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Welcome to Echidna Home and Life

Living in a rural location on an acre of land is not always easy when you have PTSD complex (fairly recently diagnosed)  It is interesting to discover in today’s world my life style is seen as pretty self sufficient. Not that I am anywhere near that and can never imagine (as much as I dream of it) being anywhere close to it. I guess it is because Echidna Home is a timber home with a metal roof I rely totally on three rain water tanks for all my water. I have a septic system for my black water (sewerage) and grey water is dispersed via a french drain. I don’t use much electricity, the water pump is probably the biggest user. I have wood heater and instant gas for hot water and cooking.

My home is in Tasmania the island state of Australia. I have recently recommenced growing more of my vegetable(vegies), I have some fruit trees and hazelnuts.

The river near my home sadly this was taken in early 2019 when we had severe bush fires for months on end this is the smoke you can see
. @Echidna Home Jan 2019

Life here has changed a lot over the few years.

The death of my partner, who showed me what being loved unconditionally is like and to be able to reciprocate was very special. I loved him so much. I miss him everyday though the grief and sadness are no longer present.

A few years after his death I had a breakdown, that saw me go from earning good money to living on Newstart (Government payment) as my mental health has deteriorated and I am no longer able to work. So there will be posts about finances, living on less than I earn and what might happen if I don’t do this. Living simply and patching mending clothes. Though living rurally I can get away with so much more in what I wear about the place. Some recipes that are great for budgeting and some things that help me to be able to as yet remain debt free.

I have recently been diagnosed with Complex PTSD This has bought some relief for me after many periods of depression and anxiety along with memory gaps through out my life. As I am learning so much from a great psychologist on why and that for what life has thrown my way over the years the way my brain saved me was a coping mechanism and now I am teaching my brain and myself to cope in different ways. Not easy but I am very much a work in progress.

My dogs with me as I tame some of my garden. @Echidna Home November 2019

I am still alive because of my awesome dogs. Who through the really bad times have given me purpose to get up and do things each day. They need me, and I need them. The worst days I hope are behind me I love waking up each day, no matter what the day may bring. Being in my garden with my hands in the soil and feet bare I am connected earthed for me a feeling of bliss. I am not the best veggie grower, gardener. I struggle yet what ever I get from my own garden is just brilliant. Simple things bring me so much pleasure. This year I have finally been able to grow nasturtiums and marigolds! I have struggled for so long to grow them and everyone about has them and says they are like weeds, Not at my place, they are treasured gems.

Photography is also a great delight to me. Living in Tasmania has given me some really wonderful experiences with my photography. I hope to share them on here. All photos on here unless otherwise noted will be my own. They will be copyrighted so please be advised if you wish to share them you need to contact me.

Why Echidna Home? I have so many native animals and birds that visit and live on my acre, (sadly along with rabbits feral cats and domestic ones too.) My faviourite being the Echidna. Such quirky awesome creatures. I love it when I see she/he in and about the garden or near bye. They are so unique. One echidna lives in my garden. I am so lucky!

The echidna that lives in my garden the blue thing is not a fence but a carrying box I use in the garden. One of my dogs scared she/he and it dug in. It is why the quills are full of rots and its face is covered in dirt. It was making its getaway (dog was inside) @Echidna Home December 2019

As this is about me, my dogs and my life, living on a very low income, as my mental illness means I can no longer work. I will be writing about my life, and where CPTSD impacts me I do hope you will enjoy my posts, and comment ask questions and I will answer. To the best of my ability.

welcome to my home


15 thoughts on “Welcome to Echidna Home and Life

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  1. A very tough journey but of all things to have with you, those dogs are most certainly an unconditional rainbow. It doesn’t matter the time, day or weather, they will always accept you for who you are, wag their tails and lick you forever ❤️
    And your home does sound like paradise. I live on the mid north coast of nsw so I fully appreciate your fires etc that has been playing havoc all around. There is much change happening but I think we are all being given the strength to go with those changes ❤️
    May your garden always be green, full of life and visited by many echidna’s ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Mark, my dogs are world and I hope that you are not being impacted by the fires. I agree that change is happening and now my ability to see with more positive vision than I have been is wonderful. Thank You for your kind words.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. So interesting – you live on the other side of the world from me! Love your photos of your dogs and home. Hope you are safe with the current wildfire situation going on in Australia. I’ll have to look up Tasmania and see where exactly that is, geography not being my strong suit. Take care.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi Ellen Tasmania is the island state of Australia. under victoria. There have been fires in the north and east of the state but not here thankfully. We had major fires here last year, only 5 homes lost no deaths, but I along with many others were made to leave our homes several times and smoke was bad. thanks for dropping by .

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh… What a beautiful place! I like the dogs, too. Photography is a good idea. Wish I could grow a bit more here, but the season is rather short. I had to chisel last summer’s carrots out of the ground after an early freeze. :-p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am only just getting back into gardening, and I have had little success with carrots. Mind you I have not been able to grow nasturtiums or marigolds until this year and everyone around here says they grow like weeds. lol

      Liked by 1 person

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