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Good Morning

Opened my front door this morning to let the dogs out.

Seems we all like to have gourmet breakfasts every so often

Sensibly watching my dogs, who are actually not interested in the Wallaby. I also am obviously outside with them and keeping a close on eye on all animals. Even when the wallaby jumped off and away, neither Busby or Miss Treacle were interested.

Though Busby is going to check out the bales of pea straw thoroughl!

Looks like I will need to move these now wet pea straw bales I purchased for the garden out of the wallabies reach. Another of those jobs I was meaning to do. The chooks have loved scratching through some bales too.

Blessings to You, Tazzie

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  1. The wallaby or chickens will both love those bales Tazzie, so much goodies inside them. Even the garden will love them. I haven’t smelt a good lucerne bale for many years, a scent of childhood from baling it in the paddocks on an uncles farm. Brings back many memories. Thank you for sharing 😀❤️🙏🏽

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    1. the chooks have loved the bales they have been given and spread them about their run. The pea straw and manure will have rotted down enough to be used around the fruit trees in spring/summer. It is so lovely to watch and listen to their conversations as they search amongst it.

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