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Dogs and Isolation.

Off we went for our walk this morning. It was wet but warm and the rain had stopped. Busby and Miss Treacle took off, up the drive to our small country road. Miss Treacle just races out my breath catches every time. Busby is incredible every single time we leave he looks to the right (direction in Australia cars would be heading towards him closest side).

It was muggy and I hate humidity I did not imagine Tasmania would have such humidity as it has in recent times.
Busby had gone and said hi to Chubbs and Toby at their gate across from us. They looked forlornly on as he raced up the road without even looking back.

We had not gone to far further up when we met Ruby and her owner. Do not mistake Ruby for a brown sheep. She is a sweet labradoodle. (her big brother is Basil he is a tenacious elderly pug who can no longer handle big walks).
We left Ruby and her owner and continued up the hill on our walk. Busby saw Toby (yes 2 Tobys, and when my third dog was alive there were 3 tobys on our small rural road). It did not look like Toby would be coming out to play as he sat by the fence. Then the gate was open, and WOWEee , it was playtime.

Miss Treacle was incredibly disappointed when she realised it was not her man but his wife who was with Toby today. She ignored her with disdain. The bros had a ball and stirred up the ducks by running straight towards them, not even really seeing them as they were playing. The ducks took flight.

The warmth and humidity rising and the evaporating water was forming clouds across the river and the clouds thinned. As we walked past Chubbs and Toby were still hopefully waiting by their gate wanting to play. It was not to be so the three of us headed for home.

I had to wheel my bin down to the road where the truck picks it up in the morning. As I was bringing it to the top of my driveway, I was almost flattened by three big dogs coming straight at me, the black ones tail wagging so much it nearly was ahead of his head. The boys had been released. They were thrilled.

Busby, Chubbs and Toby ended up playing ball in the paddock as I talked with their mum, and two teenager neighbours (all social distancing actually much more than the suggested space. The kids were earning their some money by bringing other neighbours bins down. Love their ingenuity. They ride their bikes down hill towing the bins. No fear these guys.

It has been another wonderful day spent in isolation? My routine continues in bed by 22:30 lights out, eating more healthily, walking every day, and showering every second day.

I do have to say, I feel so much better following this routine, I see how I really knew what was best for my own needs and am now working to ensure I follow this as best as I can. If I don’t make it to bed or eat healthy for a day, it is not a a failure in my eyes, it is just normal. I will just pick it up the next day. That is my plan.

I am thankful for the rain. I am so thankful for my dogs. I am thankful for having such great dogs living about us. I am thankful for my neighbours and the greater sense of community we have now. I am thankful for my garden. I am thankful for my warm comfortable bed. My doona, and electric blanket. I am thankful to have a roof over my head. I am thankful to have food and fresh water. I am so thankful for all that I have.

blessings Tazzie

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  1. Awe what beautiful and happy pooches. Look at their smiles and what amazing photography, bringing us a piece of your day and your home. Thank you. I am so glad you are staying with the get healthier regime and it is paying off for you. PS: Little Ruby does look like a fuzzy lil sheep ❤️

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    1. Ruby does indeed look like a sheep. Yes the dogs all have a ball. I really do not feel they know how fortunate they are to have so many play mates about. the routine has been a bit of hump today and yesterday but not as bad as normal, it seems I have bad day or two every month so cycles of life continue,,lol
      I do hope you and your loved ones are safe and well Rhapsody. I was not getting your posts in my feed, I hope I have rectified it now.

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      1. Thank you love, doing aright over here. Had an ear infection and of course isolation has it ups and downs, but all in all things are ok for the time being.
        So glad to have you back here and I have some catching up to do as well. Sending much love and light to you. Big hugs. ❤️

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      2. Ouch painful ear infections, I do hope you did not have dizziness with it. Glad you are mending and yes isolation is an interesting thing. We are moving forward with regard to lessening some things so we may even be able to meet outside at a cafe and sit but remain 1.5 m apart. lol not sure how that will work out. Hugs back blessings

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      3. Luckily the dizziness was not a part, but the sensitivity to noise was extreme. Everything echoed and was so loud, it was awful.
        Here too some stores have opened this week and like you I’m not sure how everything will work out. I guess I don’t trust it all yet.
        Stay safe my dear friend and be good to yourself. Hugs for the fur babies. Bless you ❤️

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      4. Oh it sounds so horrible so glad it is better. Yep me to not too trusting as yet on the whole going out too much. I realise mothers day (well here was a few weeks ago now) but I do hope it was OK a hard time perhaps for You.
        fur babies are snoring either side of me as I write and we are all well. I went to write good but I am not sure I want to be good. 😇
        Hugs and many blessings

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