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Nettles, Rhubarb and Nasturtiums

Even though we are staying home to keep safe, only leaving for essential shopping. Both the dogs and I have to exercise. We have a few ways we can go for a walk and today it was a matter of getting out when the rain stopped. As I looked down on my path I noticed some nasturtiums had self seeded (I have struggled for years to get them to grow here). My rhubarb in the front of the house has just taken off too. My nettles are growing and when a few more leaves develop I think I will try and make a nettle soup.

Of course Busby has to pop in on his mates Toby and Chubb, who live across the road and say good morning neighbours.
The lichen and moss along the road edge. It is always different when we walk up the hill colours change, weather creates different impacts. This morning the cloud was lying low in the river valley where I live.

It was raining and has been raining off and on for five days now. With lower temperatures Autumn (Fall) is definitely showing her colours now in the valley. There are not a lot of native trees in my valley that are decidous so the colour on the hills and mountains change very little at this time.

There was a break in the clouds and the sun made a brief appearance and it became warmer as we were walking. I had left the fire going and was now thinking it may have been a mistake.

The clouds were beginning to come across and the sky was darkening as we got up the hill. That did not stop Miss Treacle and Busby from saying hello to one of our neighbours. I stayed several meters away to keep social distancing.
The poplars are yellowing as the paddocks greening up after the rain and cooler temperatures.

As we walked back down the road it was getting darker, but the dogs were unconcerned. Busby was thirsty and a puddle was just the ticket. I ask you why do I give him clean water??

I stopped and looked at the blackberry climbing over the old garage on the road. There you have Autumn (Fall) and spring in one shot, I had to ponder at the Autumn leaves colour and on the very same vine new growth.

Busby stopped at our neighbours gate on the way home, in the hope his whines at Toby and Chubb might encourage their mum to come out and bring them out to play with him. It was not going to happen and Busby needed some encouragement to come home. Miss Treacle on the other hand was very willing as the first drops of rain were falling.

We just made it home before the wind and rain hit with a WHAMO!

If you look on the let side of the above photograph you will see a patch with yellow in it about halfway up that is over my area. We had timed it perfectly!

Blessings Tazzie.

12 thoughts on “Nettles, Rhubarb and Nasturtiums

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  1. Thanks for posting your photos a bit larger. I can see them much better now and really appreciate your surroundings. I’ll look forward to hearing about your nettle soup some time in the future.

    I ordered a bunch of rhubarb with Wednesday’s supermarket shop. Not sure what I’ll be doing with it, but last time I bought it I wasn’t watching and it got overcooked. There are so many things out-of-stock each week, I’ve ended up ordering extra to make up for it.

    I grew up on rhubarb, so have never bothered much with it as an adult, but my brother’s friends gave me some and I’m keen to try it again.

    The Huon Valley sure looks lovely and green. I bought some lovely wood-turned little dolls which were beautifully hand-painted many years ago when I was last in the valley. I wonder if the wood-turner is still there?

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    1. Oh I did not realise the photos were too small. I will work on that. My rhubarb is going great guns, and it seems to grow all year which is delicious and wonderful. We seem to be very fortunate with stock down here, there is loo paper and there was some flour and plenty of sugar at my local IGA, also milk ( I buy a Tasmanian one anyway so that is fine)

      I can not imagine how frustrating it must be for you when you have dietary requirements for your needs and not be able to get them.

      The wooden dolls were made by a friend of my partner’s, and another friend used to hand paint them. They were made at The Deepenings It was quite a cottage industry here. Funnily enough my sister and her husband came to Tassie on their honeymoon and bought back a pair of them too. over 37 years ago now. They were quite beautiful and so many different ones. I recall an amazing chess set that he had made and had painted to order for someone overseas.

      The wood turner is not still there sadly he sold his business some years ago now. 2005 maybe not sure. His daughter set up a school in the area called Peregrine just across from where his workshop and display area was. She lives at the property now I believe. this might be interesting to you Vicki

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      1. I’ve bought rhubarb to cook this week (probably tomorrow).
        What a co-incidence about the wood-carver being your partner’s friend. I’ve got a farmer with a hat holding a carrot (similar to the one in the link you gave me) and a smaller young girl in old-fashioned dress. The detail on the little girl is remarkable. They’re starting to get a wee bit worn and the paint rubbing off a bit. I should have put the wood-turned little painted ‘dolls’ under a coat of clear sealer to stop the paint wearing off.

        Gosh, that must be about 30 years (?) ago that I bought them when I friend and I had 4 days in Hobart with a hire car.

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      1. apparently there stings run in one direction so if you pull them I think towards you they dont sting you …supposedly I have not tried I will wear gloves. lol


  2. How lovely to have such beautiful surroundings and at least some freedom to walk in them in these difficult times. There is such solace and healing in nature and fresh air, I think. Hooray for the nasturtiums, hopefully you will have them for ever now! They are like a weed here. Enjoy your nettle soup, it’s good food, especially with plenty of nutmeg and a decadent dash of cream! Stay safe and well. 🙂

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