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Mother Earth Takes a Deep Breath.

As many of us around the world are impacted and out lives have suddenly changed so much. There are actually some positive things we should be looking at for ourselves, and the Earth.

Sea Eagle soaring high above me. Huon Valley Tasmania

Many of us I believe will have seen the videos of Venice, the lack of pollution in China. Animals roaming in cities devoid for the most part of humans as we are the ones in many countries now being caged.

If you can I would like to look at how you are feeling. Take a deep breath just as Mother Earth is. She is look about you, the fauna and flora are adapting. It is painful for some animals who perhaps have over bred in areas where people have gathered and fed the wild creature. I certainly have seen videos of monkeys fighting viciously over a bit of food.
We created that too.

So these animals will fight, some will survive and some will be killed, some will die of injuries or starvation. Mother Earth is taking a deep breath and adjusting. While many of the humans are out of the picture.

Kelp Gull eating leftovers of a beautifully filleted salmon

We need to find beauty within our homes, our families, our flatmates/housemates, ourselves. We need to change our mindset, teach ourselves to not be bored.

I was so lucky to see a whale at Pirate Bay Eagle Hawke Neck Tasmania last year.

We also need to breathe. To learn in this time of enforced or chosen isolation to be playful, to unwind, to relax, and let go of many of the things perhaps we see as important.

Close up edited from my one of my original photographs as taken above.

Slow deep breaths. We need to be kind and caring for the people we live with, our neighbours, and keep an eye on each other. Here in my rural area there are about nine properties up our small road. We all know each other to chat with say hi too.

Sulphur Crested Black Cockatoo eating a pine cone to get at the nuts. Their beaks get covered in sticky sap and they drop the pine cones. Any unwary person who has parked under a tree for shade may find their windscreen shattered when they return.

For those of us fortunate enough to be with a roof over our heads, food, water, family and friends we can facechat or Skype, message ring, to keep in touch. We all obviously have internet access; otherwise how would you be reading this?
Even if like me you are isolated whether by choice or enforced, you can remain in touch with those people most important in your life.
Of course it is not the same as being able to touch them, hug them, hold them. We can still laugh with then, share what we are doing to keep us occupied or relaxed. Read stories to or be read to by our nieces and nephews, grandchildren, friends kids, We can still have a cuppa in a group with face time etc.
We can still connect and this is really important. No matter what we are the fortunate ones.

For a lot of us our politicians are working tirelessly to try and provide some form of economic relief for people, businesses and communities.

addit: I and my fellow Tasmanians are now not allowed to leave our homes except to go for essentials, to appointments for health, to work, or for exercise, we are only allowed to socialise with two people. Of course if there are more in your household that is OK.

Two of my neigbours our in isolation mandatory. They know if they need anything someone in the road will help them to get it if he/ she /I can.
I was informed today by someone I trust implicitly that Huonville has 2 people and Cygnet has one person with the Covid-19 virus. Tasmania my State only has a small population 535,000approx. 60 with the virus. My valley Huon Valley has 16,200 people (2016 CENSUS), so perhaps a few more since then. It is concerning when it is so close to you. I will be following all the guidelines we are being given.

Be safe everyone blessings to you Tazzie

9 thoughts on “Mother Earth Takes a Deep Breath.

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  1. We are half-way around the world, and we are also sheltering in place. We have our pups, cats, and parrots (I love your cockatoo pic!) and we are enjoying staying home. We took the dogs for a walk today, but love staying home. We work over the internet and its all good. Deep breath here, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do hope you are all managing in these changing times Karel. I have cockatoos about again now they are such cheeky blighters.. as you are very aware. My big boy Busby hurt his rear leg, I worried it was his cruciate ligament. So he has been forced into a total isloation situation very limited exercise. (not too happy )though it is windy and raining today so he is frightened of the wind now. We were caught out in a ferocious hail storm a year ago and it traumatised him so much. so we are hunkered inside totally today and I believe for several more days. Which works in favour for recovery. I am finding the deep breathing is a good thing very good.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my! Poor Busby. I hope a few days of inactivity will help him regain proper mobility. I find that meditation works well for me when things get stressful. The dogs like it too, but it looks like a snoring meditation for them!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sadly Busby took himself to the neighbour as I bought the bin back. He off course played as their dogs were playing in their paddock. Sigh so a walk with me only today and he is limping again but I may have to put him on lead for a shorter walk tomorrow. I am not good I hope all is well for You.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. We are also questionable parents with our pups and kitties. We rarely use the cone of shame, dressing them in t-shirts or some other work-around. Often we just watch to see if they will leave it alone on their own. The cone is so difficult to wear and navigate the stairs, etc. Good luck with Busby and his knee.

        Liked by 1 person

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