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Being on a low income means I plan for the future (12months any way) in most ways. About this time of year I begin to think of my wood supply for winter. I have been fortunate with having a fantastic wood supplier. It is an interesting phenomenon where I live you can have one a great supplier one year and then the next they have vanished. So to have the same one for quite a few years, is wonderful. The added bonus is that he no longer takes anyone else on preferring to maintain his long term customers.

I rang him on Sunday it was all good. So I began to think how to budget for it. 4 tonne at $120a tonne. A great price same as last year, and $30 a tonne cheaper than other suppliers. So I am assuming most will have raised their prices this year. I was thrilled.

It is a lot of wood and I need to move it and stack it..

Monday morning I woke up and was in the loo, not yet dressed, I heard a vehicle slowly approaching my driveway. I looked out the window and saw a ute loaded with wood. It was reversing down my driveway. I quickly finished threw some clothes on and raced down stairs. Grab my car keys and outside. I moved my car to enable the ute to go where I wanted the wood dropped. My brain working overtime, as I had zilch dollars to pay.

The guys reversed in and dropped the first of two loads. I went up to my wood man, explained the situation. He said it is all cool mate. I know where you live. You just have to love living in a small country area, where trust is still there. Of course my thing is not having debts so my benefit is due this week I will put as much as I can towards this bill.

Last year the wood was not delivered for two months, I had time to save. For me the fact is I have enough wood now for the winter. The bonus will be my heating bill will be paid in full before the end of February. It is a good feeling. I also have kindling on hand with my trees that drop branches and leaves. I have also been using the toilet paper rolls with the wrapping (paper ) that comes with them as an insert these will also be fire starters. I also go collecting pine cones. Brilliant fire starters.

Added to this I was thinking about buying a new pair of winter shoes/boots. Something feminine as I do tend to live in my walking boots during winter. I have an old pair and a newer pair so at least I have a change if one pair gets wet. I was sitting at a cafe having coffee with a friend and a lady I have met came up to me and said I have been trying to find a home for these would you like them. She gave me a pair of boots, Black with a rose pattern on them. I said oh thank you yes. Her only request was if they did not fit me to pass them on to someone else. I assured her I would.

My friend looked at them after I had shared my story of wanting some new feminine shoe/boots for winter and advised me not to get disappointed, but they did not look as if they would be wide enough for my foot. I felt they would…well I hoped I really hoped.

I put them in my bag and kind of forgot about them. I guess in a way I did not want to find out they were too small. So today I have tried them on.

New winter boots.

They fit. They are a bit long, and I have fat ankles but they fit my wide foot. I am so delighted. They are probably not what I may have picked for myself. Yet at the same time they were free, go with most of my colours and as I have said in other posts I am not a fashion follower. Perfect shoes for going into town or our in during winter.

It is warm today not super hot but muggy. We are supposed to have rain by this afternoon and cooler conditions for a few days. Nice. I picked some more sweet peas, and I do like sweet peas perfume and in my upstairs loo it is the only air freshner I use the sweet smell of flower or herbs. I am not any good with chemical smells. They also look lovely. A lovely greeting first thing in the morning.

100% natural air freshner.

hmm maybe I should try and clean the upstairs windows at some point. Cobwebs everywhere. It is a problem of a rough sawn timber building and I don’t mind them. Helps keep insects down.

Oh the blow flies and house flies have been bad this morning. I was reading that flies are not keen on peppermint oil. I have some really good quality peppermint oil and rubbed a drop on my fan. It worked all the flies have left or hidden. Away from the smell. Simple pleasant. I have my windows and doors open as I have also read that it is not a oil that dogs are good with. My dogs can come and go as they please. There is plenty of fresh air.

I end this post with so many things that have made me thankful. I am thankful for:-

kindness of people, community, support, my dogs, fresh clean air, flowers, simple pleasures, plenty of wood for winter, cobwebs, new shoes, my garden, my home, my life, waking up each morning, enough money to live on, food, clean water, the fact I have water, my car.

blessings Tazzie.

15 thoughts on “Thankfulness.

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  1. Wow, getting your woodpile filled this early in the year is a real bonus. That’s definitely something to be thankful for as I know Tasmania can get really cold in winter, in fact, snow in some higher places.

    What luck getting a free pair of boots that fit too.

    I guess we all need to be thankful for the small things that make our lives so much more comfortable. It’s blowing gale force winds here in Melbourne at the moment, but I am so grateful for my lovely green view and proximity to my garden. I’m always thankful for the food I grow and the pleasure in picking a few herbs each night for dinner. It’s quiet today – no construction workers on the site on the other side of the road, so I’m thankful for the peace and lack of activity outdoors πŸ˜€

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    1. How lovely to have peace and lack of activity across from you. I am not good around constant noises I have no control over. It is just getting a bit windier here so I expect we can look forward to windier weather tomorrow We also look to be having state wide rain. I hope it solid.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. so glad it is quiet for you today. Yes the herbs and greens are lovely and it looks like a tomato may be ripening just in time for the wind rain and cool change…sigh. oh well.


  2. I love the boots and the story behind them. What a fun gift that is. Feeling secure for the colder days is such a good feeling! The smell of green peas is lo-ve-ly, one of the best parfums. I don’t like chemical smells either, they can be ‘breath-taking’ but it the uncomfortable way. I use some essential oils to refresh the home and in spring, summer flowers or herbs. When you start the fire with pine cones, does that smell nice too or is it just a fire starter?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes very very much so – they do that a lot of over here on the DM’s – Suze’s cousin is a lovely lady in her 70’s that wears rose painted purple or yellow docs πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I aim to be a woman in my 100s walking about in some lovely colourful flat soled boots, with zips up the sides so the laces can be left.. lol..I think I would like Suzes aunt.

        Liked by 1 person

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