite simple and less time consuming than it would be to thin out the carrots sown directly into the ground. This for me is working so far, I will not count it successful for some time yet.

I will be putting the whole thing into the ground and the cardboard will breakdown, the carrot can continue to grow with no root damage. Fingers crossed I will get some wonderful home grown carrots.

So right now my stair way is home to seedlings, happily germinating in side in the warmth. Sunlight fills the house when it is sunny which it has been the last three days.

Success with zucchinis, cucumbers, pumpkin, and some others Those that have not come up as yet may have been placed too deep in the pots (my fault) or may take more time to develop the leaf part. All seeds planted had the beginnings of roots. Not all had any obvious leaf growth.

I have seedlings growing and looking very happy.

Other things I am attempting this year:-

to grow ginger, turmeric, and sweet potato slips, to plant out to get sweet potatoes.

I am now a wee bit concerned some of my seeds have grown so rapidly; way ahead of schedule. Taking only 12 days to be as they are in the photographs. That the house is going to be overrun by pots and plants until the weather warms up enough that I can put them out on my deck to begin the hardening off process. I guess the up side is I can germinate more seeds if something happens to any of these seedlings really quickly.

I love that I can just use one or two seeds, or more to have such rapid shooting, and growth using this method. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next month to six weeks with all my seedlings.

blessings to you, Tazzie


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