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Its a dogs life

My dogs are my constant companions. I can honestly say in my early days post my breakdown, if not for my dogs I would not be here. It was very different to after my partner died, I wanted to just dig a hole and lie in the ground to be close to him. Weird thing was he was cremated. At that time it was just about feeling close.

My dogs on the other hand needed me. They loved me unconditionally and comforted and kept me going. So I ensure that my god’s (dog backwards) are loved and have a good life.

Sometimes people I know will say they would like to me one my dogs.

We have not been away from the house for a week I have been pottering in the garden always find it is so phenomenal to plant a tiny seed and gain so much reward.

Busby was limping, and I have not been taking them for a run, instead just walks on leads. No playing with his dog neighbours either.

I think we were all feeling a wee bit excited to be out and about. Even if most importantly it was for groceries. It was warm and I took the dogs for a walk at Huonville, along the river front. Huonville is right on the banks of the Huon River.

A paddle in the water to cool the paws.  A long drink of water.  Neither were keen to go for a swim.  Partially as there were boat and the boat wash was a bit nerve racking.

Moving out of the water to watching the life of the river, well Busby is Miss Treacle is um I’m not sure what she is doing

Busby was watching the ducks swim by, and at the end a duck with two young ducklings came by. terrible photo but you can make them out.

We than went to Cygnet which is getting dolled up for the annual Cygnet Folk Festival next weekend. These beautiful crochet mandalas are stunning the wind was moving them to much to show them properly. A group of people crochet and Knit and decorate light posts, sign posts, the park, and shops with their great work. It creates quite a lot of interest and photo opportunities.

What a great morning out. The dogs enjoyed meeting up with other dogs and people on both the walks. Plus a paddle life is good.


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  1. I love dogs. Yours are beautiful! I agree 100% that dogs can keep you going and that they need you without being too imposing (like people can be!). My dream, resolution and the thing I will do in 2020, is to become a dog-mommy. I can and I will 🙂


    1. Exactly great plan. I hope you will consider a rescue dog. Both mine are and my little one chose me. (I wanted a bigger dog) but she came over to me and looked up at me. She is so intuned to my moods and she leans into me when I am getting angry or frustrated. She comes to me when I am upset and cuddles me.

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      1. Oh yes, my sister-in-law has a rescue dog and I look on the site every week. I would adopt at least 5 dogs but we’ll start with one. The charity is in Spain so I don’t know if we will be able to go over there to be chosen 🙂
        But when the doggie is with me, you’ll know because I guess I’ll be posting every day about him or her ❤


      2. I have had 3 dogs of my own at one time, and it was hard especially walking on leads. So five hmmm lol I understand I have actually had 5dogs in my home at one time 3 puppies I was fostering one who became my third dog, (Busby) he had hip problems so was not going to be re homed until it was fixed so he was here so long I fell in love with him. My oldest dog died october 12 months ago, in his sleep he was 12. Hard but the best way to go. Sensible woman to start with one. I always look at dogs and think ooooh but stop mainly because I cant afford anymore. Oh I have seen some of the Spanish rescue charities, doing wonderful work. I look forward to seeing the joy and love when you do get your dog.

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      1. Oh I have been ready but been traveling back and forth to Germany over the past two years to care for my Mom while she was alive. She passed in September la set year and in 2018 I spent ten month and last year three month. I will have to go back this year and figure more things out with the estate etc. so it wouldn’t be fair to a dog because they are much more then just animals to me❤️


      2. So hard when you have family concerns. Lovely that you were able to be there for here and you were willing. I know how hard it can be with dealing estates. I respect your decision in waiting until you are settled. I do hope you are doing OK grief is so insidious and can just get you when You least expect it I totally agree dogs are as you probably have realised mine are my world.

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      3. It comes in waves and I’m doing my best to allow the feelings to come and go as they may without suppressing them.
        My dogs have always been my children and losing one is just as bad as losing a family member. I know you understand.


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