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Life my new normal..

I am not sure how others who might read my (rather irregular of late) posts are doing with Covid 19. We here in Tasmania only have one case and that is someone in quarantine returned from overseas. Melbourne has been in full lock down again as the second wave hit them. (seemingly from poor education given on hygiene to security guards employed to keep an eye on and support those in hotel isolation).

I can not imagine what returning to full quarantine after a period of relative freedom must be like for so many people.

Tasmania has the advantage of being an island. Our Premier recently announced our boarders will be closed (essential workers exempted) until the 1st December. You can imagine what some people will feel especially those with businesses reliant on tourism. My heart aches for all being hit by loss of family, friends, health. Also for those whose loss of income, their business and perhaps their home. I can not imagine how hard this time is for you.

My Government has been giving those of us on unemployment an extra payment each fortnight which for me basically doubles my income. $250 a week to a bit over $500 a week now.

I am still being as frugal as I can. I have paid all my yearly bills in full rather than monthly and have savings for the first time in almost five years.

Of course life throws up things that will cost me quite a bit as in trees requiring removal, plumbing, some windows need to be fixed and I am really working on where the leak (that I paid to have fixed but it was made worse even after three visits the guy gave up)!

Here in Tasmania we are being encouraged to visit locations and support businesses, hospitality accommodation, wineries, tourist venues I guess things often you do not necessarily do because they are always here.

My attitude is to support my local shops, cafes and I rarely go further a field for shopping unless I can not get what I need in my region. I also do not see the extra money as spending money on things that are not essential to me. I have purchased some things for the garden but most of what I have is old, second hand or I have acquired for free.

I am still being frugal with my shopping and what I do purchase.

Which is why I headed to Hobart recently for a tip shop run. I had an appointment so I decided to see if I could purchase a second hand CD player. The new ones that I was looking at were so cheaply made I did not have a lot of faith in them.

Off I went with my dogs and we had a pleasant time out.
The tip shops here sadly are becoming businesses, with paid employees, and all that this entails. So the ‘free’ rubbish that is dropped off at these facilities is sometimes more expensive than new items. Especially building items and some cooking items that are trendy.

The following photos are a display on the walls, apparently this tip shop offers tours for school groups and other interested groups. They also have really interesting sculptures made by someone who works there and others who I assume do it as a paid work. I always ask them what is the best price and happily explain I am on a very low income. I always get a better price especially if items have been there for a long time.

A pause for lunch at The Pollen Tea Room Battery Point, dog friendly , great food, it is vegetarian/vegan I am not but so delicious I love it for its ambiance lovely staff , and wonderful teas and coffee. Tiny friendly resonable prices.

My dogs had been so patient and it is really lovely to go for a walk around Battery Point which is a very pretty suburb right next to Salamanca Wharf and Hobart City it has quite early built houses

I came across this

The first photo is mine and I pondered how much this little house would have sold for. Ummm not so little but…

My research shows it is not such a little house and it sold for a lot!

Prices in Tasmania have gone through the roof in the last six or so years. As have rental prices. Mind you this is a very desirable location and with water views from upstairs. (main bedroom only).
You might see the water from the little front garden but I doubt it would be seen from the front windows.

My dogs had a joyous time at a dog park at Battery point with water access.

The dogs went into the boat yard under the fence where work had been happening. I apologised to the owner who had come out he laughed and said it was OK. It was a new place for us and Miss Treacle and Busby loved it. We all slept really well that nights. Oh and I did get a second hand CD player with tape deck and radio, speakers for $40 (it works) solid and a nice system with speakers. Much better than the crappy one I saw brand new at Big W for over $50 that was so light and all plastic. I guess time will tell on my second hand one.

blessings to you all Tazzie

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  1. Must be wonderful to get out and about in the fresh air. I notice a couple of your photos of old houses might be some I took photos of last time I was in Hobart. 25 years ago perhaps? I love the old cute cottages and Salamaca Place in Hobart.

    I was looking at prperty in Tasmania and prices seem to have soared in recent years.

    It’s really tough in Melbourne with the nightly curfew and lockdown. I can’t really get a taxi anywhere much either as all the shops are closed (except food). I hope it’s lifted in 4 weeks time (we are 2 weeks into the 6 week lockdown).

    I’ve had an infected toe for 5 weeks so not walking anywhere either. Can’t seem to get rid of it despite antibiotics (which I was allergic to) and then antibiotic ointment.

    I need some fresh air, but it’s been raining and this coming weekend, it’s snow down to 1000meters.

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    1. Oh gosh that is a very new CD player. Mine was this weird on that I got 26 years ago. It could play 5 CDs one after the other It was brilliant. I did have someone look at it. But instead od saying it was not something he knew about he kept it for ages and I had to ask and ask for it back 8months! I can not toss it away lol I live in hope.

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  2. A beautiful day in paradise! I agree that the tip shop prices are up there, especially the one in Mornington. They might find they would have a higher turnover if they were more reasonable. I will sometimes buy two or three things and haggle. I always ask for the best price, even in the big stores and sometimes Ill play one against another. There’s nothing better than walking away feeling like you got a bargain. Well, OK, a good bushwalk is better 😉

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    1. I always haggle when buying large items. I use cash rather then credit cards and all prices tend to be made to cover the costs involved with the money taken by the credit card companies. I saved over $100 on the sale price of a fridge freezer by doing this. They wanted it off their floor as new stock was coming in. ( I rarely buy full price items or the latest) The tip shop at Glenorchy is also getting very expensive though even the one at Snug is too. I could buy coffee cups brand new cheaper than what they were asking for a cup I know was a Big W one original price was $4.95 they wanted $5 ridiculous. A walk is always lovely

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