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You get the feeling Spring is coming

A couple of visitors in my garden yesterday. (Sorry images not crisp). A Silver eye (first photo) native bird. European Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis)introduced here and mainland Australia 1880s

Photos above: top row. Seeds on damp paper towel. After a few days in the freezer bags roots and leaves out. Seeds began on 26/07/2020 First check 02/08/2020. I watched a gardener who grew here seeds this way. I begin only a few seeds and seem to have had great success rates so far. Gary and Robbie Gardening made easy.
I am trying carrots seeds this way as I find keeping the small seed moist difficult or keeping them from getting too wet sigh. So willing to attempt this way. ( I did forget the cardboard.) So far I am really happy with them.

It also makes it easier for me to keep growing as much as I will need over a period of time. (that is the plan.)
It will be interesting to see how it and how I go!

Salvia in flower, some sprouting broccoli flowering and going to seed, Wattle is coming into flower all about this area love the scent and the bees adore it. Last photo is a bit sad..if you look you can see my red Kale has been well decimated. I went out to pick some for an omelette last Saturday morning and the storm we had overnight had knocked a bit of a gap in a fence on the deck. Just enough to let some hungry critters get to the box. Ahh well, thankful they did not it all, or pull it out. I am thankful that is growing again.

From top to bottom Photos.
Nettles beginning to flower. The little love these plants I am hoping they have not been eating the butterfly eggs/caterpillars. The rhubarb gave me a feast of deliciousness. Strange as it seems some critter has eaten the flower head and some of the leaves of the plant. It will be okay as this happens each year.

I have been attempting to get the grass away from the stone wall. Yeah right this is going to stop it infiltrating the beds. An ongoing process. The wall flower looks wonderful and the bees love it.

Next two are hazelnuts I have four and this might be the first year that all seem to be throwing there catkins at the same time. So I may get my best harvest of hazelnuts this year. (as any gardener knows you do not count it a done deal).

Next photo, is a plum tree that had two graft on it. Only one graft survived and it was a nice plum so I did not want to remove the tree. I chatted with an older gardener who suggested I plant another plum close to it. This might help the other tree firstly not only to produce better and more fruit. It might also help make the first tree look more balanced. Well it is worth a shot.

I had been hoping to get more of the preparation about the fruit trees as I have with this tree completed. As yet that has not happened. I do like how the tree has plenty of grass free area, the bulbs will be blooming soon lovely yellow daffodils, and the trees will be in blossom fingers crossed.

The photo next to this is my Gooseberry. I transplanted it as it was really in the road where I had put it originally. The blue twine is helping to spread the branches out to allow more sunlight into the bush. I have put two new plants near it. I love Gooseberries. I only ate my first fresh one last year. I never knew that they could be eaten fresh. I always thought they were only great in pies and jam. Now I Know…I will be cherishing some and keeping the birds off them.

Last two photos are of an Apricot tree Moorepark I have put in this year. It is perhaps the most protected area of my garden, it gets great morning sun and will have sun for a good period of time. Enough hours so I am led to believe to give me fruit in a couple of years.

The last photo is the Diosma in flower and this is loved by bees too. I have sprouting broccoli going to seed so the birds are enjoying them. I hope some seed may grow about the place.

Yes you get the feeling spring is coming but reality sank in this week with snow falling widely accross the state down to sea level in some locations sadly not at my place. Our main access roads between the Huon Valley and Hobart/rest of the state were cut, people coming home from work had a three hour+ drive in many instances and had to take the long coastal road home but it was bumper to bumper and heavy wind and rain. People were stranded in the midlands on the major highway between Hobart and the North of the State. All unusual and exciting for most of us even those who were late home. I certainly feel for you all that live where snow fall is regular.

We usually have snow on our mountains around here an Kunyani (Mt Wellington) the back drop to Hobart.

Its been lovely feeling capable of writing and sharing a bit of what is going on in my garden and seed growing.

If you are in lock down (as Melbourne stage 4 and other locations here in Australia are) due to Covid, keep in touch with friends, family. Laugh as much as you can, and be kind to everyone. Wear your masks, keep your safe distancing, and hand, cough hygiene. Stay at home and grow something.

blessings to you Tazzie.

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