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Australian Christmas Songs.

I hope you have a day that makes you happy.

The princes of the rurally cheesy Australian bushy Chrissy ditty, in their absolute prime. Their hot and dusty riff on the snowy classic is a pearler, and easily the best worst music video ever put to air by the ABC .. or anyone for that matter.
Santa again in a ute, cricket out the back, and trying to get all the family into the annual group photo. And by the way, while Bucko & Champs are princes, John is the king of the bush at Christmas or any time of year.
Don’t forget your incarcerated family this Christmas. As he always does, Paul Kelly poignantly and tenderly tackles a sad reality for a lot of Aussies
A cute adaptation of the classic, featuring various native Aussie wildlife and an Emu up a gum tree. But how did it get there?
or our final installment we offer up this traditionally styled Australian carol written in 1948 by John Wheeler and William G. James who composed a number of original Australian themed Christmas songs as an alternative to the usual snowy stuff.


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