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Feels like I am stepping back in time

Some restrictions are lifting here in Tasmania. We are allowed to go out a bit further from home now. It was another beautiful Autumn/fall day here.

I decided to go to Longley which is about 39kms from where I live to pick up some really fantastic compost. I am trying to improve my half wine barrels and other areas soil.

It felt quite weird to be so far from home, after almost 12 weeks at home or just going essential shopping. One of the petrol stations at Sandfly I noted was selling petrol(gas) $1.04 (67cents USA)a litre (3.78541itres =1gallon). Yet just down in Huonville about 19kms away it is $1.24 (80cUSA) a litre. So I filled up and felt an overwhelming sense of being back in the late 90s and early 200s, apparently.

Sandfly Petrol Station petrol price today.

I felt so nostalgic black and white was the way to go, and my dirty rear window helpe to make it look more rustic.

Longley Organic veggie seedling vegetable store.

This Hotel for any viewers of Rosehaven (ABC TV Australia) is where the pub scenes are shot.
This beautiful building and the Longley Organic seller along with houses dispersed through the bush about are all that is left of when the main highway from Hobart to Huonville went past. Now there is a lovely picnic spot across the road near the river. It is peaceful and serene. I do believe the pub does good food and has a lovely out door area. Along with bands at times.

Perhaps not the best shot of this dwelling (that appears to have someone living in it. It is nestled beside the river. A true bush house.

The colour image makes it look more run down but there is glass in the windows and signs of human occupancy.

It would be way to cold for me this location as it is a deep valley and the sun would rarely penetrate this far down in winter maybe not even in summer. The river close by would also be cold. A road is near with homes nearby so the solitude and peace may not be as it once was.

This is just past the house and you can see moss bright green on the rocks walls. A long tree has collapsed on the edge of the river and a large eucalyptus growing among the rocks.

I took a different way home today, along the deep and at times narrow

This is a small township called Kaoota. You can buy home cooked biscuts and slices from two eskies (coolers) by the side of the road

These pictures above and below are a few from the small ‘township of Pelverata’ (means ear) on the banks of the Kellaways Creek.

One of the tallest waterfalls in Tasmania is found in this area Pelvarata Falls.

Pelverata Falls

Start – End of Crosswells Rd
Length 6.6km (Return)
Grade – Orange
Terrain – Single Track, 4×4 Track, Scree Fields
Dog Friendly – Yes
Vertical Climb – 285m
Time – 2-4 hours
Signed – Yes

Date Hiked – 28th October 2018

Best Time – All Year Round

Pelverata Falls
© 2015 – 2020 Photography: Craig Doumouras

I have walked to the falls and I am not fit. The hardest and scariest bit was walking on the scree. Walking boots with good ankle support was invaluable. It can get very wet and slippery in winter and spring but it beautiful and I am so glad I did it.

There used to be a large sawmill in the area. A population according to the 2016 Census 206 people lived in this area. There is only the community hall and BBQ area (photographed below) there is no shop, post office or pub in Pelverata. It

The dogs and I had a walk and a pit stop here as it is dog friendly and has a toilet. Brilliant.

The road into Pelverata. Looking down from the Community hall.

The light hitting the bark on this tree caught my eye, as I sat for a while watching small birds flying about. It was serene and warm in the sunshine. the dogs sniffed and looked about enjoying revisiting Pelverata. A lovely way to travel home off the main highway.

The Autumn light is so different on the Huon River, as this photo on the way home at about 3pm shows. People are burning off rubbish or lighting their wood stoves. I feel that there may well be a fog in the morning. It is a clear night at present as I type, cloud is forecast but a maximum of 17dC/62.6dF for tomorrow (Tuesday) . I hope to be in the garden tomorrow.

I am so very fortunate to live where I do, and my thoughts go to people living in cities, and overcrowded locations where social distancing is almost impossible. In the back of my mind today I was very conscious of social distancing and getting home to my sanctuary.

A very lovely afternoon spent in the company of my dogs on the road.

I am thankful for the businesses that have been operating all throughout for all their staff and owners. I am thankful to the public transport drivers/operators, garbage people, the companies that jumped into gear when panic buying occurred to insure we would not go without. For the creative people on social sites amusing and distracting many of us.

blessings Tazzie

4 thoughts on “Feels like I am stepping back in time

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  1. What a lovely part of the State to live in.
    That tranquil scene of the water is so calming and peaceful. I’m feeling a bit envious.


    1. It is and thank you Rupali. It has been some time since I have done much black and white. It used to be a faviourite back in film days. Digital makes it so much easier.

      Liked by 1 person

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