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A little bit of paradise

It is such a glorious day here in the valley where I live. The sky is blue with puffs and streaks of white cloud blowing over. Its a lovely temperature and being a Saturday many people are out enjoying it. The most enjoyable thing is there is not one mower or chainsaw being used. It is blissful and relatively quiet, except for the birds singing and my neighbours little girl playing and laughing with her daddy.

There is a gentle wind, which will dry my washing out. I use a clothes horse and fencing about my deck to hang it. The pleasure I have when I bring in the clothes smelling of sunshine. Sigh.

I did have three clothes lines but had to have them taken down for my replacement water tank to go in. (I guess that is important information if you are on tank water; ensure access is easy to replace your water tanks.)
The plastic ones are easier as you can roll them into position, I do have one plastic one. Not so with the corrugated metal ones.

Corn flowers continue to flower, and provide seed for next flowering season. A sweet pea is growing in the planter, along with some strawberry plants. Only the strawberry was planted in this particular pot. I love my garden for this it self seeds and brings so much beauty for so little work.

I am watching lots of butterflies and bees flying about, along with some white cabbage moths, I feel I am loosing the battle with them and my brassicas. I am having little luck with broccoli forming heads, and the pick again are also not as I hoped. Perhaps I put them in a bit early. Oh well I am eating them and enjoying what I get. I am also adding the leaves to dogs food and my own too.

I spent a while at the begining of the week cleaning the leaves of all the brasscias on my deck before I put them under the netting. Only to discover that I had left it open so the white cabbage moth had laid eggs and caterpillars have eaten the leaves.

So sitting out on my deck just enjoying the day, I am attempting to shoot photos of butterflies the one below is the only one I captured.

I am not sure what it is but all my butterflies look the same. I am not sure if I can attract some others. I may have to research this. It was lovely to see so many floating about my garden.

Earlier in the morning I was watering the garden. I realised all of a sudden that all the bird life had stopped flying and chatting. I just caught the wedge tail eagle as it flew bye, explaining why it is not a great shot.

Treacle on the wet paw out door mat eating her blackberries

I gave my dogs a squashy blackberry each and how they loved them. So they have had a small feast each of delicious organic blackberries from the bushes that make up my boundary.
Miss Treacle was not too sure about them. I had to feed her several by hand and then she decided she liked the a lot.
Busby on the other hand just tasted and dove into his serve and then ate the leftovers from me. We all had our fill of blackberries this morning.

Oh Yum delicious blackberries!
Busby loves blackberries. Cleaning up the left overs
Thanks for the tasty blackberries

The beautiful days have bought some growth in the veggie garden.

The asparagus bed is still giving me asparagus every so often, I have high hopes for it next season.

Onions in the old wheel barrow. Looking
lush. The peach tree needs a prune.

Whoa so proud of this capsicum plant(above) I planted it in the asparagus bed and it is doing really well. It has 3 capsicums forming well and more flowers. Who knows if they will grow bigger and ripen or not?

Oh my this bed above is a bit of a disaster. The pumpkins are not happy, neither are the cucumbers. Ahh well a big learning curve lots to read up on for next year. The pumpkins that are meant to be growing (unless I confused the names are butternuts. The wee yellow round blobs are not butternuts. Lucky I can laugh at it.

The chili (at least that is what I think it is ) has another fruit on it, and is flowering. It is purple coloured the fruit. Again all I can do is wait and see what develops.

These tomatoes are Suplice and were supposed to be early developers. I have had five small sized tomatoes of the two plants in the garden bed. There are more beginning to change colour and quite a few green ones. The good news is that at least I am getting some ripe tomatoes. Most people who are growing outside this year are having a bad time with tomatoes.

This is my one and only zucchini I have managed to grow so far this summer, and I am nervous to suggest it is going to develop.. As three others have not but they were smaller than this one. It is not for lack of water so I am so uncertain as to why my squash family are doing so poorly.

I have never had this problem in the past. It is not just in one bed three beds have not really done much. The zucchini has a lot of male flowers and few females.

Red vein something the young leaves
can be eaten.

Rocket is beginning to shoot up all
over the place, this is great news.

The Corn is looking good, as are the beans, I have begun harvesting beans though I am fairly certain I have created a bit of bad seed scenario. As I have planted two or 3 varieties of indeterminate and one determinate. So I am not sure if they cross pollinate. I really have forgotten so much and realise I was quite gung ho with my summer crops. It is an adventure.

I am fairly happy with the Three Sister bed, it is the first time I have grown squash, beans and corn together. Below is the only pumpkin I have growing and this is a butternut Waltheim variety from memory. It is only about 9cm/4inches long not including the dead flower. Again I have no idea if it will mature or not.
Previously I shared about my neighbours lovely pumpkins sadly something has got into his and eaten them. Which is really disheartening for him and I do feel for him. As he has worked so hard on his beds and building his trellis.
That is the thing with gardening you can never count your pumpkins or any harvest definitively until it is inside your house, and you taste it and it is delicious.

The beans just keep reaching for the sky, they are now way over my height, probably at about 213cm /7 1/2foot now and flowering and producing beans..Yippe!

Immature waltheim butternut pumpkin 9cm /4inches approx.
brassica bed

Photo above is my brassica bed. It looks like the flash went off, but it didn’t. A very bright light at midday. The kale is the plant on the rear left and is doing really well. I never knew it would just keep on growing.

My broccoli plants are in the foreground. Interestingly the one with the seed heads from my silver beet draped all over it is not as impacted by white cabbage moth caterpillar as the one on the left.
To the right background is the jostaberry bush.

The photograph above show the other two capsicum plants that were put in at the same time as the one in the asparagus bed. In hindsight I should have left all of them in the one bed. This is not the best photo of them, as the smaller plant in front has some wee capsicums on it and lots of flowers. The taller one only has flowers.
The plant to the right is another pumpkin, variety I have no idea but

it has a fruit growing on it. Fingers crossed it matures. If anyone can assist with help as to why I seem to be having more male flowers I would really appreciate it.

Daisy I put into wine barrel at the front of my deck is very happy as it seems the self sown sunflower. I wait to see what happens with it.

Self sown peas, green peas not sweet peas. I love it when things just pop up, and surprise you especially as I dont think green peas are supposed to be growing now.

Two cabbage seedlings, just beginning, I had some others but someone ate them. So I moved these and hope they will be OK. I have to sow some more.

Ive been tidying up my deck plants, just waiting for the lettuce in the background to seed and I will fix that pot up too. Sadly I lost one of my lemon trees this year, it was in the purple pot. I keep meaning to plant one of them out in the ground. I just never know when is the best time. As they seem to be always flowering.

You can see it is still very dry here, pretty normal for summer. We did have some rain (not a lot on Thursday night and it was quite cool) I am fine for water I still have two thirds of a tank in the metal tanks and my plastic tank is full.
I have to work out how to connect it to my others so I can use it on the pump as it is very slow to water the garden on pressure alone. I have also been distracted, forgotten I was watering and emptied the tank. Not good

Actually I know how to do it, it is just purchasing the things I need and doing it. It is just one more thing that is difficult with my CPSTD. Since so many things I have done or had done, have been made worse not so bad when I have done it. Really frustrating when someone you paid has left you worse off than before they came to fix it, and three times came back but made it worse! OK let it go, let it go breathe.

I have a very long list of what I need to do. One list only and no pressure.

Strawberries and brassicas hmm weird.

This is a very healthy eggplant/aubergine and it has flowers, same story as almost all things will any fruit mature? It is the wait and see vegetable garden here.

Busby is hunting gekos, and I love the red geranium it brings such a lovely colour to this part of the garden. There is a curry plant on the left that has seen better days. Soapwort grows under and about the geranium.

Red veined sorrel has seeded and has new young leaves, delicious.

The tomatoes on my deck are getting larger, and flowering still I just wait for them to ripen. I have noticed some I think they are the mortgage lifter appear to have some blossom rot damage. No idea how that happened. As non of the others have it and they have all been roughly where they are all together since I put the seedlings in. I have basil growing in some of the pots the way things are going I will have to harvest the basil and make pesto.

Brassicas on the deck not looking so great.

New leaves on this poor lemon and lots of flowers, I am hoping it will give me a lot of lemons. Lots of new growth on the lemon and lime too in the foreground.

This is really interesting, this little pot has violas in it an two brassicas. It has never been under the netting and up until this point in time, no white cabbage moth damage at all? I wonder if the scent of the violas is deterring the moth?

My attempt to fix a broken limb well part of it is still healthy. Not sure what happened to the broken bit at the bottome of the tape there. I need to check if there is scale on this plant again. I have recently given it some iron water, not sure what is going on withthe older leaf. I need to look that up.

This is a happy lemon look at the new growth yes.

I am so thankful for today. It was lovely just to be able to spend time in the garden. My back is getting better, and I am hoping next week I will be able to begin to stack my wood. I am thankful that I did not hurt my back severely.
I am thankful that I am getting produce from my garden, and that I have been outside for most of the day.
I am constantly tired, and a bit flat, but spending time enjoying nature, watching the birds, bees, butterflies, meditating and just enjoying the sunshine have all been good.

thankyou all for your support
blessings to you all

25 thoughts on “A little bit of paradise

Add yours

  1. A most enjoyable garden tour. We are anxiously waiting for the weather to warm so we can begin planting. I’m not sure why squash plants would produce mostly male flowers but I do know that female flowers that are not pollinated might begin to produce a small fruit then it will just shrivel up and die. Squash/pumpkins are very dependent on pollinators. They also will easily cross pollinate so if you save seeds from one and replant you might get a very different fruit than the parent plant.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Ruth. I always want to begin planting so early. It can be so hard when you see the sap rising it seems like me to get rising in me too. 😊 Well there will be no seed saving if I do actually get any produce unless something is to delicious. Very interesting about the small female fruit, but makes sense.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sure the sap is rising here – temperatures are right for it. We didn’t tap maple years this year like we did a couple years ago though. My husband is building a hoop house so we can hopefully get an early start on some of our produce.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. oh love learning so much I will now have to google hoop house lol. My partner used to be a rubber plantation manager in Malaysia and he taught e about tapping rubber. I wish I had maple trees to tap here. It is so expensive over here. I have heard you can tap silver birch. There a few here about me. Yet I do understand it is a lot of work to tap collect and process the syrups of maples and birch. I hope you are able to get your produce commenced.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The eagle photo is wonderful! Truly.
    I used to have a great big dog who would stick his whole head into the blackberry bramble to pick his own berries. He loved them that much. He was fun to watch 😊🐶

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ellie. Oh that must have been so funny to see your dog picking his own berries. You have to wonder how he did not get scratched.. I hope he was not a pale colour. I have this image now of a cream colour now with blackberry juices.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That would be funny if he was cream colour. He was a big black lab with curly fur. I couldn’t see the juice at all on his face but the way he would bury his whole face in the bramble. I don’t know how he didn’t get scratched. 🙃

        Liked by 1 person

  3. All looking very good. My Kale plant used to give me enough leaves to include in an omelette most of the year, but I finished it off a couple of months ago, so you mentioning it reminded me I’ll have to buy another.

    You mentioned a lemon tree dying. Do you feed it? I remember my Mother used to feed her super large lemon tree twice per year. I’d love to have a lemon tree as I use them so often and they are expensive to buy in the supermarket or even, small shops. A few weeks ago I noticed they were nearly $2 EACH! Luckily they came down in price, but are still closer to $1 each. I miss having neighbours or family giving me free lemons now I live in the western subuirbs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Holy cow $2 for a lemon? I guess rain has been an issue. My trees produce a few but I usually can buy some when in season for 50cents each. Yes it must be hard to not have the free access. I was so surprised to see how well the Kale plant has been going. I think it will keep producing over winter fingers crossed. Though I kind of feel that I will have seedlings popping up everywhere.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi and ThankYou so much . Yes finally the garden seems to be doing something. I have noted that when eagles are about the bird warning network is fantastic. In spring and chick raising season the other birds are incredible as they attack and try to drive them away from their chicks. Hard as nature is it can be incredible to observe.


    1. Thank You so much. I have not given my dogs blueberries,will have to try next season. I did find that with my smaller dog I had to much some really ripe blackberries, and fed them to her one at a time. She than really enjoyed them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Blackberries are so expensive here that I haven’t offered them to the dogs. But as I think about it, I have given them to my parrots, who have tossed some to the dogs in a magnanimous moment, who then ate them. So I guess it does not sound so surprising after all. If only they’d eat the blueberries the parrots throw!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I do have some blueberry bushes, and for me black berries are free. So sorry I am not sure if your dogs are eating the blueberries that the parrots throw or not? It is a very generous gesture on the parrots behalf. 🙃🦜🐶

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Parrots are very generous creatures. In the wild, they take the larges bits of fruits they can, eat half and drop half. In this way, they seed the rainforest. At home, that means they feed the dogs. Our corella loves to feed the dogs and the dogs are good to him. They have a good relationship.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh I do know about their fruit habits lol Like Cockatoos. We have some parrots here and they get into my apples, peaches and fig. I dont mind sharing with them but they not so good at it.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Tazzie, thoroughly enjoyed the paradise walk, it’s all looking grand down under there with fantastic blue skies, wildlife and canine comoanionship, can’t go far wrong then in the trials and tribulations of gardening 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mother Earth is doing her best here in my garden, it seems my hand and climate change/weather are out of both our hands. I am very very blessed and privileged to live and have all that I do.

      Liked by 1 person

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