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Frugal tips to keep cool

It is the end of January and I have just looked at my out door thermometer which is on the eastern-south side of my home, under cover of my porch and has green deciduous plants covering it. The temperature was reading 38dC in the shade 100dF. It is 1.30pm eastern standard daylight saving time, for us it is horrendously hot here in Tasmania.

I watered my Rhubarb this morning and had removed big leaves and steams off three days ago, fingers crossed it picks up.


My frugal way to keep cool in my home with only a fan no air conditioning is to close all the windows, to draw all curtains before the sun hits any of them. Even though my curtains are cover my windows and are insulated rubber backed ones, the sunshine is still hot in my home.

So I was in my car one day and realised that the windscreen cover I put on my windscreen internally was excellent at reducing the heat inside my car.

I purchased a whole heap of windscreen foiled type sun shades. With some gaffa tape I stick the sunshades on my windows behind the curtains.

It works a treat for me and the dogs we are all cool. If the evening is cooler than the inside house temperature, which it usually is here I will open the house up once the sea breeze comes in and the temperature has become pleasant enough to open doors and windows to get the cooler air into the house.

One of my neighbours asked me if I was cooking up meth. I laughed and said no, it is my way to keep my home cool on hot days.

I bought the windscreen sun shades from BIG W three years ago, and they were only cheap about $5 each at the end or close to the end of summer. There were bigger ones and better quality but they were much more expensive, and these do the job I need well.

I am very very happy with this method of helping to keep my home cool.

When I worked nights and slept during the day. In summer I would freeze large plastic storage containers full of water with a lid so a two litre container. I would than get it as I went up to bed and set up my fan so that the breeze skimmed over the container. I got to sleep with a cool breeze, and if I woke up and was hot I would grab another one replace it and get more sleep.

I also will have a few freezer blocks and use them on my person as you would a heat block, but to cool down. I have also sat with my feet in water with a freezer block in the water. Sigh bliss.

Your wrists are one of your areas on your body that if you cool will help cool you down, I will have a ice pack and place it in a towel and put my wrists on it, and behind my neck.

keeping hydrated and reducing sugar intake is great sugar will make you hotter

If you do not have air conditioning it really does help. For hardly a lot of money and both of these frugal tips will last you for many years.

Nutritionist Kerry Torrens advises Ice-cold lollies, slushies and ice cream might seem like natural choices when you want to cool off, but they may actually do more harm than good. “Cold food and drinks might give you an initial cooling effect but it’s short-lived,” says Kerry. “That’s because consuming food leads to an increase in temperature as the process of digestion is heat-generating. This combined with the rapid cooling initiated by cold food and drinks means your body over-compensates by increasing your core temperature. So you may actually end up feeling hotter than you did to start with!” That sorbet doesn’t sound so appetising after all…

Drinking something hot on a sunny day might feel like the least appealing thing to do, but warm drinks can actually help regulate your body temperature. Kerry says: “Hot drinks make your core temperature rise and that makes your body want to cool down so you sweat more to lose heat through your skin.” ‘Thermogenic’ foods like spices and chilli also increase body temperature as they kick-start our metabolism. This promotes sweating, which has a cooling effect.

Makes sense when you think about India and the Carribean, Mexico, Chile and Thailand, Malyasia, other countries with hot temperatures and a diet with spicy and hot food.

I will have cold water in the fridge and flavoured cold teas, some I have made much better and cooling with no sugar added to keep you cool and hydrated.

I give my dogs a yogurt ice block I make for them just using greek yogurt no flavouring or sugar. I dont give them too them until they have begun to melt as it may be too cold for them straight from the freezer. They love these and my cool carrots, I place carrots in the fridge and they munch away on them they seem to really love carrots and chilled on a hot day, brilliant. I dont let them outside and we do our exercise in the cool if possible as I am aware of how hot the ground, tar and cement paths can be on their paws.

keep cool

blessings Tazzie

7 thoughts on “Frugal tips to keep cool

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  1. Apart from the wall air-conditioner (which I’ve got on very low right now), I wash/dry/freeze berries to eat as ice blocks in this 43C + heat here.

    I must say 38C is hot for Tassie.

    I don’t believe in icy drinks and for myself, prefer room temperature water straight out of the kitchen tap on a hot day. Don’t like ice-cream or sorbets much either, but since I’ve been freezing Meyer Lemon juice in ice cube trays, that is nice as it’s bitter. I like sucking on my newly washed/frozen strawberries as an ‘ice block’ too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH nice frozen strawberries. I did have cool cherries from the fridge nice. yes lemon oh yum. it ended up at 40dC under my porch at the front door, east south direction our of direct heat. its now 28 at 21:00 no rain really here as yet but clouds and I can see it falling over the other side of the river.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Meyer Lemons (from my brother’s partner’s back garden) are sweeter than normal lemons, and J. had given me a whole bag full so that’s how I ended up with Lemon Juice ice blocks. I didn’t want them going rotten in the extreme heat.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Totally understandable. Lovely to have such a gift I adore lemons. I do hope you are having cooler night tonight Vicki. My poor big dog was so hot upstairs after yesterday the heat was so hot up there and he would not let me rub him with a cool towel. I ended up opening doors on my deck despite the wind and possible storm (which by passed us here totally.


  2. Great advice! When we have a heatwave here, I like to put my whole head and hair under water and let it dry before (not too close to) the fan in addition with the wrist thing + feet in cold water.
    I don’t like cold drinks, I usually drink at room temperature but sometimes I make my water fancy with lemon, cucumber and mint.
    From frozen bananas you can make some sort of ice cream when you mix them. I top that of with other fruits for breakfast.
    Cooking is impossible with such high temperatures, don’t you think?
    We are supposed to be in winter here but it’s nearly a winter. It rains way, way, way too little. We have a dry and cooler climate now which is ok but it’s not good for nature at all. And I’m afraid we’ll get a very hot summer too, too hot for veggies to grow, not enough water. That is my prediction anyway, let’s hope I’m wrong.
    How are the chilies in the garden? You could use them to make a spicy dish to cool of. 🙂 See, I’ve learned something today 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I forgot about frozen bananas and i had some in my freezer. Wet hair is another good idea, I was wiping my dogs with a wet towel though Busby was very hot last night, (humid and heat had risen upstairs to bedroom.)
      Oh water is a huge issue in so many areas. I do hope you prediction is wrong.
      My chilies are growing, but slowly as everything in my garden is. So it may be a while before I could make a spicy dish lol. Learning new things is what I really enjoy about sharing with other bloggers. From all about the world.

      Liked by 1 person

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