Is it a farm, a homestead a patch of heaven?

I ponder often what labels people use to identify their home/lifestyle. My little patch is just under an acre/ 0.404686hectare. I have fruit and hazel nut trees, I grow vegetables.

I might even fit what some would call a green lifestyle. As I harvest all my water from my roof in rainfall. I have a septic toilet system.

Wood for heating. My power bills are tiny and I use little about 3 x45kg/99lbs gas bottles for cooking and instant hot water. I have like all Australians a two button toilet but go one further. If it is yellow let it mellow, brown flush it down. Which uses even less water.

My home is built out of locally grown sustainable plantation timber. I use only fans for cooling. I use fresh air via windows and the sun for drying my clothes. In winter the clothes hang over my stair rails. Dry in next too know time.

I am in the incredible position of being so very fortunate that I own my little patch outright. Makes me feel incredibly rich. Incredibly lucky especially in these current times and knowing the future for so many across the world is incredibly hard.

So my life is very simple and with my two dogs we are pretty content.

Yet I had been pinning for something. I really missed my chooks. A dear friend gifted me 7 varying ages and varying breed mixed. How incredibly lucky and blessed was I !..

As I was moving them into their new home and one of the black gals escaped.. I had to close up the hen house after feeding them and ensuring there was enough water. So she escaped.

Unable to find her I had to leave her outside overnight. Worried but knowing the chances were high she would be fine. I heard her cackling and calling out to her siblings I felt a pull at my heart.
When I did release the others (having left them in the hen house for over 24 hours to acclimatise to their new home). I heard cackling up high and found the missing hen up in the tree.

Yet even though I am set up for hens I am looking at these chooks and realising that they may discover my veggie garden. So I have been looking at how to increase the height of the fence around their run. Which is part orchard.
This will be my task next week, and my hope is that they do not discover the veggie bed over the weekned, (I can only get the posts I need delivered on Tuesday). I have had extra mesh wire for ages on the deck. Fingers crossed it is enough for my needs.

I was thrilled when she headed to the fence line. Funny she got up in a tree but did not seem to be able to get over a short fence! I corralled her and she took off in fear over the fence Phew! I was hoping that she had somehow not found my veggie garden. I can only hope.

So off to her sister and last seen eating and checking out her new home.

Imagine my delight to find this when I let the girls out! A small but perfectly formed egg.

So do I live on a homestead? A farm? Or as I feel am I extremely fortunate, rich (not as most understand this term) and growing more and more content.

I am living in my home. My safe place, sanctuary. I have no desire to go anywhere else these days. It has been a lovely Winter, and as I write there is snow on the mountains about and more predicted to fall tonight.

blessings to You, Tazzie.

3 thoughts on “Is it a farm, a homestead a patch of heaven?

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    1. Oh that is sad. I know I am one of the luckiest people in the world. Interesting that people can have hens in Australia even if living in the city as long as they do not have a rooster and they have enough space. I hope one day you will be able to.


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