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Simple things and very thankful

Our life in the bubble of living on an island and escaping lock downs since the very beginning of Covid 19 took a very rapid turn last week. On Friday we here in the Southern region of Tasmania were placed into a 3 day lock down from 6pm that night. Someone had ‘escaped’ Hotel quarantine in Hobart and was positive for Covid delta variant. They had been awol for many hours and when located would not share where he had been. This the Lock Down. Thankful so far that no further positive cases have been reported. We are now out of lock down but are required to wear a mask where ever we go except in our own home or car. If we have a visitor we are required to wear a mask.
Very reasonable. I share this as for me with no children and in a rural location it has not really changed my life.
My life with CPTSD is pretty similar to lockdown in some ways. I do not wear a mask in my life normally.

I do have to go out in the morning but I have masks so I am OK with this. It does seem weird that when most other people in the world have been dealing with masks and lock downs for huge periods of time. I especially think of those in Melbourne Australia who have been in lock down for almost a year off and on. I am very aware that we here in Tasmania we have been so very fortunate. A very small price to pay for helping to ensure people are safe especially those who are high risk.

A short walk around the garden in the afternoon shows how the deck is so green and full of flowers lush and beautiful. The Irises are stunning this year. Love having so many flower especially on grey days.

I may be frustrated that I can not be in the garden doing what I need or want to mainly due to the weather. I know the sunshine will come and I am sure then I will be saying how hot it is. I have to laugh, we often say here if we did not have such varied weather all year and possibility of all sorts in one day, we would not have things to talk about with people.

blessings to You, Tazzie

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