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my Tasmanian Life

On my way home from doing my grocery shopping on a glorious spring day

I was not alone enjoying the stunning spring day this Sea Eagle was sitting high in a tree and I had to wonder; if hoping to grab a

feed from…

salmon farms cages in the Huon River to keep birds, and seals out the nets have these huge barriers about them. Beats what used to happen to the seals and maybe eagles and sea birds in the past, they would be beaten and or shot (not so many years ago) so at least they are safer.

the salmon cages that abound in the river and waterways near of Tasmania

this is a platform where vessels dock and add feed and check on the cages and salmon. Apparently the feed is done automatically from on shore these days.

The supposed deep sea locations where the companies will advertise and say are actually often very close to shore, to houses and communities. Even the ones that are a bit further out residents are impacted by lights, noise and even voices as the employees do as required to attend to the salmon. We all know how sound travels over water.

For people such as myself who enjoy night shooting with my camera especially Aurora Australis. The lights from the farms and more so from the huge vessels create light pollutions along with the onshore lights from the facilities dotted along the land beside river and sea of the companies.

The Huon River is tidal at these locations. ( and a mix of fresh and salt water the tide was just beginning to go out as we were heading home.

a paddle and swim for the dogs

Tasmania has wonderful fishing in the rivers, lakes and sea. Though some local river fish in areas where acquaculture are very active with farms and other farm land and water activity along with climate change has seen a drop in some varieites. Our water is clear generally but often shell fish are deemed inedible for toxic issues from contaminats unkown in the water.

it is a pretty trip

I noticed a paddock with no home but many daffodils and jonquils and a pair of plovers made it their very picturesque home.

The golden colours of the bush here is not wattle but gorse. A weed that gets away and causes major issues here in Tasmania. As pretty as it looks it takes over.

So thankful fo the beauty around me, for the sunshine and the ability to be able to enjoy it. I am so thankful for some of the cleanest air in the world to breathe, and the least populated land. Though at times it does not feel like that to me and I have to laugh at myself.

blessings to you, Tazzie.

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    1. it was 12dC/53dF up to 15dC/5 last 7 days with last Satuday being 9dC 48dF9dF and a lot of rain, definitely not complaining about rain. I hope you are doing OK and life is bearable.


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