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Rock and Fossil

Living in Tasmania there are so many amazing and beautiful things naturally occurring. Many years ago I wanted to be a geologist. It did not happen. I do still have a love of rocks, and fossils, the strata of earth and formation of hills and mountains. I also love collecting sea glass and old broken pottery/china bits washed up.

Tasmania has the largest exposure of dolerite, and rock history from over 1260 million years ago! If you are interested in the periods and geology of my island home the above is a condensed source of information.

One of the coves near where I live has fossils. I also love finding coloured glass washed smooth and shaped by the waves and rocks.

I do have a dream of one day finding some lightning glass. Not really likely here in Tasmania as we do not get a lot of lightning.

Here are some of the fossils I have found here in Tasmania. I have not taken these off cliffs or used anything to remove them from the rock itself. They are all rocks I have found on walks about the waters edges around areas I have been walking or swimming. They have not been taken from any areas designated significant geological areas nor National Parks. Some I have found under the water and others on the riverside.
I love the colours and the strata layers in some of the rocks.

I am not knowledgeable about what fossils they are in these rocks. I do believe some are; Fenestellio Bryozoa, Brachiopoda (lamp shell) “Terebratula” Happy for any information about my rocks and fossils. All found south of Hobart Tasmania

Life with CPTSD and not enjoying crowds taking my dogs and myself off to our faviourite swimming places and walks along the beaches that allow dogs is a very simple pleasure and when I find any of the list above I smile and pop them in my pocket.

blessings to you all. Tazzie

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  1. I love fossils also but rarely see them.

    I’m (or was) a big shell collector. I try not to collect too many though as I don’t have anywhere to show or store them.

    The shell fossils are particularly lovely.

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